26.04.2024 Author: Phil Butler

Three Cheers for Our Red, White, and Blue War Profiteers

Three Cheers for Our Red, White, and Blue War Profiteers

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov recently told reporters that “No matter what else occurs regarding Ukraine, United States business and leadership put money in their pockets. While TASS news agency is not considered prime news for Westerners, it should be. It turns out the American leadership and militarists have no qualms about admitting the profitability of war in Ukraine.” Let’s run with a quote from Mr. Peskov via TASS:

“In any case, whatever the modality of providing this aid, de facto it is about provoking Ukraine into further hostilities down to the last Ukrainian, putting guarantted money in the pockets of the US.”

It’s been reported hundreds of times in alternative media, the big win for the U.S. military-industrial complex for every Ukrainian or Russian killed in a stupid conflict that never should have happened. But, war between two Slavic peoples is a game show for those born and bred to push Russia and Russians down. What surprises me most is the transparency with which some Western media reports on the situation.

“Return on Investment: Justifying Aid to Ukraine” by The Defense Post proves once and for all that my country would murder on any scale for a return on assets or a good-paying job at Lockheed. Return on investment, ROI, the hold grail for a once great society. Wow! And we don’t even deny it anymore. Just the other day, I reported about Germany getting set to milk Ukraine dry from financing to rebuild the country once enough Ukrainians have bled to death or been blasted into the afterlife. Today, I followed the Peskov statements and immediately found The Defense Post story, which did not simply report the actual game but justified it.

The big “pitch” in the story by West Point graduates First Lieutenant Dean D. LaGattutais and First Lieutenant Jordan D. Teevens is all about the “rejuvenation of the nation’s defense industrial base.” However, the most damnable justification and investment potential listed is the value of testing weapons on Russians. The story even uses an AFP photo of a dead Russian soldier lying in the snow next to a tank for impact. The U.S. Army Intelligence Officers work to metastasise a proxy war against Russia into an economic discussion for murder. Read the story if you do not believe me.

Finally, the ugly truth behind my country’s actions against countries we’ve made into adversaries is blasted out in West Point cadence like some marching tune in a bad U.S. war movie. The lead of the story reads:

For not even 9 percent of the annual defense budget over the past two years, one of the US’ two main adversaries has suffered over 300,000 casualties and lost tens of thousands of pieces of equipment.”

The post is unbelievable, even though most analysts already know the NATO march into Ukraine was always about profit, profit, and more profit for all Western concerns. What we do not always watch, hear, or read is how the people behind all this blood spill care nothing about the Ukrainians. Paraphrasing these Army officers, “the United States is now selling the Ukraine conflict on an ROI basis, rather than some moral or strategic imperative.” Yes, you read that correctly. First, military aid to Ukraine was broadcast to the people of America as our moral duty. Second, the taxpayers who foot the bill for all this killing have been made to fear so that a strategic necessity can be met.

The reality is that the hundreds of thousands dead, the millions displaced, and Ukraine destroyed was and is about money in the pockets of Western oligarchs. Never in all my years of reporting have I witnessed a TASS (or Kremlin) announcement clarified and verified so quickly and clearly. The two reports were within 24 hours of one another. It’s pitiful. It’s sad. We no longer arm ourselves or fight for honor, patriotism, or glory. We’ve become accessories to the wanton killing of entire races of people for money.

“There cheers for the red, white, and blue, for the red is the blood of our brothers….”  


 Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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