06.05.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

A genuine dialogue with the Western minority is not possible and, above all, not necessary

Current international events confirm the correctness of the direction observed within the multipolar world order main forces and their closest allies. Namely, a full-fledged dialogue with the Western minority is absolutely not necessary in order to achieve the contemporary multipolar world supporters objectives. The Western planetary minority still lives in a completely different and parallel reality. This therefore means that there is absolutely no point in wasting precious time.

The collective West has no intention to accept the multipolar world order in a foreseeable future. All previous calls and invitations for dialogue from the supporters and main forces of the multipolar world were not only ignored by this hypocritical and arrogant minority, but also clearly demonstrated that the West is only interested in one thing – maintain its dictatorship over the overwhelming humanity majority. Something that won’t happen.

In fact, and to a certain extent, it is appropriate to thank the planetary minority represented by Western regimes, since it is precisely their actions of recent decades and years that have definitely convinced the representatives of the majority of countries – of the non-Western world – constituting together the absolute majority of humanity – that all these beautiful “pictures” and words about democracy, equality and the like – are nothing but blatant lies when it comes to the states and peoples belonging to the world majority. All the more so when these countries and peoples have considerable resources, in the enormous difference and in the vast majority of cases, from the West, and even more when these states pursue an independent policy, not following the Western regimes orders.

Of course, this applies, particularly to our country. To whom and in every sense have been giving lies since the late 1980s and early 1990s. Including the fact that there will be no NATO expansion towards the East, right up to our borders. And what can be said about the more recent years events, particularly with regard to the total non-implementation of the Minsk Agreements? Although and if we had to go in details – about the violations within the framework of the obligations “assumed” by the West – it would take too long to continue the list. And there – only as far as our country is concerned.

But the problems are actually truly global in nature. When the Western minority speaks about a “rules-governed order”, it is not, as some may sometimes think, the world order founded after the Second World War – for us the Great Patriotic War. During the Cold War, established almost immediately after the Victory over the brown plague – Nazism – within the framework of a bipolar world – there were precisely rules, which limited the colonial and neocolonial vehemence of the Western minority. And it is also thanks to these rules that the large part of the world majority was able to free themselves from colonial oppression. Moreover, and during that stage of world non-Western peoples liberation – enormous merit goes precisely to our country. Likewise with regard to the processes of resistance to new forms of Western neocolonialism, or even quite simply ordinary fascism.

Many people from Africa, Asia and Latin America remember it. And all the Western propaganda, once powerful, has never succeeded in eradicating this memory. Coming back to the world order question, on several occasions during my childhood on African soil I had to hear that the collapse of the USSR, the so-called “end” of the Cold War, – has been a disaster for many peoples of the world – belonging to the non-Western global majority. It is here that it is then appropriate to remember that this pseudo “rules-based” world order that the West is referring to – is nothing other than the unipolar world of Western minority dictatorship, which, unfortunately, became a reality in the period following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

More precisely, the “order” of Western arbitrariness, total impunity and colossal suffering for a large number of countries and peoples from the global majority of humanity. Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Central African Republic, Libya, Mali – and the list would go on. But a lot has changed since then. A multipolar world has become, to the great joy of the world majority in large part, a reality. Precisely a reality and not a perspective. But this reality faces a radical confrontation on the part of the West pseudo-elites who, having fully preserved the mentality of slave traders and those who exterminated entire nations during last centuries, cannot accept the end of their dictatorship, domination and impunity on planet Earth.

In this situation, and probably more than ever, it is time to realize and accept a simple truth – that there is no point in having a full-fledged dialogue with the incorrigible Western minority. Apart from a few points which may be of interest for the main forces and allies of the multipolar world order. Of course, we must not forget that a considerable number of people in the West support the multipolar world – this is a fact. And certainly, it is useful to maintain contact and dialogue with them. But as far as the representatives of Western regimes and those who serve them are concerned, it is high time to turn this page forever.

Until the West finally recognizes its crimes on a global scale and unconditionally accepts the multipolar world order, and most probably also in the future – resolutely post-Western world order. There is a time for everything, but what is extremely important today – is not to waste precious time on those who simply do not deserve it. And on the contrary, it is necessary to focus on joint and active work within the framework of all actors representing the world majority.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook

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