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13.06.2024 Salman Rafi Sheikh

On May 31, US President Joe Biden made a crucial announcement regarding Israel’s acceptance of a “lasting” ceasefire in Gaza. Later that day, Hamas welcomed Biden’s peace plan and his call for “a permanent ceasefire, withdrawal of [Israeli] occupation forces from the Gaza Strip, reconstruction and prisoners exchange”. According to Biden, this was Israel’s plan for a multi-stage end of the war…

13.06.2024 Alexandr Svaranc

The death of Iran’s President and Foreign Minister in a plane crash on 19 May was an unexpected tragic event. What happened and can Tehran’s foreign policy approaches change after the snap elections?

13.06.2024 Brian Berletic

In a June 8, 2024, Bloomberg article titled, “Putin Is Running Out of Time to Achieve Breakthrough in Ukraine,” an optimistic prognosis was made regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine in favor of Kiev.

13.06.2024 Vladimir Mashin

Donald Trump consistently scolds Joe Biden, and the latter practically responds in the same way – both sides do not shy away from the rudeness in their expressions. The essence of the campaign was recently described by the Washington Post newspaper, noting that “the ability of our leaders to translate the will of the people into a reasonable policy looks shaky”. Ordinary Americans do not trust the government: “Congress is historically unpopular, with more than 80% of voters disapproving of its work; for the first time in decades of polling, Americans hold more negative views of the Supreme Court and opinion polls regularly report general dissatisfaction with the choice of president”.

12.06.2024 Bair Danzanov

The military cooperation of the self-proclaimed global hegemon with a small and critically remote state turns out to be, upon careful consideration, multifaceted and profound. A number of facts, showing the active immersion of the United States in the defence sector of Mongolia, prove this to be evident.

12.06.2024 Simon Westwood

The United States (U.S.) foreign policy is a worthy sub-field of International Relations and Political Science. If one looks closely at the U.S. foreign policy, then it will be visible that it has certain traditions, which time and again dominate and overshadow the entire decision-making process. In this regard, there is an important tradition in the U.S. foreign policy called the American Exceptionalism…

12.06.2024 Viktor Goncharov

Ankara’s promotion of its UAVs on the African arms market played a major role in strengthening Turkish influence on the continent. The Bayraktar TB2 model, which, with a wingspan of 12 metres and a flight time of 27 hours, carrying 4 laser-guided missiles, has become not only a symbol of Turkish weaponry in many parts of the world, but has also become an effective tool of Turkish foreign policy.

11.06.2024 Vanessa Sevidova

On May, 31 the UNSC extended the mandate of the Iraq Assistance Mission (UNAMI) for a final 19 months before its complete termination in December 2025. Having adopted S/RES/2732 (2024), the UNSC requested the Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, jointly with Baghdad to decide on a transition plan to transfer the tasks and responsibilities of the mission to the Iraqi government. The liquidation of the…

11.06.2024 Seth Ferris

It has finally come to the attention of Ukraine’s western masters that, to paraphrase a quote from WW2 about Hitler’s Atlantic wall, “NATO only made one big mistake when building their Fortress Ukraine, they forgot to put a roof on it”…

11.06.2024 Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum proved once again not only its importance as one of the major events on a global scale, but also reinforced the realities of the contemporary world which concern both Russia and all friendly countries of the Russian state, together representing the world majority and the multipolar world order…

11.06.2024 Vladimir Terehov

After more than a 3-year hiatus, Seoul hosted the China-Japan-South Korea trilateral summit on May 26-27, which became a remarkable event in the overall transformation process taking place in East Asia. This event organically fit into a series of previous and subsequent equally significant developments occurring in this region…

10.06.2024 Phil Butler

The Hill, a publication now owned by Nextar Media Group, recently published the pièce de résistance of Putin/Russia hate pieces. “The ruinous reign of Vladimir the Terrible” is authored by one of the top political scientists in the world, Alexander J. Motyl. His other mission in life is to teach Russophobia to Rutgers University students. The synthesis of Nextar, Motyl, and the Western elitist’s logic system is the entropy ruining humanity for good…