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24.07.2024 Henry Kamens

The recent attempt on Donald Trump’s life, just days before he became the official Republican candidate for President, should be a wake-up call as to just how much American society is divided these days. The candidate or public person, NGO leader, Clergy, even Spiritual Leaders, often represent all those ideas and values that many others hold, or come to hold, in high esteem.

24.07.2024 Alexandr Svaranc

The helicopter crash that resulted in the death of the eighth President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, and the early elections of the ninth President, which resulted in the unexpected victory of the only reform-oriented candidate, Masoud Pezeshkian, has changed the political landscape in the country.

24.07.2024 Abbas Hashemite

As per report, at least, 40000 Palestinians have lost their lives since October 7, 2023. The war crimes and genocide committed by the Israeli forces against the Palestinian civilians, since the start of the Israel-Hamas War, have been condemned by the majority of the world’s people and states. However, the response from the Muslim countries to Israeli war crimes has not been impressive. On 19th July 2024, Pakistan emerged as one of the few Muslim countries to have taken a hardcore approach towards Israel.

24.07.2024 Viktor Goncharov

Recent developments on the African continent show that the tide is turning away from francophone West Africa, which has seen 9 military coups in the last 7 years, and towards the Horn of Africa. Signs of impending instability are most visible in Ethiopia.

23.07.2024 Salman Rafi Sheikh

NATO’s plans to establish a foothold in Asia to counter China better is nothing more than a sure recipe for disaster. Coming to Asia and beating war drums against a country that has not attacked anyone is akin to pushing it to take any and all necessary steps to protect its interests. NATO, thus, is pushing China to shun its regionally focused pacificism in favour of a more belligerent stance. A more aggressive China will, in NATO’s calculation, push Asian countries to move more towards the US out of their common fear of Beijing as the hegemon…

23.07.2024 Nikolay Plotnikov

Many global media outlets have published reports about an imminent invasion of Lebanon by Israel. Several Western governments have advised their citizens to leave Lebanon. Bild, Germany’s largest daily newspaper, citing diplomatic and military sources in the Middle East, has published an article claiming that Israel may embark on a large-scale military invasion of southern Lebanon towards the end of July.

23.07.2024 Brian Berletic

A recent article appearing in the US-based Business Insider titled, “Russia’s showing NATO its hand in the air war over Ukraine,” would provide a showcase of the deep deficit in military expertise driving increasingly unsustainable, unachievable foreign policy objectives. The article summarizes a number of interviews conducted with Western “airpower experts,” exhibiting a profound misunderstanding of modern military aviation, air defenses, and their role on and above the battlefield.

23.07.2024 Bair Danzanov

With the final accession of Belarus to the SCO, Mongolia found itself in the curious position of remaining one of the organisation’s two observers, and the only one whose high-level representatives attended the July 2024 summit in Astana. Nevertheless, Mongolia’s President and Foreign Minister have again spoken of preserving and developing the “proactive observer” tradition.

22.07.2024 Taut Bataut

The recent elections in different parts of the world are deciding factors in shaping the future of the globe. Various South Asian countries also held general elections during the first half of 2024. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India – some of the SAARC members, also held general elections during this time, while elections in Sri Lanka are also likely to be held before October this year. These general elections in the SAARC countries will not only decide the future trajectories of these countries but will also be the pivotal determinants of the fate of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

22.07.2024 Viktor Mikhin

Ethiopian authorities are looking for a way to break through the established geographical blockade. The ambitious Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, took up this task. Experts say that Ethiopia’s determination to have its own port facilities in the Red Sea is leading to increased tensions in the strategically important Horn of Africa region.

22.07.2024 Mohamed Lamine KABA

While the collective West realizes with great surprise and astonishment that it no longer decides anything on the world stage, Europe, for its part, is disintegrating at an increasingly accelerated pace. The global power dynamic is undergoing a profound shift at cruising speed, where the predominant influence of Western countries appears to be crumbling. Historically, Europe and the United States have shaped world affairs through their colonial, military, economic and cultural power, with a stronger hold after World War II via institutions such…

21.07.2024 Vladimir Terehov

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recent visits first to India and then, two weeks later, to the PRC, the two leading Asian countries, constituted a very remarkable development in terms of the unfolding situation in the Indo-Pacific region as a whole.