16.03.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The future dividing line between the contemporary world and those nostalgic for the unipolar era

Although the Western establishment is trying by all means to deny the scenario not only of its own defeat, but also the very fact of the emergence of a dividing line between it and the supporters of the modern multipolar era, the current processes nevertheless continue their momentum – without paying attention to the state of rage of the world minority.

Contemporary events clearly follow the path of the demarcation line, which will be established in the future between not only the Western-NATO bloc and Russia, but also and more generally speaking between those nostalgic for the unipolar era, on the one hand, and the multipolar world order, on the other. Between the pure planetary minority and the majority of humanity. Between those who consider themselves “elected”, “exceptional” beings, and those who, on the contrary, are for equality between all peoples.

Naturally – due to its extreme arrogance – the West continues to deny such a scenario, still babbling about so-called “1991 borders”, and the “complete withdrawal” of Russian troops from Ukraine. But this obviously also due to its utter confusion – not realizing how to announce such a scenario to the public opinion, especially to those who believed in their establishment’s promises to inflict a so-called “strategic defeat” on Russia. This rhetoric of denial the reality continues of course to be followed by the puppet regime of Kiev, which in any case decides nothing.

Moreover, if we must address the recent declarations of representatives of the current French regime, the above thesis regarding the demarcation line is confirmed once again. Indeed, Macron’s statement on the need for open military intervention in the event of an advance of the front towards Odessa or Kiev – suggests precisely that, on the one hand, the NATO-Western regimes fully foresee such a scenario in which the front would shift even more in favor of Russia, and secondly – this confirms the thesis that, with such a development of events, the demarcation line will be the only acceptable scenario – whether NATO-Western figures like it, or not.

In fact, the question today is mainly to know where precisely this dividing line will be drawn between Russia/NATO, multipolar world/group nostalgic for the unipolar era, world majority/planetary minority. And there can be no other option. Especially since it was the Western regimes, firstly Anglo-Saxon represented by London and Washington, which had sabotaged the negotiation processes in Minsk, then in Istanbul. Thus destroying the conflict resolution at its initial stage. More precisely – at the initial stage specifically of the Special Military Operation.

From now on, these are different realities – and ones that the Western minority will have to take into account. As for the current campaigns of the Western political and media establishment that such a development of events would be “unjust” in relation to Ukraine – those who created this situation certainly cannot speak of justice. The same people who created and developed chaos for many years in various parts of the world – in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and in Europe, among others.

This means that this dividing line must continue to be pushed as far west as possible. Both for the security of Russia – and for the entire national territory, including the old-new regions of the country. As well as for the entire majority of humanity, which awaits the defeat of the collective NATO West. It is a fact.

As for the so-called threats emanating from the Western planetary minority, there cannot and must not be “red lines” for us today. Considering that we are faced with enemy regimes having violated these red lines on numerous occasions over the last thirty and some years. Both in relation to us and in relation to an enormous number of countries and people on our planet.

Western chaos, of course, is not yet over, but it is gradually coming to an end – in the face not only of the contemporary multipolar world order, but also of the coming adjusted order – the post-Western multipolar world. In which a minority, far from being civilized, although it claims the opposite, will have to know its place and adapt by all means to the world majority.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook 

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