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We invite experts and journalists writing on international politics, economics, law, oriental studies and culture to be permanent contributors to New Eastern Outlook.

If you are interested in submitting material to our journal, please read the following guidelines before sending the submission to

New Eastern Outlook publishes exclusive content only. We do not accept materials already available elsewhere, including on a personal blog. Authors are free to specify a deadline by which the article should be considered for publication. Please do not send articles that have been submitted to multiple recipients already. Exclusive content may be subsequently remunerated depending on the position and rank of the author and the quality of the text.

We consider all articles submitted for publication to NEO but do not guarantee that we will be able to reply to every submitter. We will certainly respond to the authors of published content.

Once New Eastern Outlook has issued a piece, the author may permit republication. We request that NEO should be credited as the original publisher and hyperlinked.

Articles should be 500 to 1200 words. More lengthy submissions would have fewer chances to be published.

Hyperlinking to a source (rather than using an endnote) is the preferred method for fact verification. Source all your quotes and any important factual contentions.

Thank you for your interest in being published on New Eastern Outlook. Our editorial staff looks forward to working with you.

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NEO editorial  staff