07.04.2024 Author: Simon Chege Ndiritu

The US and Vassals Exposed as the Aggressors behind Israel, which Erodes their already Feeble Credibility

The US and Vassals Exposed as the Aggressors behind Israel, which Erodes their already Feeble Credibility


The author has repeatedly argued that the US and the UK have been fighting in Gaza, and the Middle East using Israel, a reality that was revealed in the UNSC meeting of April 2nd convened to discuss Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus. The US, UK, and France blamed Iran while nearly praising Israel, amidst the disgust of other participants including Russia and China that condemned the terrorist attack as an affront to international law. The US, UK, and France, which arm Israel, also gave it their political support, which erodes their already weak credibility due to their established trend of duplicity. The European Union urged Iran to “exercise Restrain” (here) which encouraged Israel to break the international law when it wishes.

Supplying Israel and Mocking its Victims

Despite the US supplying equipment that Israel used to bomb the Iranian embassy on April 1st and proceeding to blame Iran for the attack at the UNSC meeting, Washington proceeded to propose removing the terrorist designation it had placed on Houthis in January 2024, showing how impulsive its terror group designation is. A Bloomberg article (here) from April 3rd revealed that the US was willing to consider revoking its terrorist designation on the Houthis if the group promised to stop attacking US, UK, and Israeli bound commercial vessels. Consequently, Washington is emerging as a peddler of meaningless labels by cajoling Houthis to stop preventing Israeli genocide in exchange for the US dropping its terrorist label. Conversely, Washington’s commitment to enabling Israeli crimes in Gaza, and the entire region remained solid, going by events of April 2nd at the UNSC mentioned earlier. Washington’s double standards diminishes its (and vassals’) already weak credibility, showing how it pursues its insular goals. The US designated Houthis as a terrorist group in mid-January 2024 (here) under the farfetched pretext that the group was launching attacks on ‘international maritime vessels’. This preposterous justification made the US to appear like it was existing in a parallel reality, since it was clear that the group only attacked ships linked to Israel for the latter’s brutal blockade on Gazans, and had made it abundantly clear that it would stop attacks if Israel stopped its Genocide in Gazans. However, Biden could not stop Israeli atrocities but threatened Houthis, who expanded attacks to include the US and the UK vessels for their roles in supporting Israel and launching bombing campaigns against Yemen.

American’s supposed intention of seeking a diplomatic solution was communicated by “President Joe Biden’s special envoy for Yemen, Tim Lenderking”. One is surprised that Washington has envoys, while it consistently behaves like it only has war hawks and cowboys whose response to any event is shooting from the hip, as can be seen it its response to Houthis’ well-intentioned demands last year. The Whitehouse emerged as being incapable of diplomacy due to racism. Lenderking’s statement quoted in the Bloomberg’s report, “My hope is that we can find diplomatic off-ramps,” makes one question why the US had climbed the escalatory ramp in the first place. The statement is also an admission that Biden’s policy towards Yemen has failed, after 2 months, and that the US has no credibility to create workable solutions to international crises. It is still possible that the US is not interested in any diplomatic solution, which would make Lenderking’s statement another round of information warfare, but ultimately proofs that Washington is disingenuous untrustworthy. Bloomberg’s revelation, also exposes how Biden’s regime has been unable to achieve the Goals of “Operation Prosperity Guardian”.

US Rejecting Diplomacy in favor of Imperialism

The only viable option for sustainably resolving the crises in the Red Sea, and the Middle East is Diplomacy based on respect for the interests of all parties, which the US imperialist system is incapable of. An article published on this channel on 28th of March, (here) summarized how The US and UK efforts to enforce Israel’ genocide using the military was facing defeat. The only logical option was diplomacy, but the US, UK, and France have chosen to expand the conflict by sponsoring Israel to attack Iran’s embassy in Damascus on April 1st 2024, while the former proceeded to make fake overtures for peace to the Houthis on April 3rd 2024. Westerners’ racist worldview could not allow them to engage in diplomacy without threats. The Israeli attack, which was in clear contravention of 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and the West’s taunting and shaming Iran at the UN meeting shows the extent to which the latter is trying to start a wider war.

The US proposal to the Houthis should be understood as a way of gauging if the group was scared by Israel’s vile attack on Iran’s embassy, or Biden seeking to take credit for ‘reopening’ the Red Sea route which has been open to all but the US and UK provocateurs. Democrats desperately desire the latter to boost their ratings or a WWIII to suspend elections. The US regime’s racism makes Biden and Lenderking to assume that Houthis will be willing to allow the US, UK and Israel to continue with their massacre, in exchange for the US considering removing the ‘terrorist’ designation on the Yemeni group. However, the Bloomberg article on which the US issued its phony overture gives no indication that Washington is even considering stopping Israel’s genocide and blockade of Gazans. Instead, western media cheered how the West condemned Iran at the UNSC meeting convened to discuss Israel’s illegal bombing.

Tossing the West’s Feeble Credibility into the Guillotine

Russia called out Israel’s attack for its terroristic in nature, while China and others condemned it, showing that the world’s majority see Israeli and Wests actions for what they are. The West seams devoted to shaming Iran, and disregarding Russia, and China, as the latter two invoked the inviolability of diplomatic missions. Israel and its backers are determined to launch a war at all costs, no matter how much Iran tries to deescalate. It is against the backdrop of reckless provocation that the Houthis is offered to promise to allow Israel to proceed with its genocide. According to the West, the Houthis, who are Iran’s allies, are supposed to rush to drop their moral stand on Gazan’s in exchange for Whitehouse’ shaky promise, as there is no guarantee that the Houthis will be spared in the war the west is desperately provoking. The west erroneously assumes that the rest of the world do not notice its reckless attitude. In the upcoming cycle of escalation, it is clear that the US, UK and France are the aggressors, and the militant Israel is a useful tool. The West’s campaign of labelling competitors as aggressors or terrorists has failed. Russia’s representative at the UN openly blamed the US, UK, and France for supporting the Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy, informing them that responsibility for possible escalation is on them. While the West is happy to start any war, it would like the responsibility to fall on others to conserve its failing credibility. However, the West’s ego is dented when people see through its schemes. China too stood with Iran alongside other members, which further eroded the west’s already feeble credibility.


Simon Chege Ndiritu, is a political observer and research analyst from Africa, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook

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