27.02.2024 Author: Simon Chege Ndiritu

The US and the UK are fighting Palestinians for Cecil Rhodes’ ideology similar to Nazism

The US and the UK are fighting Palestinians for Cecil Rhodes’ ideology similar to Nazism

This article follows up on the summary of how Cecil Rhodes’ views are driving US and UK destruction of the Middle East (here) to pave the way for Anglo-Saxon colonization of the Holy Land and Euphrates Valley.


On February 20th, 2024, the US vetoed for the third time a UNSC resolution presented by Algeria, calling for a Ceasefire in Gaza. The resolution was supported by 13, out of 15 members, but the self-styled democratic Washington could not stand letting the majority decide; note the hypocrisy. The veto shows Americans’ commitment to keeping the potential elimination of Palestinians going. Similarly, the UK declined to support this resolution, showing its deep support or tacit coalition with Washington. Both countries affirmed their support for the Israeli genocide, as they did in the previous times in 2023. The veto was expected, considering that both are militarily enabling Israel’s war on Gaza and coordinating efforts to prevent Yemen from holding Israel to account. Considering that Washington has no allies, only interests, as it revealed while declining to stop the Rwandese Genocide in 1994, its support for Israel is purely to advance its interests.

What are these Interests? Ask Cecil Rhodes.

Contrary to what some may think, the US and the UK harbor plans to establish an Anglo-Saxons settler colony alongside Jews in the Holy Land. It is not me saying, but the architect of the UK’s global colonization, Cecil Rhodes, who in the 19th century proposed the formation of a global state to facilitate colonization of all productive and strategically located places to form a state that serves Anglo-Saxons’ supremacist ideology, similar to Nazism. Rhodes’ work sounds similar to Hitler’s manifesto, only that it replaces the Germans with the Anglo-Saxons as the ‘finest’ race. Also, Rhodes’s work is not censored but venerated, even where he justified getting rid of native populations he described as ‘the worst human specimens’. He also proposed the formation of such a powerful state by Anglo-Saxons to make war impossible and promote the interests of this group, by subjugating others (here). Concerning the aforementioned Rhodes’ Global state, note the military alliance of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, all guided by the racist and secretive 5 eyes intelligence services, that has developed over the 20th and 21st centuries. All join any war as a park, and have an affiliated body that hypes their capacities (here), making it appear impossible for any country to stand up to their whims. The leading two members of Rhodes’ state have trained their guns on Palestine to occupy it.

Two States Solution, Anglo-Saxons’ and Jewish?

While the proposed two states solution envisages Palestinian states to coexist with Israeli, the version envisioned by the UK, the successor of the British Empire and the US, the empire’s muscle is to create conditions for Anglo-Saxon’s colonization of the Holy Land, in line with Cecil Rhodes view (here here). The US and the UK’s motivation to control Palestine can be understood in the context of who will benefit when Palestinians are elimination. To prove that the Gazan war was planned before October 7th and with the US at the center, the Israeli Prime Minister presented a US-sponsored infrastructure project at the UN using a map on which Palestinians had been erased in September 2023 (here). Other analysts have noted that the war began after gas fields were discovered off Gaza’s coast and awarded to British companies (here). Still, others have pointed out that Israel is a US aircraft carrier (here).

While Anglo-Saxons present their consistent destruction of the Middle East as spontaneous responses to terror threats and dictators, all their actions are calculated to facilitate ultimate control and colonization, in line with Rhodes’ view that all resource-rich and strategically located places globally should be brought under British control. Such control is to be achieved after systematic elimination of natives (like Palestinians) (here). Talking about resource-richness and strategic location, the Holy Land only comes second to the adjoining Euphrates Valley (Iraq and Syria) which also has immense oil wealth. Note that Rhodes also earmarked it for future British colonization, while the Anglo-Saxons’ global military state has been killing natives there since the 1991 Gulf War. From the foregoing, the Belfour Declaration which established Israel was not made out of benevolence but interests of the British Empire and its muscle, the US. Washington’s recent pretense of pursuing a ceasefire is aimed at concealing its real intentions.

Always Conceal Your Intentions…

Joe Biden’s half-hearted attempts at a ceasefire are exposed as phony, as they were accompanied by the supply of more bombs to Israel. On February 17, 2024, the media reported (here, here ) that the US was sending tens of millions of dollars worth of weapons to Israel while adding that Biden was pushing for a ceasefire. A day later, it was reported (here, here) that Biden’s administration walked back on seeking a ceasefire, and declared that it found no human right concerns with its supply of weapons to Israel, despite 30000 deaths of predominantly children and women and three times more injuries. Therefore, Washington is not only providing weapons and diplomatic cover but is also whitewashing the Israeli Genocide. Its practice of bombing people, including through proxies, and finding a rosy explanation for it is not new but an established trend. It has reported seeking to ‘deescalate’ nearly every time it has bombed Iraq since 1991. Similarly, it reported that it bombed Yugoslavia to bring peace. As all these former victims were destroyed in Washington’s pursuit of peace, the only ceasefire the US seeks is the complete elimination of Palestinians. Both Washington and London have been buying time at the UN while arming Israel to achieve this goal.

Anglo-Saxons’ state within the US and the UK is above civilians’ control in its pursuit of genocide. It is arming Israel while bypassing the congress (here), and such deliveries are not done on behalf of Americans but the unaccountable deep state.  Meanwhile, the UK continues selling weapons to Israel and its high court defended such enabling of genocide on February 20, 2024 (here). Both Washington and London have twisted information to avoid making Israel lift the blockade on Gaza while punishing Yemen for trying to save Palestinians, showing how both are invested in the ongoing massacre.

No Resource-Rich or Strategically Located State is Safe

While we are conditioned to view extremism as being related to some religion, it is time to consider the racially chauvinistic ideology that Anglo-Saxons have used to destroy any nation with resources as extremist. Palestinians are victims of the US/UK/Netanyahu’s settler colonialism, like Africans, Arabs, Indians, South East Asians, and the Philippines are victims of the US, UK, and other Europeans’. Palestinians are on the verge of being eliminated like Native Americans, and some African tribes by those that Netanyahu called the “civilized world” which have engaged in slavery, and genocide in the past. The “civilized world” in its quest to steal from others has resulted in calling their victims “forces of barbarism” like Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant called Palestinians. The world should stop this toxic ideology now, as no resource-rich or strategically located state is safe.


Simon Chege Ndirituis a political observer and research analyst from Africa, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook

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