20.02.2024 Author: Simon Chege Ndiritu

Cecil Rhodes’ Plan for Colonization of the Globe by Anglo-Saxons Fails in Iraq

Cecil Rhodes’ Plan for Colonization of the Globe by Anglo-Saxons Fails in Iraq


On February 7, 2024, the US assassinated a top commander of Iraq’s Paramilitary Organization, Kataeb Hezbollah (here). This attack, like others conducted by the US, was calculated to cause terror, as it was random and, in the capital, where any person can be. Such attacks also attract thousands of outraged and scared onlookers, which greatly pleases Washington and London. However, Washington should have known that none of these terror attacks have ever scared all Iraqis enough to acquiesce to the US or Anglo-Saxons’ long-term colonization of Iraq. A retaliation was nearly immediate and was conducted against an Illegal US military base in Syria (here). The extent to which the US-UK’s actions have failed to achieve long-term goals in the Middle East can be measured against the grandiose colonial objective declared by Anglo-Saxon’s most revered architect of global colonialism; Cecil Rhodes’ whose goal is summarized in the graphic on the article’s cover page.

Doing the same thing and expecting different Results?

Washington’s recent attack and London’s praise for the same follows other equally misguided but futile attacks. On February 3, 2024, the US bombed over 85 targets in Iraq and Syria (here). Despite the careful marketing by Washington’s policy establishment and MSM that these attacks were designed to de-escalate, one notes that the US has been bombing Iraq for 33 years now, under varying pretexts, and has always been claiming to de-escalate. It has also announced severally that it was about to withdraw its forces from the country before backtracking. Forbes (here), like other emotionally invested US-UK apologists of senseless murder, only describes the US action as ‘military involvement’, and fails to mention that it has killed over a million people to date. The US effort to cast the current bombing campaign as being solely targeted at countering ‘pro-Iranian groups’ makes the audience wonder which UN mandate authorizes US terror in Iraq since 2003. Westerners’ policy towards Iraq since 1991 seems like an attempt to deliberately eradicate Iraqis and facilitate the occupation of the country (Euphrates Valley) by Anglo-Saxons, following the views of British racist Cecil Rhodes.

The so-called US Central Command’s claim that it attacked military targets in Syria and Iraq against Hashd al-Shaabi seems farfetched. Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Force) fought the Islamic State’s Terrorist Group, even according to the CIA edited Wikipedia (here), meaning Washington is openly fighting on the side of ISIS. Also, the announcement that the US bombed intelligence centers, command and control posts, or weapons depots looks questionable considering the structure of the citizens’ militia. Think about it, the house of any member who set up a communications network to coordinate neighbors against ISIS becomes a command and control center, according to Washington. Does another house used by a convener who stores and hands Kalashnikovs to recruits become a weapon depot? The US and UK’s bombing campaign seems dedicated to further destroying homes and making life unbearable.

Meet Cecil Rhodes; Anglo-Saxons Finest Racists

In an attempt to understand the reason for Washington’s sustained bombing of everything that moves in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen since 1991, views from Cecil Rhodes can shed some light. Rhodes severally declared and later bankrolled the establishment of a secret society for enabling Anglo-Saxons to colonize the world, “I contend that we (Anglo-Saxons) are the finest race in the world… Think of regions that are at presently inhabited by the most despicable specimens of human beings ….” (here). Whether his secret society materialized is omitted in official records, but all the regions that Rhodes thought were occupied by bad human specimens proceeded to face destabilization, wars, colonization, genocide, and plunder at the hands of the UK and US, circumstantially proving that the secret society was formed.

The UK and US have tried to encourage the settlement and colonization of Africa, South America, China’s seaboard, Japan, and the Malay Peninsula by Anglo-Saxons, efforts that have yielded nothing substantial to date. The first trial and also failure was in Africa, as Rhodes himself drove colonization of fertile and mineral-rich southern African regions and introduced British settlers, which earned him enthusiastic acclaim (here). Later, the British Empire in the 20th century tried other dirty deeds; colonizing and genociding Africans to facilitate Anglo-Saxon settlement in other African regions (here), but achieved far less than Rhodes’ Ambitions. British attempted colonization in South America continues today, including in meddling in Guyana but also falls far short of Rhodes’ projection. The UK only militarily occupies Southern Cyprus but has not populated the island with Anglo-Saxons, another failure. For Asia (China’s seaboard, Malay Peninsula, and Japan) UK joined the US in many wars of the 20th century, including against Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia (here) intending to control these regions, but all in vain. Later acts of desperation include the US and UK trying to stoke tensions in the South China Sea, but Anglo-Saxons will likely exhaust themselves in their awful quagmire in the Middle East (Euphrates Valley, and Holyland) before ever fighting China.

Euphrates Valley and Holy Land

Iraq (Euphrates Valley) today is particularly tempting for English colonialists because of fertile soil and immense oil wealth, the latter of which has kept the US and UK bombing the country since 1991. If Anglo-Saxons only sought oil, they would not be bombing Iraq, burning grain fields and palm fields since they already control it. While the Anglo-Saxons’ short-term goal in the Middle East is to steal resources, they seem to be pursuing a long-term goal of ridding the region of its population for the ultimate occupation. Evidence of such efforts includes indiscriminate sanctions imposed by Washington on Iraq in the 1990s, which had killed 500,000, children by 1998, (here) as Washington pretended to punish Iraq for the lie that Iraq tossed babies out of incubators. Recently, Israel has disconnected babies from incubators and let them die and Washington imposed no sanction (here). The number of adults killed by Iraqi sanctions was also significant, all for a population of under 18 million people in 1991, showing a deliberate effort to constrain population growth. Iraq also faced sporadic bombing and the ultimately 2003 invasion that has killed 1,000,000 people so far (here). Efforts to delete the country’s history were also seen in the US-sponsored/abetted looting of museums and historical sites as US soldiers watched (here). Gold (here), oil, and other economic reserves were also stolen, to make populations vulnerable, destitute, and potentially ready to leave. Other notable actions targeted at making the place unlivable include bombing buildings and cities, for instance Mosul without efforts to rebuild, to encourage the residents to emigrate, but Iraqis have defeated all.

Rhodes has failed.

Despite the US and UK’s actions in Iraq (Rhodes’ Euphrates Valley), the country’s population in 2024 is 46.5 million. Anglo-Saxons’ dreams of ever settling in it seem unlikely, and this may be driving Rhodes’ secret society crazy. While the US and UK’s overall strategy is supposed to keep Iraqis worried, in despair, and willing to give Washington and London a free pass to all resources and land forever, the population has remained resilient and vigilant, and honed capabilities that can periodically inform Washington that it is not welcome. Rhodes has failed.


Simon Chege Ndirituis a political observer and research analyst from Africa, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook

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