09.11.2023 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The non-Western world’s revolt against the excessive cynicism of the West

The non-Western world’s revolt against

The vast majority of people on the planet today publicly condemn individuals who still call themselves “defenders of human rights” and other “freedoms” for actually being the primary culprits when it comes to defending the values they so loudly proclaim to adhere to. Particularly with regards to offenses committed against non-Western populations or those perceived by the West as not belonging to the “right” side.

In fact, this did not take much to be exposed. From the perspective of the Western order and those who blindly follow it, the blood of the “wrong” people is worthless. Particularly when it comes to communities that either never had or no longer have illusions and dreams regarding the Western pseudo-dream. Whether it’s the people living in the Donbas or many African, Arab, and other nations,

Indeed, the West’s cynicism and downright criminality have reached a breaking point lately. Furthermore, if some people—particularly those in the non-Western world—had previously believed that the West was wrong on a number of international issues but continued to dispute the need for a complete transition to a multipolar world order, these “doubts” are now being smashed to pieces.

Palestine is a land of martyrs, according to an article by well-known Moroccan journalist and author Abdelhak Najib that appeared in the daily francophone Moroccan newspaper Aujourd’hui le Maroc last month. In light of current events in Palestine, the author poses some extremely pertinent concerns in it: “Let us ask ourselves a simple question: is one death more valuable than another? Is one punishment more legitimate than the other? Do we divide people into classes based on our country of origin? The death of a Palestinian is the way of things, while the death of an Israeli is a tragedy. Nobody cares about the murder of Palestinian women and children, especially in the West, whereas everyone is upset by the killing of a few Israelis. We don’t mind, or better yet, don’t care, if Palestinians die. However, the deaths of Israelis are intolerable, unacceptable, and inhumane,” argues the article’s author.

“How can this difference be explained?” Abdelhak Najib continues. Are there really two human species in front of us: one that can be occupied, mistreated, tortured, stripped of everything, and killed, and the other that stands above all human laws, the species that can afford anything and must be bowed to, accepted, arched our backs to, and not reacted to? On the one hand, a colonized people, martyred and given over to the law of the club and the gun. On the other hand, an arrogant, overbearing occupier, supported by the entire West, who kills innocent people with full impunity, expels entire nations, and deprives an entire people of its territory. On one side, there is Israel, which has been slaughtering and exterminating people for decades. On the other side lies a shattered, fractured, subjugated, and crushed Palestine, dubbed a terrorist state by the West.

In principle, the cry of a famous Moroccan writer and journalist today is exactly the global process that we are witnessing in most countries around the world. It’s a protest against the extraordinary levels of deception, cynicism, and hypocrisy that define the Collective West as a whole and everyone who works for it. Incidentally, the same Abdelhak Najib is currently censored by the French regime for his views on current Franco-Moroccan relations. Obviously, this was done casually, as a footnote in the framework of so-called free speech and democracy in the Western pseudo-civilized sphere of a distinct global minority.

The key point here is that the awareness that the lives of non-Western peoples, in the eyes of the West, although constituting the vast majority of humanity, are worthless, is a significant reality on a global scale. And no matter how much this NATO-centered Collective West tries to reach and convince the world majority, it will fail completely. Fear and uncertainty will eventually replace trust in their policy of total righteousness and impunity.

Yes, a distinct global minority, represented by Western administrations, is still attempting to seize power. And pretending that a world built on “rules,” naturally, Western rules, is still alive and well. But none of this is true. Even the hegemon of the not-too-distant past, Washington, is apprehensive about the prospect of opening many fronts in the Middle East, despite its typical threatening language. A development that could undermine the very existence of both its primary international ally and its principal regional ally, at least as Israel has been recognized in recent decades. The same may be said for the US involvement in the region. And, faced with the prospect of altering course and admitting defeat on a global scale, the former hegemon has no idea what to do now.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur and political observer, expert in issues relating to Africa and the Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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