11.07.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The dividing line between the global majority and the Western planetary minority

The dividing line between the global majority and the Western planetary minority

The Western regimes rage in the face of current world events is, among other things, closely linked to the progressive understanding of the said regimes that the following point will be reached – a demarcation line that will be drawn between the multipolar world on the one hand and the small group of nostalgic for the unipolar era, on the other. While some might think that this will resemble a new “Iron Curtain” or a sort of “Berlin Wall”, de-facto new physical walls will certainly not be necessary this time, given the existence today of a much more powerful system of rupture between the true international community and the obvious minority of humanity.

Time passes and the demarcation line to come finds itself closer and closer. Between our country – Russia, as well as the East in general, the Global South, the multipolar world order, the world majority – on the one hand, and the NATO bloc, the collective West and a few still puppet regimes, those nostalgic for unipolarity, the planetary minority – on the other. And this constitutes today a fact which is well understood not only in our camp of the world majority and the multipolar world supporters, but which is gradually beginning to be also recognized among Western elements, including among the Russophobes ones, recognized as such.

Contemporary reality

But the most interesting thing today is that, apart from the natural question of knowing where the said demarcation line will be located, is that the scenario is not written at all according to the Westerners’ schema during the Cold War period of the 20th century officially recognized as such. Particularly, when Western propaganda associated the socialist camp with closure and prohibitions, which in the pseudo-free world of the West could not exist.

Today, things are radically different. The humanity majority – that is, the non-Western world – remains absolutely open, especially – when it comes to mutually beneficial interaction. This applies to our country, Russia, as well as to China, India, Iran, most nations of Eurasia, Africa and Latin America. But all this absolutely does not suit the Western minority – accustomed to dictating the interaction rules to the whole world and that the overwhelming majority of profits should remain in its pocket. In order words, a global opening in its multipolar version does not suit Westerners in any way. Hence, the hysteria, rage and all kinds of threats with sanctions.

Furthermore, the Western minority understands perfectly that it now comes up against not only great powers from a military and/or demographic point of view, but also economic rivals who not only do not fall under the influence of unilateral economic sanctions practically infinite, but which are also capable of opening up new horizons and new opportunities within this framework. This without forgetting that Western economic interests today depend much more on markets belonging to the world majority, than the reverse. Just like the fact that in the context of the contemporary world, Western regimes are condemned, including with regard to economic competition, in which their domination has simply ended.

The defeat of the West

In this regard, the only dictatorial axis on a global scale is precisely, and only the planetary minority represented by Western regimes. And their hysteria continues to grow more and more both in the context of the imminent defeat on the military level, in particular within the framework of the Special Military Operation led by our country, as well as in general taking into account all the reality of the contemporary multipolar world – in the demographic, economic and informational components.

By the way, the countries of the BRICS, SCO, as well as quite simply the large part of the Eurasia, Africa and Latin America states must already be ready for the primitive accusations from the Western minority where the latter will assert by gesticulating that the defeat of the West against Russia is due precisely to the fact that the non-Western countries of the world have refused to follow the collective West in its attempts to isolate and to bring the Russian nation to its knees. Just like the fact that Western elements had nevertheless acted with the “best intentions”. But today it is obvious to everyone that no one intends to massively listen to this nonsense and lies.

Obligatory delimitation

Generally speaking, the West likes to repeat at the same time that many countries, including those in the Global South, are not seeking to completely break off their relations with Western “partners”. As such, no one says the opposite. On this point, the main thing to remember is that a large part of non-Western states now set their own rules for interaction with Westerners. And the latter, accustomed for a long time to unilaterally dictating their “rules”, are obviously in no way satisfied with such an approach.

The demarcation line between the world majority and the planetary minority will take place. And then, given the colossal opportunities available to the nations of the global, non-Western, the majority of humanity, as well as the openness that characterizes them – the West naturally finds itself condemned. Condemned to live, whether he likes it or not, according to the multipolar world order rules, with all that implies. Because once again, it is worth remembering a simple rule – the minority adapts to the majority, and certainly not the other way around. It can not be otherwise. It is an axiom that the Western planetary minority has attempted to destroy over the past centuries and decades. But now these attempts have come to a definitive end.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal «New Eastern Outlook»

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