25.05.2024 Author: Mohamed Lamine KABA

Russia, friend and reliable partner of the Republic of Guinea

The Russian and Guinean peoples are linked by a centuries-old friendship of loyalty and mutual assistance. This friendship protects Guinea from the diktat of Western domination, particularly that of France. A true win-win partnership, which should be part of a Sui generis approach.

Indeed, with historic and robust cooperation, the partnership between Russia and Guinea has been a pillar of stability and progress since Guinean independence on October 2, 1958. Russia, a diplomatic pioneer in West Africa, played a key role in the affirmation of Guinean sovereignty and in its economic development. This fruitful collaboration has resulted in transformative initiatives in fields as varied as industry, road infrastructure, geological exploration, as well as in the training of a new generation of engineers, technicians and professional doctors.

Russia’s commitment to education and scientific research in Guinea is exemplified by the creation of the Gamal Abdel Nasser Polytechnic Institute and other cutting-edge research centers. Russian generosity is also manifested through the numerous scholarships awarded to Guinean students, thus encouraging a growing influx of talents trained in Russia.

In the wake of health challenges such as the Ebola epidemic in 2014, Russia demonstrated its solidarity by establishing the CREMS Epidemiology Research Center in Kindia, underlining its commitment to the humanitarian field. Economically, the presence of Russian industrial giants such as RUSAL, with investments exceeding $1.5 billion, demonstrates Russia’s confidence and long-term investment in Guinea’s mining and energy sectors.

With flourishing trade, reaching 9 billion euros in January 2023, the relationship between Guinea and Russia is not only strong but also booming, marked by a common desire to strengthen investments in vital sectors such as energy, mines, health and infrastructure. The dynamic of cooperation between our two nations is a driver of economic and social development, driven by continuous initiatives and a shared vision of mutual prosperity.

As it is common language that men pass but the nation and the territory remain, the military authorities who, since September 5, 2021, have presided over the presidium in Guinea, must jealously maintain this centuries-old friendship with Russia. Because, in the founding of the State and the creation of the nation in Guinea, Russia’s contribution is invaluable to the extent that the self-determination which led to the independence of Guinea would not be guaranteed if this contribution was not guaranteed.

Thus, supposed to be equipped with an in-depth understanding of geopolitical dynamics, the Guinean authorities must recognize the crucial importance of strategic alliances, particularly that with Russia, in the consolidation of the State and national building. My analysis is that, since their accession to power on September 5, 2021, the military authorities in Guinea must imperatively preserve and strengthen historical ties with Russia if they want to lead Guinea to a bright future. This bilateral relationship, rich and ancient, proves to be a fundamental pillar in the founding of modern Guinea. Russia’s significant contribution has been a decisive lever for the country’s self-determination and independence, thus underscoring the importance of diplomacy and international collaboration in contemporary multipolar politics.


Mohamed Lamine KABA – Expert in geopolitics of governance and regional integration, Institute of Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences, Pan-African University, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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