21.05.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The African response to the West in the face of the latter’s attempts to prohibit cooperation with Russia

The Africa

After the authorities of number of African states broke off their cooperation, particularly in the military sector, with Western regimes, first and foremost those of Paris and Washington, new data appears, including on the reasons which pushed the governments of these African countries to put Westerners in their place.

The fiasco of the West in the Sahel region – first that of Paris, and now of its Washingtonian chief – is not only being consolidated, but also additional information is beginning to emerge – further confirming the reasons that convinced the governments of countries in the region to abandon the pseudo-cooperation imposed by Western regimes.

Thus, recently, the Prime Minister of Niger, a country which, along with Mali and Burkina Faso, is part of the Alliance of Sahel States (Alliance des Etats du Sahel, AES), Ali Mahamane Lamine Zeine, declared that one of the reasons which pushed Niamey to break military cooperation with Washington – was that the latter tried to “forbid” the Nigerien authorities from cooperating with Russia and Iran – reports pan-African television Afrique Media.

In principle, this information was already known according to a number of sources informed on previous visits of American officials to Niger, and of the agendas that the Washingtonian regime representatives brought with them during their negotiations in Niamey. But the very fact that the Nigerien authorities are openly announcing it today, providing many interesting details, once again confirms – on the one hand – the blatant rudeness of the Washingtonian regime, and on the other hand – also once again proves moreover that truly sovereign and independent African states – do not intend to tolerate such rudeness.

Once again – what needed to be demonstrated. It did not take long for the Washington regime to reveal its true and unique face. And this already after the flagrant failures of its French vassal. Namely the face of criminals, with the mentality of those, at a certain period, who had forcibly torn millions of people from their lands, and who today, with a stupid look, try to speak of “democracy, institutions of law”, as well as about their pseudo-exclusivity.

Also once again, the thesis of a global trap for the Western establishment is confirmed, from which Westerners will not only have great difficulty getting out, but probably simply will not be able to. And this until complete change of the collective West ruling elites, when its representatives unconditionally would recognize the multipolar world order and learn to live according to the rules and laws of the global majority. Let us be honest: this change in the small Western space is not going to happen anytime soon, which means that the blows against the Western establishment will have to continue to be delivered, even with double or triple force.

Coming back to Africa, its sovereignty and its future development, the main thing today is that the number of countries on the continent ready to openly put impudent, hypocritical and arrogant Westerners in their place – is steadily increasing and will continue to grow. Of course, in this regard, the member countries of the Alliance of Sahel States play not only a key role, but also very probably a historical one. Because it is precisely from them that millions and millions of African countries citizens, and not just from French-speaking Africa, take example and inspiration.

As for the Western planetary minority – it will not be able to stop the contemporary trend of development and the ongoing processes. The weak points of the said minority have been widely known to everyone for a long time, the masks have definitely fallen and its hideous face cannot be changed – by absolutely nothing. No matter how hard she tries. Especially since the habits of permissiveness and imaginary impunity – as has been proven many times – she is simply not able to get rid of.

This means that if in the future the jackal even tries to pass himself off as harmless lamb, there will still be no trust in the jackal that he is, literally none. And this is exactly the reality with which the Western minority will have to live for many years. As for the number of African countries that will show Washington and its Western vassals the exit door, despite all possible threats and pressures – will continue to steadily increase. This is without the slightest doubt the merit of the patriotic and pan-African leaders of many African states. This is also an immense merit of civil society and African youth, before whom Soros’ agents are not only powerless, but also simply primitive. Credit also goes to the truly pan-African media. And of course – it is the merit of the contemporary multipolar world order. The West will not be able to prevent the countries of the African continent from cooperating on an equal footing with Russia, China and other forces of multipolarity. And whenever necessary – the place of the West will be remembered. The place precisely and only – of a planetary minority. End point.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook

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