09.05.2024 Author: Mohamed Lamine KABA

President Putin’s inauguration and its implications for the potential decline of the West

President Putin's inauguration and its implications for the potential decline of the West

During his inauguration on May 7, 2024, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin addressed his people and the world with the rhetoric of the most experienced statesman in the modern world. His speech, the key points of which we have deciphered, reassures the majority of the planet with the exception of the Western minority (the unjust world), who welcomed it by grumbling and lamentably seeking to discredit its process, yet validated by the Russian people (what matters most) and the majority of the planet (the just world).

Recognized (Russian presidential election) internationally and acclaimed by the nations of Africa, Asia, America as well as by the BRICS alliance, now predominant players in the global landscape, the global majority aligns with the strategic directives set out by President Putin. These underline the primordial importance of Russia’s interests and security, while affirming the desire to continue collaboration with its partners to build a multipolar world. They also highlight the need for an agile Russian state system, capable of adapting and progressing. By recognizing Russia’s millennia-old historical heritage and the greatness of its ancestors, these guidelines reaffirm that the most ambitious goals can only be achieved with the commitment of its citizens. Finally, they celebrate the strength and unity of the Russian people, convinced that, hand in hand, Vladimir Putin affirms that the Russian people will overcome challenges, realize their projects and achieve victories.

Thus, approved by the people of Africa, Asia, America and the BRICS alliance (now major players in global dynamics since the decline of the West), the salient points which articulate the high caliber discourse of President Putin are among others:

  1. Russia’s interests and security prevail;
  2. Russia will continue to work with its partners to form a multipolar world;
  3. The Russian state system must be flexible and offer the possibility of moving forward;
  4. Russia measures its millennial history and its ancestors who climbed inaccessible heights;
  5. We can only achieve truly great goals with our citizens;
  6. The united and great Russian people, together they will overcome obstacles, bring their plans to life and win.

In a constantly evolving world, where the old bipolar order has given way to a multipolar dynamic, this vision is resolutely focused on the future. The 21st century is characterized by an era of limitless possibilities, marked by the emergence of the BRICS alliance and its influential expansion. This alliance redefines the rules of the geopolitical, economic and military game, without succumbing to the outdated practices of corruption or exploitation of the Western method. Faced with a West that has experienced failures on several fronts, it is imperative to recognize and adapt to this new world order, which is progressing far from the shadows of neocolonialism. The majority of the planet is part of this modern perspective, where understanding and acting in this multipolar context becomes a major asset.

In light of the above, we can deduce that this article was about analyzing and deciphering President Putin’s inauguration speech on May 7, 2024. As part of a Sui generis approach, this article highlights the key elements of the Russian president’s speech, which thus provides a reassuring perspective for a large part of the international community. Despite the skepticism of certain Western actors, this article maintains an objective approach, emphasizing the legitimacy of the electoral process acclaimed by the Russian population and recognized by the majority of nations. This rigorous analysis and attention to accuracy make this article the high caliber of a seasoned researcher, capable of navigating with ease in the complex waters of global geopolitics. The West has not only failed miserably across the board, but it has also, and above all, lost on all levels, geopolitical, economic and military with the arrival of new members in the BRICS alliance. Putin is surely the most experienced statesman in the modern world.


Mohamed Lamine KABA – Expert in geopolitics of governance and regional integration, Institute of Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences, Pan-African University, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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