27.12.2023 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

A Global Trap for the West

A Global Trap for the West

The successful movement forward of the main forces in the multipolar world, a de facto split between the West and the Global South, the ineffectiveness of sanctions pressure on truly sovereign countries, a growing push away from key elements of Western dominance and simply a massive global rejection of Western policies proved to be the most significant events of the outgoing year.

2023 is about to end. Although the outgoing year can hardly be called easy, it unconditionally ended in favor of supporters of a multipolar world order, causing irritation among those nostalgic for the bygone unipolar era. Overall, despite the collective West continuing to remain an extremely negative and destabilizing force for international relations, its ability to achieve success by profiting from chaos plays a bad joke with its owner.

Plans to “force Russia to genuflect,” loudly announced by representatives and functionaries of some Western regimes, all failed economically, militarily and politically. By their own admission, Western voices openly acknowledge Russia’s success in resisting unilateral Western sanctions. In addition to Moscow’s properly built strategy, the West, in its traditional manner, criticizes non-Western countries, in particular the Global South, that is, the majority of the world’s population, for their refusal to go along with sanctions imposed by the Western minority on Russia and even more for their assistance in Russia’s successful circumvention of these sanctions.

Of course, there are those among the Global South countries that openly ignore Western threats leveled against them for their ties with Russia, and those who pretend to comply with Western recommendations on the “need” to adhere to the sanctions imposed on Moscow, but despite this, these countries show a single trend aimed at developing their relations with Russia in all mutually beneficial areas and, in general, promoting, where possible, the modern post-Western world order.

In addition to economic issues, the West has shown its failure in the military sphere. Despite their military budget being many times greater than the defense budgets of Russia, China, Iran and some other non-Western countries combined, the Western elites were again defeated. A coalition consisting of several dozen enemy pro-NATO and pro-Western countries was unable to defeat Russia in war, and it will never be able to do so. From now on, the only question is how the defeat of the NATO West will be formalized.

This revealed not only the inability of the collective West to fight successfully on several fronts with serious forces in front of it, but also destroyed the myth about its ability to control international sea routes. The way today the Yemeni Houthis are blocking the passage of the West and Israel-linked ships in the Red Sea clearly confirms the shortfalls in the West’s collective sea power, especially when it comes to Washington and London.

In fact, today, Western political and media elites and their puppets have slid into whining. The West scolds Russia for its successful opposition to the war declared on it on various fronts and in various fields. The West also complains that the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America did not support the so-called “forces of good” represented, naturally, by the West. The Kiev puppet regime is also now whining that events in the Middle East are overshadowing the Ukrainian case. This is generally a good lesson for those countries that thought (some even still think) that an alliance with the West is the key to success and impunity. Take, for example, Israel, which for a long time considered itself the main regional power due to its “Holy” Alliance with Washington, which no one would dare to touch, but which has already felt the consequences of such a pseudo-permissiveness, where “force” is a murder of defenseless people, but not a real regional scale military conflict.

What is it all about? We are talking about those forces in the modern world, which have always been too confident in their ability to create strategic traps for their opponents, and today they are the ones who have fallen into a trap, a global trap. Of course, the collective West still retains the ability to destabilize the situation, which, in fact, has always been its only true face, but the time of receiving dividends from the created chaos and parasitic existence at the expense of others is definitely coming to an end.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook

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