20.05.2024 Author: Simon Chege Ndiritu

Israel’s Settler Colonial Tendency Legitimizes the US Ideology

Israel’s Settler Colonial Tendency Legitimizes the US Ideology

The US leadership looks at Israel with the pride a father has for a child who took the best of his traits he cherishes


The US is ideologically inclined to support Israel in its endeavor to eliminate Palestinians and establish a larger Israeli state, as a way of legitimizing its creation model. As Israel continues with Rafah Operation, completely blockades to ultimately eliminate Gazans (as a people) and occupy the land many leaked plans show, Washington looks at Israel with the pride a father has for a child that shows his traits he cherishes. The tendency of evil regimes to support others that ideologically support their existence was established by Indian-Kenyan scholar Pio Gama Pinto, who noted how the US, and UK always supported the atrocities Portugal meted against those seeking freedom in the colonies of Angola, Cabo Verde, Goa, and Mozambique, but ignored victims (here). Pinto also observed that Washington and London eyed to station NATO in Goa (here), which speaks to the impeccable foresight of this scholar over 60 years later, and when India is being nudged (here) to support the warmongering body. Moving back to the current times, the ongoing Israeli-Palestine war shows that all former colonizer countries are supporting Israel, since it legitimizes their models of establishment and expansion. The stark realization that atrocious states support similar ones was also made by an Indian scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru, who also observed how the US and UK allowed or enabled colonizers including fascists to invade and destroy countries from Manchuria, Central Europe, China, Spain, to Africa and concluded that an imperialist country could only function by appeasing another to preserve their common ideological foundation (here). Using Pinto’s and Nehru’s perspectives, and considering that Israel pursues a settler colonial journey to expand in the region, the US views Israel’s murderous path as ideologically buttressing its philosophical foundation, and will support Israel until Palestinians are as few and disenfranchised as the Native Americans in the US, before shouting Never Again (until we need it).

US-Israel Ideological Similarity

Israel is on the verge of eliminating Palestine’s native population to complete its settler colony on the latter’s skeletons and holy sites, just as the US did centuries ago. On 6th May 2024, Israel begun its Rafah operation, which it had delayed to feign consideration for US pretentious concerns for vulnerable refugees in Rafah, which the US had enabled Israel to uproot from northern Gaza (here). While the operation continued in IDF’s genocidal mode, the US pretended to distance itself from Israel’s conduct. The pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin declared delaying supplies of bombs (here), while Joe Biden described Israel’s conduct as ‘wrong’ (here). Austin’s and Biden’s timing portray pretense noting how they led the US to enable Israel to damage 85% of buildings, kill 34 000, and injure 70,000 Gazans (here). Also, Gaza’s economic and social infrastructure have been destroyed, and the population faces death from starvation and diseases, while the remaining Gazans may be shipped abroad through Biden’s floating Pier. The eradication of Palestinians is proceeding in a textbook case of how European settlers eliminated Native Americans in the US. Parallelism between both cases begins from willful twisting of the truth; for instance in how European colonists called themselves ‘Americans’ and conveniently labeled the real Americans as ‘Indians’ to cast them as migrants, in a similar way that the European Israeli leadership claims to be Semites and call Palestinians ‘anti-Semites’. The author clarifies that Jews existed in Palestine before Israel was established, to argue that Jews do not need a genocidal, militaristic, and expansionist state to live in Palestine: Israel’s brutality is legally and morally indefensible. Still, if European Jews claim that the last centuries’ turbulence forced them to ‘return’ to Palestine, their claim would be more genuine if they coexisted peacefully with the native population. Notably, a DNA test shows that Ashkenazi Jews, a group occupying high government positions have no Middle Eastern DNA (here), which makes their claim of ‘returning’ to Palestine dubious. Yet, this class now commands Semites Jews to bomb their former cousins who converted to Christianity or Islam and remained in Palestine for millennia. Considering how two-states-solution (here) has been repeatedly proposed and how Israel and Netanyahu insist on eliminating Palestinians to expand makes Israel look like a settler colonial project following the American example.

Blockading Rafah, like Hunting Buffaloes to Extinction

From 1860s ‘America’ settlers and the army started mass killing of buffaloes to starve Native Americans and force them into concentration camps (here), like 2024 is the time for Israelis to starve Gazans out of a concentration camp to extinction. Like Native Americans found themselves surrounded and without food, Gazans are now surrounded and starving. Gaza is also cut off from medicine after Israel sacked all hospitals and converted them into mass graves. Israel’s operation in Rafah is becoming highly strategic for the opportunistic Bibi to miss, as the IDF will attempt to tighten the siege and let the remaining Gazans die of hunger and diseases. The US leadership understand that few bombs are needed for that, and hence the latest delay tactics. The IDF will only maintain sporadic terrorist bombing of family homes to psychologically force the remaining people to board the next ship sent to Biden’s floating pier. While the US pretends to oppose the operation at Rafah, or purports to delay supplying bombs, it is aware that past deliveries are sufficient to achieve the latter’s misguided plans and transition to the next phase.

The Coming Appropriation Phase

The next phase will also follow American direction, where the Palestinians’ image will be rehabilitated when too few of them are left to form a state. Like the European settlers portrayed Native Americans as a deadly threat needing elimination, the Israeli government has historically portrayed Palestinians as a terrorist threat that must be eliminated at all coast. In the latter, massacres and displacement conducted by the IDF and its Haganah terrorist predecessor (here), are hidden, while any desperate response by Palestinian is hyped and presented as a mortal threat to Israel. However, like the American narrative changed after subjugating natives, do not be surprised that the US and Israeli regimes may in future pretend to lead in promoting and preserving Palestinian culture. For instance, the Washington’s corporate and political establishment purported to honor natives’ character after subjugating them-in using Indian names in brands-Jeep Cherokee, Indian motorcycles, and Chinook helicopter, names nuanced to embody desirable attributes of Native Americans. One is surprised that former settlers can now find Indian attributes being worth of promoting, but that is exactly how settler colonialism works. When the US and Israel feel that Palestinians are completely subjugated, both will purport to praise and preserve their victims’ attributes. Washington may invest in farms and greenhouses owned and managed by Israelis in Gaza, but selling products branded as Gazans, while the western media spins narratives of how Gazans are now free. Before this sad phase is reached, the world needs to stop Israel’s plan, which the US is heavily invested in as it legitimizes its own brutal formation.


Simon Chege Ndiritu, is a political observer and research analyst from Africa, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook

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