14.05.2024 Author: Phil Butler

The Look of Things After Russia’s May 9 Observance

The Look of Things After Russia’s May 9 Observance

On May 9th, Russia once again paid tribute to the tens of millions who perished defeating fascism in WW2. It’s been 79 years since the Soviet Union beat Hitler’s juggernaut back to Berlin. President Putin delivered a solemn address to all present and those watching via television and radio. The focus of the address framed for the world how the Western elites are currently revising history. A section of this address reads:

“Harbouring revanchist sentiments, making a mockery of history, and seeking to justify present-day Nazi followers is part of what constitutes a common policy of Western elites to fuel regional conflicts, interethnic and interreligious strife and to contain sovereign and independent centres of global development.”

Of course, the Western press and propaganda channels attempted to reverse Mr. Putin’s claims, but the facts speak for themselves. Russia’s president also warned that he will never allow his people to be threatened. This comes at a time when Russia is under constant and increasingly desperate assault by the liberal order that’s dominated world affairs since WW2. Examining the warnings from French President Emmanuel Macron recently, will clarify the reasons for Mr. Putin’s hard rhetoric.

Macron told reporters recently he’d consider sending French troops to Ukraine “if the Russians were to break through the front lines, if there were a Ukrainian request.” And all across the front in Ukraine, Russian forces continue to inch their way Westward as the propped up Ukraine regime gives up ground. The situation is desperate, but not only for Zelensky’s brood in Kyiv. There are others “vested” in the Ukraine conflict, and they are the true power behind today’s proxy war with Russia.

This report from Ukraine Invest tells us many French companies are ready to invest in Ukraine even as the country falls to pieces. Another report hints are France and Germany taking a role in convincing the European Investment Bank to begin financing defense corporations. A statement from Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yuliia Svyrydenko before a French delegation last month spells out the real reason for Macron’s bold warhawk strokes recently.

“This year should be the year when we begin to rebuild the country. Our state is extremely interested in the participation of French entrepreneurs in this process. We see the interest of French business in such cooperation. Ukraine offers investment opportunities in industries that have significant development potential and can be globally competitive. We are also actively working on risk insurance programmes to guarantee investors the safety of their investments.” 

At this point, I am surprised that few, if any, analysts have clarified what’s really happening to Ukraine. It’s crystal clear that all the American and Europen war materials and investments in Ukraine against Russia are about totally destroying the country, not preventing it from being destroyed. How can these Western investors/adventurers best profit from this conflict? By ensuring maximum destruction, which will lead to unlimited possibilities for the friends of Macron (The Rothschilds and others). However, if NATO troops ever do officially enter on Ukraine’s side, the Russians will certainly declare war on the bloc. President Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said as much when Macron made his boastful intervention gesture. Let’s face it, there has to be something left of London, Paris, and Berlin for the key pirates to rape and pillage in battered Ukraine.

So far, France has issued 400 million euros of credit to Ukraine so thast Zelensky’s military can purchase directly from French arms manufacturers. So, not only are the European credit devils set to make off with what’s left of Ukraine’s resources at conflict end, they’re preemptively assuring the devastation. War on the Rocks reveals more about the underlying reasons for Macron’s bravado.

What’s truly sad about this whole France versus Russia cartoon is the fact Frenchman would be speaking German had the Soviet Union not sapped the strength of Hitler’s forces in WW2. Without the Russians, Americans and the British could never have landed in Normandy. And now, Macron needs the Germans to back the French investors’ play to succeed in leading a new NATO defensive alliance. Talk about irony. No wonder Mr. Putin seemed so focused on history revision during the May 9th ceremonies. It’s the key to this whole mess.


Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

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