08.05.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

Moving forward, without looking back

Inauguration of the President of Russia 2024

The Russia’s President Inauguration constitutes another important starting point both for our country and for all humanity – at the contemporary era decisive stage. And maybe now more than ever – it’s time to realize that there will be no going back. Just like the fact that the Western minority will no longer have any privileged position.

As expected, the official inauguration ceremony of Russian President Vladimir Putin took place according to plan, in the Kremlin. And if in the West, as well as among its puppets, notably the Kievian regime, this fact has caused hysterical gesticulations and inappropriate remarks, for the majority of humanity real enthusiasm is observed, and great hopes are placed in new victories of the international multipolar order supporters.

At the end of March, the Lebanese pan-Arab television channel Al Mayadeen published an article with a very significant title: “Putin: A Champion of the Global South?”. In the said article it was noted that Moscow’s defiance of Western elements, particularly the economic sanctions and the military aid to the Ukrainian regime, has not only set an example for other nations to follow but also eroded the legitimacy of the West’s ideological supremacy.

In the conclusion of this article, it was emphasized that, generally speaking, Vladimir Putin has done a remarkable job at defending his country’s interests and national security. Not only have his contributions solidified his leadership within Russia, but they have also inspired the Global South towards new horizons. With that in mind, history has begun to shift in the right direction.

In fact, all of this is true. With a small remark. Some analysts in the non-Western world and the global majority, both in Russia and in a number of other countries, view the current period as one of transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world. It is believed that this is not entirely correct. The multipolar world has already become a reality for several years, when the Westerners and their lackeys began actively to lose their positions in various parts of the world. And in particular where, in the relatively recent past, they considered themselves unconditional “masters”, notably on the African continent.

Today, what we are observing – is simply the other important step for the multipolar reality. More precisely – that of an active confrontation between those who organized and adhered to the multipolar world order – on the one hand, and on the other – this small group of revisionists, nostalgic for the unipolar era, who thought, and perhaps even were convinced, that they had sufficient strength and ability to return the overwhelming majority of humanity – under their dictate. Presumably – they greatly overestimated their said abilities.

Remembering one of my participations in a broadcast, in the first months following the start of the Special Military Operation, on a French radio – intended for an African audience. And to the question that was asked to me regarding the fact that dozens of countries had voted against Russia at the UN on the “Ukrainian” question, I proposed in return to calculate the demographic component of the states having voted in favor of the Western-Kievian resolution, and those who did not support it – either by voting against, or by abstaining. This part of the comment was deleted and there has been no further communication with this media since. However, it should be noted that among African journalists working for Western media – a significant number of them – sympathize with Russia, China and the multipolar world order as a whole, and not with their Western employers. Some end up leaving their positions; others prefer to keep their jobs while waiting for other opportunities and alternatives. In general, everyone acts according to his or her conscience, ethics and values.

The main thing is precisely that the Western minority – represented by the political and media pseudo-elites of the small Western space – is today more than ever aware of the fact that it constitutes precisely an obvious minority. As part of its arrogance, it nevertheless continues to try to frighten with new sanctions and other “consequences”. But as it is said – it doesn’t impress. And not only the greatest powers of the non-Western world, but also the states which, in the recent past, found themselves de facto under Western occupation, but which have since been able to completely take control of the situation. This particularly applies to a number of African states, which are today dealing very painful blows to the West and their cheap puppets.

And today we should certainly remember the following. That perhaps and in the same way that these countries take example from ours in the context of their own confrontation with NATO-Western criminals, we too could learn a lot from them. When, for example, the youth and civil society of Burkina Faso, a country led by Captain Ibrahim Traoré – who so magnificently recalls the legendary leader of this same country – Thomas Sankara – demand the closure of the American embassy – and this, after Burkina Faso has already succeeded in driving out the troops of the French regime – it is certainly time for us to reflect on the fact that we should not look back and think that in the foreseeable future it will be possible to reason those who are simply not capable of changing and adapting to the realities of the contemporary world.

The time has come for movement only forward. Together – the majority of the non-Western world and humanity, who clearly understood that it is simply not worth forgiving liars, hypocrites and the worst criminals in the entire history of humanity. For them – the train is gone forever. With all the consequences that ensue. Final point.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook

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