28.01.2024 Author: Phil Butler

Finally, the Answers You Sought – That’s All Folks!

Finally, the Answers You Sought – That’s All Folks!

Most informed people are pretty tired of the nonsensical mudslinging Western mainstream media (tabloid media) engages in. And where Russia or her President Vladimir Putin are concerned, all information networks are like those Looney Tunes episodes we all watched as kids. I expect Porky Pig to pop out of my smartphone screen at any moment. It would all be hilarious if the disparaging lying were not so deadly serious.

Please allow me to present a few cartoonish stories so that we are all dying laughing while digging our atomic bomb shelters.

Politico. EU tops the list on Google News for the search “Putin,” with “Putin could attack NATO in ‘5 to 8 years,’ German defense minister warns.” The subheading reads, “Europe sounds the alarm amid growing concern that the Russian president’s veiled threats against the military alliance could turn real.” Nicolas Camut, Politico Europe’s breaking news reporter, says Mr. Putin is growing increasingly belligerent (no small wonder), and this has Germany’s Defense Minister Boris Pistorius peeing his pants.

It’s fantastic that so-called “top officials” of NATO are fearful of Russian actions of any kind. This is true given the fact NATO took almost a decade to build a sort of Maginot Line (WW2 defense fortifications) to put missiles and troops right in Russia’s face. The good German general skips to the point in a Der Tagesspiegel interview, saying,  “But we also have to learn to live with danger again and prepare ourselves — militarily, socially and in terms of civil defense.” General Dynamics stocks went up $2, and some change per share, on the news.

Bloomberg has far more convincing proof (hardy, har, har) that Vladimir Putin is conducting a world conquest exercise. “Putin Orders Hunt for Property of Russian Empire, Soviet Union” is clickbait to get idiots who believe Bloomberg anymore to read all about it. The financial paper tries to misrepresent a recent order by Mr. Putin for officials to hunt for Russian assets abroad. The fact is, the president’s office “allocated funding for a state unit to conduct searches for property abroad and ensure Russia’s ownership rights are registered.” (Yahoo! News) As we have been taught to expect, there is no proof whatsoever of assets of the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire being looked after. Bloomberg’s editors just figured this would sound good, and that a billion of sanctions and illegal seizures of Russian assets by the elite order have nothing to do with Putin’s move.

Next up in the Google News headlines (this one you won’t believe) is in the Letters section of The Guardian, where Nicholas Milton and Judith Martin cough this one out at the world – “Rats on the frontline in the fight against Putin.” I immediately started reading this one, expecting to find President Joe Biden and the EU’s Ursula von der Clucky authorised biowarfare rats to be given to Zelensky. The authors mention that the British Army’s Special Operations Executive developed explosive rats during WW2. Given the gleeful tone of journalists when they reveal Russian troops getting sick in the trenches, it’s possible my concerns may not be as unbelievable as I thought. Was it clickbait? Or, is this article a call for the UK to contribute infected rodents to the NATO proxy effort in Ukraine? Your guess is as good as mine.

Fourth in line under the Google News tab, The Telegraph attempts to influence oil prices with “Putin’s petrodollars dry up as Arab-Russian cartel loses its grip.” The subtitle reads, “Opec’s stranglehold on the market is easing and may disappear forever.” The Telegraph’s energy editor, Johnathan Leake, is either dumb as a brick or expects his readership to be. Of course, OPEC resources and production capacity are waning. This is why Saudi Arabia joined the BRICS, and Russia and the Saudis are working closer together. The “cartel” is not losing its grip. It’s about to put a stranglehold on the energy sector. The Saudis are being clever, conserving what they have remaining by reducing output and partnering with Russia. The story shows a graph where Saudi production drops below Russia’s, but this is a foregone conclusion if you know anything about energy. Ergo, stupid or insulting the readership (perhaps both).

The Daily Mail revisits the quest to know Russia’s president’s inner mind. “Inside the mind of Putin… and why the West can never understand him: PETER HITCHENS reviews The Wizard Of The Kremlin.” These guys take the cake where Russophobia is concerned. Hitchens snags some of the catchy lines from Giuliano da Empoli’s book to hit the Ruskies hard on the literature front. Yes, the war on Russia is that complete, trust me. Get this literary jewel taken from the book:

“Nobody ever says how beautiful Moscow is. Yet, I have never lived anywhere so full of myth and sinister glamour.”

But then, what would you expect from the founder of the Volta think tank? The advisory board of this propaganda hole looks like something out of a lineup of Liberal World Order (or maybe Rothschild) minions, wringing their hands and seething to see Putin finally fall. Let me list a couple, so the reader gets it. Tony Blair’s buddy, Frederic Michel, is second on the list. Former Secretary of State for UK Foreign Affairs, David Milibrand also does some severe anti-Russia thinking at Volta. Hillary Clinton’s altar boy, Alec Ross, advises too, as does former Prime Minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt. The latter is by far the most interesting.  Appointed PM by Queen Margrethe II, Thorning-Schmidt is now the Co-Chair of the Facebook Oversight Board. Talk about minions. She’s the female version of Dracula’s Renfield. But you got it. I know you did.

Before I lay off Thorning-Schmidt, some will remember her selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Obama at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Forget what’s on Putin’s mind. What had to be snaking its way through these three bozos’ brains, doing such a classless thing on the world stage?

The pages and pages of Google News search results parrot the same lunatic narratives. And all of it is pure propaganda aimed at the general public and assuming the average person is as dumb as a brick. While there are a lot of bricks out there, most people understand they are reading tabloids these days. People are aware that we live in a cartoonish world where anything can happen. The Westerners do not seem to realise yet that they have made Vladimir Vladimarovich Putin immortal. Even if he were as evil as the Star Wars villain Darth Vader, their efforts to strike him down have only created a legend, many myths, and a kind of hero worship by most of the world’s people. Putin the meme, Putin the destroyer, Putin the saviour, a million headlines, whoever got so many? Come to think of it, what if Putin is the other character, Obi-Wan Kenobi? He’s undoubtedly the Bugs Bunny battling Elmer Fudds, given my Looney Tunes allusion.

That’s all, Folks! 


Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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