20.11.2023 Author: Vladimir Mashin

The USA is being forced to adjust its Middle East course

President Biden has acted too quickly to back Israel without reservation

The American media, including the Democratic-leaning media, acknowledges that President Biden has acted too quickly to back Israel without reservation, has not done enough to uphold Palestinian rights, and has essentially put the US in a position where it can no longer be held accountable for what Israel does next. Netanyahu persists despite Washington’s vocal opposition to Israel’s recent takeover of the Gaza Strip.

President Biden urged Israel to defend the main hospital in Gaza on November 13. During a White House ceremony, Biden stated that talks were still ongoing with the Israelis on the Gaza hospital and that a deal “to release prisoners” was still being considered with assistance from Qatar.

On November 14, the Palestinian organization Hamas’ armed wing informed Qatari mediators that the group was willing to release as many as seventy women and children detained in the Gaza Strip in return for a five-day cease-fire with Israel that would include extensive humanitarian aid to the people living in the enclave.

Due to the political climate at home and intense international pressure to halt Israeli military action in Gaza, the American administration is forced to take all of these actions.

More and more Americans are voicing their displeasure with Washington’s unilateral policies, and not just by taking part in protests in different places. More than 400 workers from 40 government agencies protested Israel’s support of the Gaza Strip war in a letter to President Biden dated Nov. 14. This is one of several protest letters from Biden administration officials that also include an open letter from over a thousand U.S. Agency for International Development employees and three internal memos signed by numerous State Department employees to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. According to the documents, the president must demand a ceasefire and a de-escalation of the fighting immediately.

According to Al Arabiya TV, President Joe Biden and two members of his cabinet are being sued by a human rights organization in the US for their “failure to prevent and complicity in the Israeli government’s unfolding genocide in the Gaza Strip.”

The survey, conducted by Siena College and the New York Times between October 22 and November 3, predicted that Biden would lose to prospective rival Donald Trump in five of the six swing states: Trump leads by ten points in Nevada, six in Georgia, five in Arizona, five in Michigan, and five in Pennsylvania. Biden will win Wisconsin by only two points. The poll also reveals a particular concern regarding Biden’s age and the economic policies of the present administration, with only 2% of respondents describing the nation’s economic status as “excellent” and 52% describing it as “poor.”

Potential voters surveyed feel Donald Trump would perform better on these topics than Joe Biden (59% vs. 37%). Trump also has a high approval rating among Hispanics (58% to 38%) and an impressive approval rate among blacks (31% to 59%).

Calculations by the Labor Department show that since Biden took office in January 2021, the overall cumulative price hikes have reached 17.6 percent. The average cost of a new car increased from $37,000 to $45,000, milk prices increased by 13%, and Starbucks coffee prices increased by 21%.

Global dissatisfaction with the White House’s unilateral stance in the Middle East is evident from the last UN General Assembly session and the November 11 Islamic and Arab Heads of State Meeting in Saudi Arabia.

An increasing number of strikes against U.S. outposts in Iraq and Syria has young Americans worried that their country may be dragged into a regional conflict.

Strong statements in numerous nations endorsing the Palestinian cause demonstrate Washington’s waning international influence. On November 13, the New York Times reported that youthful voters, as well as Arab and Muslim Americans irritated by Biden’s reaction to the Gaza war, may vote against him in the 2024 presidential race

A story published on November 14 in the Israeli publication The Jerusalem Post is significant in this regard:
“There is no denying that Israel needs the United States in the diplomatic, economic, intelligence and security fields, but none of this is enough to make it capitulate to every demand coming from Washington.”

Meanwhile, 66% of Americans, including 80% of Democrats, think that the United States should put pressure on Israel to call for a cease-fire, according to the American press. Furthermore, Americans do not like to see their armed forces drawn into one more unnecessary and expensive Middle East conflict.

The English weekly Economist determined the other day that regional war has not yet broken out. “But otherwise, U.S. politicians unfortunately have little to show for their many flights.”


Vladimir Mashin, Ph.D. in History, a political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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