28.06.2023 Author: Seth Ferris

Global Arrogance of Power by the USA and its “Obeying Minions”

Global Arrogance of Power by the USA and its “Obeying Minions”

We must think of the nice German expression “Vorauseilender Gehorsam,” – anticipatory obedience to understand much of what is going on nowadays.

Meanwhile, the Titan submersible has taken over the media, a GREAT distraction, and most timely, considering the ongoing perils of Biden and his son, plea deals, the “proxy war” in the Ukraine, lame claims that Putin is prepared to use nukes, the truth of Russian gate, and prospects for the global and dismal domestic economy, etc.

For now, it’s a sad distraction—and it comes at a convenient time—they are dead, and the sub might not be found –at least we may never know what actually happened. Now the billionaires and governments can get away with more while the general public stay distracted and clueless as usual.  Aside from now being the most popular meme subject, the sub implosion provides great utility, something for people to focus on, and not to face real problems that should be more pressing.

Meanwhile, NATO is itching for Global War, as recently described by Harvard’s Jeffrey Sachs, starting with Asia and new contacts and new bases in the region. All that is happening is with an insidious purpose, something to make the villain of most old school TV series appear just naughty—out for a bit of fun in taking over the world.

In reviewing the first of two Q&A sessions with Professor Jeffrey Sachs, as recorded on June 12, 2023 in Vienna, Austria, he explains why NATO did not allow neutrality to become a solution for Ukraine and why the alliance is seeking to expand into the Indo-Pacific region.

The warmongering of western institutions continues; they are preparing for global war— with so many willing partners. It is interesting how Sacks begs the question as to why NATO proposes to open an office in Japan?    Really! It is as if “NATO is the US Expeditionary Force” in the region, looking for new wars and countries to sell NATO weapons to – for the upcoming Taiwan War, and for a larger Global War.

Arrogance of Power

 Some very good questions were raised in this talk, starting with “Why did the US insist on inviting four Asian-Pacific leaders to NATO?”

Jeffrey Sacks claims it is because they have no sense, however, I think it makes all the sense in the world, as with the strategic handover of weapons to ISIS (banned in Russia) in Iraq and the rapid and unorganized retreat from Afghanistan, and they too were NATO operations. It must be remembered that the so-called North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the spearhead of US foreign policy and the sound of its military sabre-rattling in the world, as was demonstrated in Libya and elsewhere.

It is all about “The Russians are dying, this is the best money that we have ever spent”, as voiced by Lindsey Graham during a meeting with Ukraine’s President Zelensky in late May. Meanwhile, the US is going up in literal flames due to drug addiction, homelessness with more and more of the populace being driving into extreme poverty and homelessness.

Europe is also not faring so well under US ordered sanctions that are backfiring on all fronts. Hence, a new economic order is being created by those countries that have been sidelined for too long. They are shifting from the USD as the reserve currency, and the remaking of political and economic alliances.  Old foes becoming friends, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, etc.

War Mongers and Backhanders

But in the meantime we are told by Lindsey Graham and his kind that “I am here to tell you that the Russian military is about to have holy hell unleashed upon them.”

It is US society itself which is stroking discourse and violence, the government and the media is keeping the people uninformed, and buttressed with blatant censorship, a lack of transparency and a book banning-censorship system. The political system has established a control system that is actually a political-economic system that drives more and more into forms of wage and debt slavery—a double whammy.

Its own political system now exists in an unsustainable way which cannot coexist with founding principles of the Nation, “founding fathers” given the current state of the economy and moral direction.

The US cannot produce enough wage slaves, too many of them are drug and alcohol addicted, handicapped, living on the street or have no useful skills, and have criminal records, so now the system must illegally import fresh blood via the Mexican border.

It is just a matter of time before enough discontent results to set the whole country, or the entire region, on fire. But meanwhile, Americans are told that “White Supremacy is the most serious threat to America and Americans”, and [as such] we [apparently] need to turn a blind eye to all other ills of society.

It is beside the point that we cannot define what this means, White Supremacy, and how it actually impacts most people, white or black or any other hues of color or self-identification.   Are Americans becoming so clueless not to realize that the proverbial wool is being pulled over their eyes?

Apparently so, and this is only for starters

We are seeing nothing short of a conspiracy by domestic actors, Americans born and raised in the “good, old USA’’ and if they are not brought under control, they can potentially topple a system and revert back to post Civil War Jim Crow.

They have the audacity to attempt to change the status quo, for the rich to get richer and the poor, poorer. But what motivates them? And is there any middle ground left? Or is it too late? These questions are especially pressing for challenging the ruling elite, the handpicked Democrats now in office.

Too many have been conned by the American Dream – work hard, study, keep your nose clean and don’t fuck up. Follow these simple rules and you will be a success. This mindset enabled those who believed it to be true to mean you could be superior to their poorer and less fortunate neighbors, as if poor was morally deviant.

But now it’s a paycheck to paycheck existence for many families, and thriving cottage industries are expanding, which are geared to preying on the poor: payday loans, high credit card rates, and doomed-to-default-mortgages.

Taking sides where no side is right!

Let us not forget, as JW Bush Jr. described during the Gulf War, that another election is coming up, and recent polls taken show that “Trump would win over Biden” is unacceptable, as that would be a game changer.  They will have to take one side or another. So, that explains much, especially in terms of Trump’s legal problems.

It is as if little Bush stole that concept from the Bible, “Whoever is not with “Me” is against “Me”, and whoever does not gather with “Me” scatters” (Matthew 12:30).  And if not with JW Bush and the US, then you must be with the terrorists!

Then as now with the proxy war in Ukraine, “America has no truer friend than Great Britain.” The more complicated the situation then the more people [apparently] want an easy choice, “black or white, for or against”, and no time to discuss, as we are at war.

We must think of the nice German expression “Vorauseilender Gehorsam,” – anticipatory obedience to understand much of what is going on nowadays.

The names have changed, dictators, presidents and PMs come and go, and come again, however, the policy and business model remains the same—as it does not matter who is in office but who remains in the shadows pulling the strings, call it the man behind the curtain, or the deep state, whichever best fits your world view.

Meanwhile, Born Again types perceive things from a dismal light, “I agree with you about America. The country will implode on itself. So sad but America isn’t in the bible so it never survives–such a shame.”

No Middle Ground, Compromise

Now many countries, not only the US, but mostly Germany is faced with either to continue to endure governments that are acting ideologically extreme, especially in terms of its foreign policy, or to have to turn to more nationalist and fringe parties that only a few years ago would have never been considered to be capable of representing their views – or to vent their frustrations.

The price paid for their governments’ decision to jump on the bandwagon, off to war, is coming at a steep cost due to unbearable energy prices, rampant inflation and economic recession.  They have to take sides in what is becoming a “culture and class war” being openly waged by the governments in power, in which no middle ground is considered possible or desirable by the voting masses, if they even make the effort to vote.

Both the US and the UK, and many European countries, have political systems that are absurdly binary—there are but two main parties, so you get one or the other, and soon realize they are basically the same, cut of the same cloth. Votes are made almost stickily along party lines, so there is little to any opportunity for consensus, if a party has the major in one House of Congress or Chamber of Parliament.

Even when one party takes power from the other, as to gain the majority, “bourgeois” politicians are all the same, and just rotate themselves in power to serve the same class networks of patronage. With nothing ever changing for the people when they claim to bring change, people are getting to the point they don’t even go to the polls; they see no difference as which side wins.

With more and more frequency, in France, Germany, and the US/UK to a lesser degree, often as a distraction, as with the BLM movement in the US, the people can take it to the streets or become one issue voters. They want to simplify issues to what matters the most, with few looking at the BIGGER scheme of things, especially in terms of foreign policy and its impact on their immediate lives.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

For instance, Joe Biden is old and senile, a warmonger, supports gay rights, is acting too woke, etc. “Biden is sick. He won’t last long.” However, we must remember from various MSM interviews that Nothing that Hunter and other members of the extended family did [illegal acts] was with the knowledge or approval of the president.

We must remember that the prodigal son is a recovering addict and his father is proud.  This has been the standard line for years but it is wearing thin, even for staunch Democrats. It is easy for the Republicans to call the Democrats irresponsible and go on about how they will take all your nice things.

Many of the same ones engaged in the blame game used to be card-carrying Democrats themselves.  It is now popular to say Trump is corrupt, and in retrospect he was a disgrace to his office. But in comparison, and based on recent revelations, he was real presidential material and had a coherent policy and was totally correct about his antagonist. It was as if anyone was better than him, however, now people on all levels are waking up as to the lessor of two evils.

Only “Bad Choice” between choices!

Biden is much more Hawkish than Trump, and history will confirm this in stone, if two stones are left standing when he finished his term.  The US and many other countries, allies, are following the development path in a way which have left voters with no choice to make, and no way of finding someone worth supporting within the existing political system.

Even the system is now stacked against them, voters who have nothing to vote for, as in playing crooked cards. It is not very often that war leaders are able to win the peace, and in the case of Ukraine, a win only means the start of a real war.

The next presidential campaign in the US should be based on cleaning up the mess in Ukraine, and whoever wins, other than Biden will be at risk of having it blamed on them. The one thing that Americans and their new religion of American Exceptionalism are good at wanting to believe that everybody in other countries is bad—or are on a lower level.

But that mindset is now failing, faltering, as many now are not so convinced that they are somehow distinctive, unique, or exemplary compared to others.  The US was founded by the dispossessed from what now is mostly the UK, who then took power from the colonial master by force, and then proceeded to commit genocide on the native population, filling the country with what they felt were more of “their own kind.”

It is ironic that now the original dispossessed are being joined by so many others, they are learning to take from others as once they were taken from. It is sad that in these wars of aggression, the same people who once believed in a Dream, “The American Dream” is fuelling international and domestic conflicts, between people of the same nations, Ukraine and China, and between the elites and the populace, global North and South.

How will such a system, which has gone “Global”, be able to keep a lid on this, and turn it from a protest to a debate … and from war to peace?   If they knew how, there would never have been a Hitler.

Let us not forget that Biden officially won, which is still subject to debate, largely because of his perceived moderation, and therefore ability to win over swing voters, and bring about change rather than provoke further social conflict and war.



Seth Ferris, investigative journalist and political scientist, expert on Middle Eastern affairs, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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