14.03.2023 Author: Phil Butler

Putin’s Women Run the Show – But Germany’s Touted Wehrmacht Wear Dresses Too


It was late in the afternoon, the day before International Women’s Day, and Der Spiegel editor Solveig Grothe could not come up with a way to denigrate Russia. Then it hit her like a Hugo Boss bag full of swastikas! “Russian women are the cause of all the world’s calamities,” she thought. So, she sat down and pecked out on her laptop “Die Frauen hinter Putin” (The women behind Putin) just to celebrate a traditionally wholesome and reverent day celebrating womanhood.

Grothe’s tone comes off more like that of an angry, Russophobic transvestite, than a contemporary history expert.

Not since her piercing article conjured from the era of the Third Reich, “Wehrmacht soldiers in women’s clothes,” has Grothe dived so deeply into the cesspool of propaganda journalism. In fact, the report you are reading is based, in part, on a response from one of “Putin’s women,” Maria Zacharova, who’s the spokes lady for Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Zacharova, who never minces words, calls the German newspaper what it is, the German intelligence service’s bullhorn.

Reading from Grothe’s piece about cross-dressing Wehrmacht soldiers, a clear message from the bowels of the liberal world order emerges. At the end of the article, the Spiegel editor points out that all of Hitler’s heterosexual, homosexual, and transsexual heroes died together at the front. The article reads like a recruitment brochure aimed at Germany’s new society of “dress up” aficionados.

Frau Zacharova (Sorry Maria) points out that Grothe spewed out a mouth full of “hideous sexist cliches” in her opinion piece about female Russian politicians, public officials, journalists, scholars, and members of civil society. And reading her response to the piece, I was appalled at the depth of hatred some Germans must feel for Russia. The names Grothe attaches to people like Zacharova who are part of Russian institutions are hideous not only by journalistic standards but on a human level. And on Mother’s Day around the world!

Calling the women “repressive scaremongers, a troll, or an iron doll,” Goethe tips her hand and reflects the face of the cliche heartless Hitler fraus who help fire up Auschwitz’s gas chambers. I imagine the face and countenance of Gothe ushering little Jewish children into cattle cars, or running some agency of Joseph Goebbels. Short version. Grothe and the people behind her are the worst Russophobes on Earth. Here are a few more examples from her story that show this.

The Der Spiegel editor cites French-Russian ‘historian’ Galia Ackerman, who has said that “There are women among Putin’s supporters who you would never expect to see there, like mothers whose sons were sent to serve in the special military operation.”

Ackerman goes on the say that “many are completely brainwashed by the propaganda.” He even goes so far as to say that the “patriotic ones do not even mourn their loved ones because see their deaths as necessary.” No, really, I am not joking. This is the German way of saying “Happy International Mother’s Day” to Russian women. And as Zacharova points out, the Germans, Americans, French, and others in the NATO alliance sent the weapons that killed all those Russian mothers’ sons. The concept of patriotism and family pride in serving their country seems to escape Ackerman and all the Putin haters like her. It’s ironic that American families in high places seldom have sons or daughters anywhere near the front lines of our wars. Maybe this explains why Grothe and Ackerman are so confused in seeing a ranking Russian woman proud of her son’s contribution. And, maybe this is a good reason for Europe to leave Russia alone and secure.

In a subheading of the Mother’s Day report, the German editor professes, “Russian women as the cornerstone of the regime: The Stalinist women behind Vladimir Putin.” You understand the picture here, I know. Grothe, who lives in Hamburg, seems to have the same ideals as EU President Ursula von der Leyen and the other liberal order warmongers bent on total war with Russia. On her Facebook profile, she says things like “The Federal Republic is helpless in the face of the inner-German misunderstanding as the current state of war.”


Apparently, the New Master Race slinks back into whatever perversive and egocentric lifestyle they prefer, while their proxy warriors in Ukraine deal death to those pesky Russians and their traditionalism. Crossdressers in Hamburg or Berlin, had just as soon enjoy their frivolous lives at home, and just send some weapons as a show of solidarity with other people who their race has hated for eons of time. Sisters in Ukraine, rise up and stop Zelensky from killing your kids. Or, risk being too much like your Slavic sisters across the border in Russia.

Zacharova was right, it’s shocking to realize how low western journalists will stoop to do their benefactors’ bidding.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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