11.01.2023 Author: Phil Butler

Spies & Their Pride – Sure They Carry Out Espionage Against Russia?

America’s CIA, the FBI, and other powerful agencies of the U.S. have been under fire recently for a range of questionable acts being undertaken both inside and outside America’s borders. Recently,  the release of the so-called “Twitter files” seems to prove massive interference in social media from what’s come to be known as the “Deep State.” However, leveraging media is only one facet of a massive anti-Russia campaign with still undefined goals.

Interference and intervention by the various agencies of the U.S. Government is certainly nothing new. After all, what is it we Americans believe our spies, assassins, analysts, and presidential advisors do all day? They make trouble for the enemies (real or perceived) they are sanctioned to make trouble for. And looking at how fouled up the world is right now. But unfortunately, their mission is not one with a rainbow at the end.

At least, not for most of us. I am reminded of the days when Senator Patrick Moynihan campaigned for the abolition of the CIA. And Moynihan was right. Only those who controlled the CIA and other agencies discovered ways to ensure the need for our espionage appendages. To save the CIA, the deep state controllers transformed these agencies into “good news” misinformation channels reporting to each successive president and their underlings, starting with George W. Bush. Where it all stands now is right back to the point neoconservative era before the fall of the Soviet Union, when President Ronald Reagan unleashed the CIA to perform dirty tricks against the Soviets.

During that period in U.S. policy history, defeating the Soviets on every level had become the top priority. A recent report dealing with the CIA’s transformation until now mentions one, Jennifer Lynn Gaudemans, who in 1989 had left the CIA’s Office of Soviet Analysis (Sova). The analyst resigned from the agency over what she said was “a disillusioned mindset in the agency led by then CIA Director of Russia Affairs, Robert Gates. She accused Gates of seeing Soviet conspiracies around every corner. I know this seems like Déjà vu for some readers. But, yes, it appears the CIA has been unleashed again. And it seems much of it is being run by Russian experts who remained intact when the agency was turned upside down by 9/11 and the invention of Homeland Security.

Turning the page, for the moment, a recent report from former Army Special Operations veteran and current investigative journalist Jack Murphy bring to light possible CIA involvement in recent successful sabotage efforts inside Russia’s borders. According to Murphy, whose sources remain anonymous for obvious reasons, the CIA is using a NATO ally’s spy service to conduct covert sabotage operations inside Russia. Murphy’s sources also claim the American spy agency is in direct control of these operations. He also claims his sources have identified “long-standing sleeper cells” of this unnamed NATO ally’s spy service having been activated for the secret clandestine efforts inside Russia. The former Spec Ops sniper kept most of the cards on this Russia sabotage story close to his chest, even in the Daily Mail story about the many unexplained explosions and fires that have hit strategic or prominent facilities in recent months. The investigator did, however, claim that sources told him Presiden Joe Biden was personally authorizing the missions.

CIA involvement in the conflict in Ukraine is no big secret. A New York Times story about CIA personnel directing intelligence when the Russian flagship Moskva was sunk is but one instance. In 2021, newly elected US president Joe Biden nominated his longstanding friend William J Burns as the CIA’s new director. Burns as CIA director, speaks volumes about Biden’s intentions in Ukraine. Burns, who is intimately familiar with how Russians view the idea of NATO in Ukraine, is on the record saying that’s the brightest red line to every Russian, not just Putin. So, what does that tell us about CIA operations against the Russians?

If Biden picked Burns, knowing full well the consequences of a proxy conflict in Ukraine, it means the gloves are off for the CIA again. But, this time, it’s not the Soviet Union on the other side. Instead, it’s a different entity known as the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, neither Burns nor any of his dinosaur colleagues at Washington think tanks get this. And which Baltic (excuse me, NATO) country’s sleeper agents are blowing up stuff inside Russia? Well, there are three choices, but I’ll go with Lithuania.

Remember, Lithuania’s intelligence agency helped the CIA set up secret prisons (Project 1 and Project 2) in the Baltic country back in the early 2000s. Furthermore, reading through Lithuania’s official documentation on Baltic asymmetrical warfare, it’s clear that Lithuanian strategic documents (Lithuanian only) specifically outline civil resistance by citizens individually and in small groups to engage in acts against aggressors or occupiers. The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania also published a so-called “comprehensive security” concept on its website, but this has been removed.

Finally, the notion of sleeper agents being directed by the CIA in Russia may seem archaic and dramatic to some. Still, just three years ago, Russia freed two Lithuanians, Jevgenij Mataitis and Aristidas Tamosaitis, sentenced in Russia in 2016 to 13 and 12 years in prison for alleged spying. The spy swap also included a Norwegian accused of spying and several Russians who had been charged with espionage against NATO. Furthermore, suppose you consider Lithuania’s State Security Department (SSD) is more or less an autonomous body of spooks. In that case, Jack Murphy’s claims the CIA is running ops inside Russia.

The Biden administration has given the Ukraine regime the equivalent of three times the annual Russian military budget. The EU is sending still more and continues a ludicrous series of sanctions that hurt Europeans. The rhetoric, the media, and the policy does not change no matter what revelations pop up. Take the news that former German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted the Minsk accords were a sham, a delay tactic to make Ukraine a NATO staging ground. The Nordstream sabotage. Hunter Biden’s laptop and the new Twitter revelations. Can any of my compatriots honestly imagine that the CIA is NOT running covert ops in Russia?

Langley may be busy looking at Brazil or New Zealand instead. What’s a massive agency with thousands of analysts, hundreds of spies, and hordes of assassins supposed to do with enemies all around? Guard the U.S. border? No. Spies have their pride.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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