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02.06.2023 Phil Butler
Every Time Putin Utters a Truth - The World’s Liars Go Crazy

Many people in my country are beginning to understand the lies and control mechanisms put in place by our elites. Liars are easily found over time.  A Cold War mentality of our elite dinosaurs grafted onto the new breed of soulless elites is now crystal clear. The proxy war in Ukraine, the aggression toward China, and the hubris of Western leadership are finally tipping the scales. Take this lead to an article from AP and Euronews the other day as a prime example. The author, Mark Armstrong, tried to convert fact into fiction by complaining the Russians are “claiming” the G7 and NATO are trying to divide Russia. Say what?..

15.05.2023 Christopher Black
Radio Free Asia: A US Propaganda Organ

On April 26, Mary Zhao, a writer for Radio Free Asia, wrote a bizarre piece attacking China for not providing “transgender girls with necessary medicines,” exposing once again the absurd lengths to which the US propagandists will go to undermine a nation it has targeted. The same day, they posted a cartoon of French President Macron portrayed as a chicken for daring to state that “Europe must reduce its strategic dependency on the U.S. to avoid getting “caught up in crises that are not ours” and for China commenting positively to what he stated. On the same front page, they posted false stories about…

12.05.2023 Phil Butler

The greatest show on Earth is now a circus of double-dealing and sleight of hand applied to geopolicy. In the West, so-called experts are announcing a Ukraine counteroffensive as if it were an upcoming sports contest. Conversely, in the trenches of Ukraine, Wagner Group’s leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is running interference for a counter-counter offensive Russia has planned. Fox News’s Tucker Carlson is fired for telling the world how American media really works, and Ukraine Nazis assassinate Russian media persons with real bombs. No one in America can read, hear, or view Russian news channels, and all the Russians witness is a level…

29.01.2022 Vladimir Danilov

In a January briefing with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, on the eve of his talks with Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, said Russia was allegedly becoming a “destabilizing force”. In making this assessment of Russia’s policies, Macron was certainly following instructions from Washington to actively deploy anti-Russian rhetoric...