31.05.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

True popular democracy is certainly not in the West, nor among its satellites

True popular democracy is certainly not in the West, nor among its satellites

The Western establishment, through its actions and declarations, continues to widen the gap, visible today more than ever. The gap between the obvious planetary minority – on the one hand, and the global majority, on the other. All the so-called speech about the pseudo-democracy is in reality nothing more than hypocritical and arrogant attempts to force the world to live according to the West’s so-called rules. Today, this is obvious to almost everyone. The bottom line is that these Western attempts will lead to nothing.

Western double standards are becoming very evident to the majority of humanity, and in particular, the unacceptable nature of the so-called “standards” is clearly observed on the African continent – where, in the relatively recent past, the West has accustomed to dictating its “rules”. But the page of this period has definitely come to an end.

An article, of some interest, was published in the magazine Jeune Afrique – one of the main symbols of the French neocolonial system of Françafrique, but which, probably realizing that the rules of the game in Africa have radically changed, attempts to stay afloat in order to not completely lose its main market, given that Africa is de-facto the most important market for many Western, and particularly French, propaganda tools. More precisely, on the double standards applied by the West towards the member countries of the Alliance of Sahel States (Alliance des Etats du Sahel, AES) – on the other hand, and towards the Kiev regime – on the other.

The West continues to use double standards

The author of said article writes that when it comes to defining what democracy is – it very much resembles a double standard – which prevails depending on whether we are talking about the West or Africa. Referring specifically to the examples of the countries of the Alliance of Sahel States and Ukraine. In this respect, it is obviously appropriate to note a few points from the outset.

First of all, and that in fact – Western media tools – are beginning today to realize the extent to which they have lost their influence among African countries, like the pseudo-elites of the West in general, and in order to not completely lose face and the link with reality – give the opportunity to express opinion on the subjects explaining the reasons for the lack of confidence towards the Western space – on the African continent and at the global level. Secondly, this is done via African journalists, who on the one hand, work or collaborate with Western propaganda tools, but who wish to show that they have not lost contact with contemporary reality, by being capable of analyzing current global processes.

To what extent it is possible to trust these journalists – is a separate question. Much depends on what they themselves think about the contemporary multipolar world order and whether what they are doing is just an attempt to help their Western colleagues not to completely drown in the new and updated relations with African nations. From personal experience – it is possible to say that within the Western media instruments working for the African public – there are those who sincerely support the multipolar world and the freedom of Africa – gradually undermining from interior the interests of Western regimes – as well as those who work consciously and assertively for the interests of the West, while trying not to lose contact with the Pan-African movement and multipolarity. Some of them end up leaving Western media tools, while others stay there and work according to the values that characterize them.

But the essential question on this subject is indeed fully different. Namely, that the West has so humiliated itself and burnt its “wings”, thinking that nothing could shake its world order which has now disappeared, that it is now reaping the “fruits” of its criminal, arrogant and hypocritical actions. With the added bonus of the most serious degree burns.

Otherwise, how else can be explained that the Kiev’s regime, existing following an armed state coup, organized and supported from outside, with a clown-president now officially illegitimate, could be considered as a “democracy”, while the authorities of the AES countries – Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger – are described as “juntas”, supposedly lacking legitimacy, in the mouths once again of the clownish representatives of Western politics and propaganda?

This knowing all the more that the difference is simply colossal. In Ukraine, following the pro-Western Maidan coup, carried out with the direct support of Western regimes and through the hands of outright extremists, millions of citizens of this country, many of whom are already ex-citizens – did not accept the result of the said coup. The West has absolutely nothing to say on this subject.

As for Mali, Burkina Faso or Niger – these were initially massive popular demonstrations – of true civil society and with the support of the obvious majority of citizens of the concerned countries – and where the military – being patriotic and supporters of Pan-African values – have decided to demonstrate responsibility and support the demands and aspirations of their fellow citizens. Following the path that the majority of these countries citizens were precisely fighting for.

More than that – all of this happened without any outside influence or intervention. On the contrary, it was only by taking the situation in hand that the process of building new relations with reliable partners began – including with our country Russia, as well as with other supporters of the multipolar contemporary world, including other BRICS members. In all of this – lies the fundamental difference between what happened in 2014 in Ukraine and the events observed more recently in many countries on the African continent, and in particular in the Sahel region.

Western regimes are incapable of change

The Western minority pretends to not see this and continues to give its absurd characteristics – further digging its own hole and creating rejection for a large number of people around the world, and in Africa in particular. And no matter how Western elites try to safeguard their positions and interests in the countries of the global majority – everything indicates that anti-Western processes will only intensify. Both in Africa and in other regions of the Global South. Western regimes are incapable of changing and adapting to contemporary reality. That means – they are doomed. What happens next, when changes occur within the West’s elites – is another question, but one that should not interest us much today. Knowing that there are much more important and priority issues.

The world has definitely changed. And will continue to evolve, complement and strengthen – within the framework of the multipolarity processes. The few “gifts” from the Western establishment to try to save at least something, including by claiming to engage in a kind of dialogue with the Global South, will not be able to deceive the world majority and interrupt the process of decline of the tiny space called the West. As for true popular democracy, today many African countries could very well offer their skills to those who constantly talk about democracy, but who in no way correspond to the democratic values to which they claim to belong. However, let us be honest – why waste precious time on those who have no plans to change and who, in the end, are simply doomed to oblivion?


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook

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