03.04.2024 Author: Mohamed Lamine KABA

The Israeli strike against the Iranian consulate in Damascus: more blood of innocent civilians shed by the entrepreneurs of chaos

The Israeli strike against the Iranian consulate in Damascus: more blood of innocent civilians shed by the entrepreneurs of chaos

The Israeli (missile) raids carried out on April 1, 2024 on the consulate of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus in Syria, coldly killing 13 people – senior Iranian military officials and Syrian civilians (men, women and children) once again mark the greed of Zionist Israel and the ferocity of its sponsors, the United States of America and the NATO countries (West) which have no limits in the tearing of humanity. In addition to being profoundly cowardly, this Israeli terrorist strike carried out using aerial vectors against the diplomatic and consular representation of Iran in Damascus is, among other things, a flagrant violation of international conventions on diplomatic relations (Geneva, 1961) and consular (Geneva, 1964) whose sponsorship is ensured by the USA and the criminal alliance NATO.

The UN Security Council held a meeting at the initiative of Russia on the Israeli attack on Iran’s diplomatic property in Syria.

Almost all members of the Security Council on Tuesday agreed that the strikes on diplomatic establishments are unjustifiable because they are a gross violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

While the rise in power of terrorism, violent extremism and transnational crime in organized gangs as well as the multiplication of centers of tension in the world confirm our thesis on the guilty and complicit attitudes of the collective West in the destruction at an accelerated pace of humanity. Terrorists (without any qualms) trained and trained in Western methods of criminality continue to undermine the real foundations of the international community, which are the globalization of ideas and the globalization of cultures.

Aware of the effectiveness of the major changes brought about in the global dynamics over the decades of the emergence of the spirit of international solidarity, punctuated by social balance and social justice advocated by the BRICS alliance and which is beating in breaches the colonial bastions of the West (France, England, Germany, etc.) in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the West has opted for open war on one side and on the other, for war by proxy or through intermediary allies.

This is why, resolutely focused on the multipolarism of the world, the Russian Federation and the BRICS alliance narrowly defend the pacification of international relations (international community) through the reinvention of universal citizenship and the consolidation of the civilization of the Universal, as opposed to universal civilization which means the American-Westernization of the world.

This article exposes the West’s illusion of being able to maintain its hegemony over the world through open war (1) and through war by proxy or through intermediary allies (2).

  1. The West wages open war on the rest of the world

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) and the assumption or illusion of the end of the Cold War (1991), Westerners have formed a military alliance in times of peace and calm to take over the world. Held hostage. Thus created, the new alliance takes the name of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) engaged in all fronts and theaters to silence all the discordant voices which oppose the diktat of the West through the world. To be convinced of this, it is enough to establish the following of the collective and individual military interventions of the member states of the NATO alliance and the list of countries destroyed in their wake, from Africa to Latin America. , passing through Asia. By waging open war against the rest of the world, the Western minority is sowing terror and disorder on planet Earth, thus destroying human lives, the environment and ecological and ecosystem relations. This is why, fundamentally responsible for the environmental problems which destroy human societies, fauna (terrestrial and aquatic) and flora, the West must honestly stop tympanizing the world with its environmental rules and laws which unfairly claim to impose on the rest of the world. World, whose sole aim is to deprive and expropriate States of their natural resources to the detriment of Western industries. The multidimensional crisis created and maintained by Western multinational firms in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a perfect illustration of this policy of pillaging and spoliation of resources using the Western method.

  1. The West unleashes war on the rest of the world by proxy or through intermediary allies

For fear of getting bogged down in a direct war with non-Western nuclear powers, the Westerners of NATO have invented a new, very sophisticated and very complex method of war which consists of camouflaging themselves under the skin of terrorism, of violent extremism and transnational organized crime. This is “proxy war” or “proxied allies”, or even “hybrid war”. Thus, sufficiently intelligent, equipped and committed to routing the destructive machine of the Western minority, the nuclear powers which are not part of Western geography, work tirelessly to save humanity from the flood: the West virus. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and their allies in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America figure prominently in this safeguard of humanity from the Western pandemic which is has been prevalent around the world for decades.

From this analysis approach, we can deduce that the terrorist attack perpetrated on March 22, 2024 in the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk in the suburbs of Moscow in Russia and the Israeli strike of April 1 of the same year on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, constitute tangible proof of the aggressiveness of the global West and the greed of its foreign policy in the world.

To close, it is important today to mention that in view of recent developments in global dynamics, the return of the military state, which implies the return of the state of war, disadvantages the Western minority on the world stage, and that the Multipolarism of the world which irritates Westerners has a bright future.


Mohamed Lamine KABA – geopolitical expert in governance and regional integration, Institute of Public Administration, Humanities and Social Sciences, Pan-African University, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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