27.02.2024 Author: Phil Butler

Coming Soon: Tom Cruise Stars in “White Hats in the Dust”

There is a great evil in our midst. It’s surreal. Humanity, all of us, are shackled in a lunatic fabrication. COVID and other catastrophes should have brought us closer to realising this collectively. Forces, the so-called conspiracy theorists over, their actual existence is reflected in the lies right before us. If you’ll bear with me here, perhaps in my small way, I can shed a pinpoint of light on the truth.

Some months back, I took my son to see Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick. The film has made $1.5 billion by now. There are a few reasons for this. The fine acting ability or stardom of the Hollywood celebrity is one reason. The airplanes and action are another. However, the biggest reason is something more profound and pertinent to the predicament we find ourselves in. This is true, even if it is subliminal, or whether or not you agree with me. If you are a friend from Eastern Europe, especially one of my Russian friends, please read until the end. If you stop too soon, you may be upset. Many of my American compatriots will be in denial, too, but try to let the message sink in before judging.

Funeral Home of the Brave

First, as an American and a former serviceman, it’s somehow easier for me to recognize this less visible reason for this film’s popularity. Yes, this and all Hollywood films of the sort are laced with propaganda. But negative ideas and subliminal machinations have always been in cinema, the press, and all around us. Top Gun, The Equalizer, Red Dawn for those old enough to remember, and just about any American war flick or TV spy series infuses us with the notion Russians, Chinese, or Arabic people are inherently evil. What’s worse, this ad nauseam blood ritual allows us (Americans and Europeans) to target for exterminating like bugs (if you were in the Obama administration), any nation or person our leaders determine are enemies, competitors, rivals of any kind.

What is portrayed in Tom Cruise’s most successful film to date is a perfect mix of truth, ideals, and the lies of those “Americans” who run everything behind the scenes. Russians are not mentioned in this particular film. However, their fifth-generation fighters are, as well as the innuendo and implications. The U.S. Navy’s best aim F/A-18 Super Hornet missiles and guided bombs at them. But then, the Russians (or Soviets) were the essential enemy. This is important because “they,” the real enemy, need a convenient foe to frighten and control us. You all know this already. Still, the subliminal dehumanization of a people (not only the Russians) is a tool Hitler and others used.

How many films or newsreels can you think of which depict Russians as barbarians, animals, ruthless mafiosos all? In a recent Netflix series I was binging on, Queen of the South, the heroic Mexican cartel queen had to face those pesky and inhuman Russian mob killers eventually. Interestingly, and ironically, by this point of the series, she was guarded by former Israeli Mossad operatives. The fact David T. Friendly produced the show and Scott Rosenbaum helps us all make sense of the inhumanity of Slavs and the skill and trustworthiness of Israel’s killer elite. Friendly and Rosenbaum are, of course, Jewish.

Setting the elitist’s (and the Zionist’s) brainwashing aside, there’s something more profound to be learned from Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick. The reason for the popularity of such films is deeper and intrinsically more brilliant than Russophobic mind control. In Tom Cruise’s character. Maverick, we see, hear, and feel the essence of heroism, technological mastery, and human capability. We are wrapped it, inescapably and indomitability in Dolby sound. We revel in it all because it’s who we were once. There it is, typed out in black and white for the world to see. Such stories call to something inside us that we cannot explain and which we are no longer beseeched to exhibit. This is true if you are Russian, French, British, or a Hell’s Angels biker from Sacramento. Take note of me saying “we were” these heroes once. I assure you, and most of you fear, we are not who we should have or could have been.

Those Pesky Ruskies

My Russian friends, many will point out how America never gave them credit for the rivers of blood they sacrificed to help defeat the greatest war machine the world has ever known. Russians (The U.S.S.R) lost almost 100 times more killed than the United States in WW2. After decades of being dehumanized and held back, who among us can blame a Russian for feeling negative sentiments about the entire West? Anti-war people in America, alternative media, and especially Russian media hate Top Gun Maverick because of the Military Industrial Complex’s input, advertisement, and the same old war cry. Interestingly, no Russia that I know hates America or Americans. In large part, they idolize us. They do so because of who we “once were.” All of Eastern Europe holds America up as the pinnacle of civilization.

I could explain away here. I could dive into tangent after tangent. Thirty years of study, analysis, and writing on these subjects provide a lot of fodder for long and drawn-out theories and histories. It just occurred to me. How many Americans reading this saw the film “Enemy at the Gates?” To be clear, it’s a rhetorical question. Compared to the Tom Cruise films, almost no one watched a movie about not only one remarkable Russian hero, but an entire people fighting with their bare hands against 150 Nazi divisions armed with the most sophisticated weapons of the time. Few of my compatriots realise over 27 million Russians, over half of which were civilians, perished under Hitler’s years-long Blitzkrieg. By comparison, the United States lost a total of about 450,000, almost all of whom were soldiers, sailors, or airmen.

But then, 143 million Russians are not even human, right? In the Western psyche, mainly because of the elite order’s propaganda, Slavs and other groups may as well be ants. Losing a billion ants is no catastrophe, now, is it? Americans and Russians get the point by now. We are not one another’s enemies. The fear, hatred, anger, and apathy we feel and act out is a fabrication. The real enemy lives in fortresses behind an almost impenetrable wall of control. Most of “them” are invisible to us. Their names and fortunes are obscured in offshore accounts, at holding companies, and in nameless funds that reap unimaginable fortunes squeezed from the rest of us.

Sorry, I digress onto another tangent. I’ll return to Top Gun as I repeatedly listen to Lady Gaga. I’ll shed a tear with the Vietnam vet who was one of the “best and brightest” from that lost cause. Lost causes, how many of those have Americans stomached? Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, all wars for profit. All the wars that diminished our reputation, our honor, and the soul of who we once were. Who we believed we could be gone dark under the control of invisible criminals.

Today, our armed forces are infested with the same disease our nation is. We are no longer Tom Cruise or Audie Murphy (look him up). Get this: my nephew graduated 2nd from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He is flying for FedEx now. The best and brightest hardly ever stay in our military (there are “go-to” soldiers, though). The bottom line is that we might punch our way out of a wet paper bag if pressed. All we have is printed money. Billions to give Ukraine dictators so that WW3 won’t be our fault. And those inhumane Russians, what are they up to? Why are they busy defending themselves from the most insidious villains and warmongers since Hitler, Emperor Hirohito, and Mussolini? Putin told us in his Tucker Carlson interview. He told the history and informed us about those standing behind presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors. The Western media went wild, refuting and refuting.

White Hats In the Dust

The problem and the tragedy I see is a great country and a magnanimous ideal evaporating before our eyes. When the Berlin Wall came down, all of Eastern Europe anticipated John Wayne riding in waving a white hat. The former Soviet states felt sure democracy and capitalism would transform their lives. For most, the march of the EU, NATO, and the American hegemony has not. In America, millions are hungry, hundreds of thousands are homeless, the infrastructure is in tatters, and we owe tens of trillions that have only made richer the “them” I speak of. Not one of us, the ordinary folk who are the soul of America, is enriched by these scallywags who rule us. We are peasants who are in a delusion.

Meanwhile, the Russians have become who we once were. There’s the irony. There’s the bitter sadness of knowing, imagining, and realizing what might have been.

Stop whatever you are thinking now and visualize the West and the East addressing all our problems. Think about what America and Russia could accomplish as friends and partners. What if China or Iran were not the threats Washington, Langley, London, or Brussels stamp their feet and wail over?

Yes, Top Gun Maverick will end up earning $2 billion bucks because of the warplanes and on account of Tom Cruise’s charisma, but unbeknownst to many, it’s a reflection of who we could have been. And maybe, just maybe, there’s an ideal in there that all the world can identify with. And the enemy to be obliterated is “them.” It’s still possible for us to put on the white hats, tin stars, and silver spurs if we choose to. But the villains don’t want this. And you know who the real villains are, now don’t you?


Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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