01.02.2024 Author: Simon Chege Ndiritu

Biden Vs. Abbott: US Empires’ Weakness is Overreliance on Immigrants’ Talents Due to Elianating its Citizens

Biden Vs. Abbott: US Empires’ Weakness is Overreliance on Immigrants’ Talents Due to Elianating its Citizens


US President Joe Biden’s administration’s efforts to stop Texas Governor Gregg Abbott from keeping illegal immigrants away shows that the US Empire is in dire need of foreign workers and talents. Major policy and media outlets including Forbes, (here), Financial Times (here), George Mason University and FWD.us (here), and the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) (here) show that Washington’s empire cannot compete without immigrants ‘top’ global talents. Over 4.5 million immigrants (here) arrived in the US since Biden was inaugurated, which was the largest arrival rate in history. However, the ‘republic’ in this case, represented by Abbott, demands that the US citizens be protected from fentanyl and criminals coming through the open southern border. One thing the US Empire cannot stand doing is training and developing its human resources to get top global talents. It would rather yank them from other places and will keep immigrants coming.  Abbott revealed to Tucker Carlson (here) that he had handed 8 letters to, Joe Biden with concrete proposals to keep away illegal immigrants. These proposals were ignored, which forced the governor to take action, which in turn began the prevailing struggle between him and Biden. The tussle exposes the key weakness of the US Empire, which is depending on foreigners’ skills at the expense of protecting locals and developing citizen’s human resources.

The Empire vs. The Republic

The US Empire’s policy of using and discarding its population and past immigrants in favor of new ones is being exposed and rejected by Republicans led by Abbott. As of the 26th of January 2024, 25 republican governors (here) had expressed support for Abbott’s decision to deploy the state’s National Guard to build barriers along the Texan US-Mexico border, to the Chagrin of the Federal government’s Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and border patrol agency that seems to prefer migrants crossing in. These federal agencies claim to have the original jurisdiction (here) to protect the border but have not been discharging their duties. The Federal government also sued Texas for the governor’s efforts to keep away illegal immigrants, a role it had abdicated, as seen in the following statistics. According to the Center for Immigration Studies (here) published in October 2023, over 2.5 million illegal immigrants (here) arrived in the US under Biden’s presidency, while 2 million arrived legally. November and December 2023, and January 2024 experienced an increased rate of illegal immigration, while the DoD and the DHS did nothing. These federal organizations needed no court order or other prompting to do their jobs, making Abbot’s decision to take action seems practical. The Biden regime’s move to sue Texas State makes no sense unless the federal government wants more illegal immigrants coming in the US. These intentions are revealed in various studies and media reports (CFR, CIS, CNN, FWD.us), which encourage the US government to bring in immigrants to maintain its global leadership and avoid a demographic crisis, but the empire has been timid to disclose its real intension to the public.

Immigrants’ Talents for Competing against China

Leading media and policy think tanks (CIS, CNN, FWD.us), show that the US government is determined to allow immigration, to attain skills for its fixation with maintaining technological leadership and competing against China. Washington has not developed the desired skills within its population, despite its implementing deliberate policies to harvest the best skills and talents from across the world over the last century (here). Shockingly, these past skills and talents seem forgotten, underdeveloped, or incapable of raising equally talented offspring, showing a shortfall in the US system. These bright talents seem to dim after decades in the US, and their descendants now need to be replaced by others from across the world. Conversely, the rest of the world, with all its weaknesses as looked through Americans’ condescending lenses, always produces top talents worth Washington’s periodic preying.

A Study by George Mason University for FWD.us encouraged the US government to bring in immigrants to foster the economy, and innovation, and ensure that young productive people are more than retirees drawing retirements and social benefits. It also encourages the US to support the immigration of families, but says nothing about increasing the citizen’s fertility. A similar study by CFR (here) outlines an analogous attitude in which the US cannot develop its top talents but has to prey for them from the rest of the world. It details how the US maintained a quota system that primarily attracted skilled Europeans before 1965. Afterward, it changed to attract skilled Indians through scholarships, work visas, green cards, permanent residence permits, and citizenship. Consequently, the Indian ethnic group is the second-highest earning in the country, with significant representation in the Silicon Valley. The 2023 CFR report (here) encourages the federal government to attract more skilled Indians to enable the US to compete with China and notes that China graduates many times more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Ph.D.s than the US. It does not advise the US to support its citizens to finish undergraduate or attain STEM Ph.D.s. The report ignores how India, graduates far fewer stem Ph.D.s than China and cannot assist the US to meet its shortfall. It is notable how these studies recommend that the US get skills from abroad. Even worse, evidence that the federal government has been encouraging illegal immigrants can be seen in the statement by Retired US Army Colonel McGregor to Tucker Carlson (here) made in late 2023. The colonel revealed that the US pays $ 2200 every month for all illegal immigrants presenting at borders as asylum seekers, while ordinary American retirees can only expect to receive $1400 monthly from social security. Other studies encourage the US government to allow unskilled labor, seemingly through illegal immigration. Such efforts will face resistance similar to what republicans are presenting.

Is the Empire Complicating Demographics for Better Divide-and-Rule?

There may be efforts to change the US demographics to make it easier to control. A 2023 CNN article, (here) explains the need for the US to avoid ‘demographic crises’ by encouraging immigration because Americans’ fertility rate has remained low, due to the government/Wall Street inflicted ‘great depression’ of 2007-2008. This event has reportedly caused the economy to remain depressed, preventing millennials from forming stable relationships and having children. COVID-19 is also reported to have lowered fertility further for all groups; Whites, Hispanics, Blacks, and Asian Americans. However, immigrants referred to by the CNN article (here) are largely Latinos, Asians, and Blacks; is the majority being eroded or replaced? Notably, populations from non-While countries that the US has ruined are now headed to the US to become second-rate citizens. Will they do it happily? These illegal arrivals may never have their legal statuses regularized and will remain as underpaid laborers working for longer hours, beyond what citizens can accept. A time bomb is being set for the US empire’s divide-and-rule games in the future. Abbot and other Republicans seem to be preempting some serious future threat.


Simon Chege Ndirituis a political observer and research analyst from Africa, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook

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