26.01.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The West’s Historical Fraud Is No Longer Accepted

The West’s Historical Fraud Is No Longer Accepted

Long-promoted Western ideas and theses are now openly rejected by the world majority. To the West’s dismay, Western countries today openly acknowledge these facts, raising fears among the leaders and their associates within the Western world minority.

Many pseudo-experts and so-called Western “intellectuals” associated with the pro-NATO establishment are beginning to openly talk about ongoing processes that frighten them and make them angry. In particular, they emphasize that the Global South compares the crimes caused by Western colonial policies with the crimes of Nazi Germany against the Jewish population during World War II.

And here it is worth paying attention to several key points and extreme contradictions characteristic of those who so vigorously promoted theses beneficial to the Western minority. First, almost no country in the Global South questions the very existence of the Holocaust perpetrated by the criminal and inhumane German Nazi regime. Another thing is that most countries in the Global South are not going to tolerate this and forget that the colonial era led to enormous tragedies in the lives of tens or even hundreds of millions of people in different parts of the world. The transatlantic slave trade, the extermination of native people on lands occupied by Westerners, and the massive exploitation of the natural resources on these lands, which at one time allowed the West to make an industrial breakthrough, are just a few important points on which representatives of the world majority insist.

Moreover, Western regimes have not stopped committing some of their criminal actions today, such as blatant interference in the internal affairs of independent and sovereign states and the continued exploitation of other people’s natural resources for the further enrichment of a small part of planet Earth. However, no matter how much Western pseudo-intellectuals associated with their political and media elites want to hear the truth, they will have to do this in the modern era.

And that is not all. The point is that the West and its minions have destroyed with their own hands those theses that have been cited for decades. To begin with, it is worth remembering a few key points. Speaking about the above-mentioned tragedy of the Holocaust, the West does not like to tell the truth that the main victims of the Nazis in all respects were Soviet citizens, among whom many indigenous peoples of the Soviet Union suffered, and above all the Russian people. Numbers are a delicate thing and the fact remains.  Westerners also do not like to remember the fact that China is in second place after the USSR in terms of human casualties during the Second World War, even though it suffered, not so much from Nazi Germany, but from militaristic Japan, the then ally of the Third Reich.

The West also does not like to mention the fact that supporters of Nazi ideas actively revived the misanthropic ideology in their camp, for example in the Baltic countries, which are part of the European Union and the NATO bloc, where they organized and continue to organize Nazi marches, where Nazi criminals are acquitted and where they for years have been destroying the memory of those who made the most significant contribution to the Victory over world evil. The West also does not recognize the fact that the main aggressive supporters of the Westerners in establishing the Maidan regime in Ukraine were the same outspoken backers of Nazi (Bandera) ideology, whose actions divided people into friends and foes and gave rise to the crimes that residents of Donbass have faced almost every day since 2014. But of course, their inhumane crimes were not limited only to Donbass. Let’s remember Odessa, May 2014, House of Trade Unions.

And after this, the West has the gall to make any statements? By the way, this also applies to Washington’s main ally in the Middle East region, the Israeli regime, which has long used and is now using the tragedy of the Holocaust for its purposes, but at the same time, it is not at all bothered by Bandera’s Nazis in Ukraine. The Israeli regime, on the contrary, supported the Kiev pro-NATO regime and, therefore, the descendants of the criminals guilty of mass atrocities against Jews. We should not forget that the Israeli regime is essentially repeating the actions of the murderers of its people through its actions in Palestine with the support of the Anglo-Saxons.

And one more thing. All the above-mentioned criminal events such as the slave trade, when millions of people were forcibly uprooted from their lands and isolated from their loved ones in order to be transported in inhumane conditions as free labour for the benefit of that same criminal global minority, mass crimes during the period of Western colonization of non-Western lands in various parts of the world, mass theft of other people’s property and the crimes of Nazi universal evil are the actions of that same extreme Western minority. And then why should residents of non-Western countries worship the memory of the Holocaust without remembering the pain and suffering of their ancestors?

Yes, this is another lesson for the Western minority. The brazen and immoral rewriting of history and their attempts to destroy with their dirty propaganda the exploits of the true heroes of the Second World War, for us, the Great Patriotic War, again played a cruel joke on Western regimes and those who are also nostalgic for the unipolar era. Today, one thing is clear to the world majority: the West is the unrivalled leader in the number of crimes committed in the entire history of mankind. Therefore, the world majority no longer needs any lessons in fake history from the criminal, arrogant and hypocritical minority. And any attempts to forcibly impose theses favorable to the West will henceforth be met not only with effective resistance, but also with new accusations accompanied by possible prosecution for its crimes, the ones the West has never sincerely apologized for.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal  New Eastern Outlook

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