22.01.2024 Author: Simon Chege Ndiritu

Neoliberals’ Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist, and Forked Tongue Driving War of Plunder on Iran

Neoliberals’ Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist, and Forked Tongue Driving War of Plunder on Iran

Washington’s war on Iran seems inevitable to create its Equivalent of France’s ‘Mississippi Bubble’


The US national debt reached $34 trillion on December 29th, 2023, and the congress called it a milestone (here). Why? Because congressmen and Wall Street know that it won’t be paid; at least not through American sweat and blood. Oppositely, Iran has 1.2 trillion cubic feet, and 158 billion barrels of proven gas and oil reserves respectively, resources the US Empire wants to steal. Therefore, when the mainstream media (MSM), Washington’s hidden forked tongue tells you how Iran sponsors terrorists or has Nuclear-weapon ambitions, keep in mind that this could be another case of manufacturing consent for another war of Plunder. Also, Neoliberals know that Iran, Yemen, and Syria have no McDonald’s Café or other Western junk food sellers, which is another motivation for war, as I will illustrate later. By mid-January, Israel and the US had conducted assassinations in Lebanon and Iraq, while ISIS killed 83 injuring 284 in Iran, only after Bolton and Lindsey Graham thought the US should bomb Iran. Also, the US and the UK bombed Yemen on January 12. All these attacks suggest that a US-led war on Iran is imminent. Facing a huge debt at 130% of its nominal GDP, Washington seeks to create a commensurately huge financial bubble comparable with the French Mississippi Bubble, using Iranian and the region’s resources to pay its debt.

Mississippi Bubble

The Mississippi Bubble, which created the current fiat-based central banking, was accidentally discovered as a French Duke was seeking to reverse bankruptcy caused by the deceased King Louis XIV. In 1715, the flamboyant Louis XIV, died leaving nearly empty coffers. His nephew, then The Duke of Orleans (a North American French colony spanning the Mississippi River) became the regent as the successor, Louis XV was young. The Duke sought the advice of John Law. Law opened a bank (Bank Generale) that issued paper currency backed by gold, silver, and other resources that were thought to be abundant in Orleans/Mississippi. He also opened a company (Mississippi Company) which the French government gave control of resources in the North American territory (here). The company rapidly established a monopoly in all major commodities, including precious metals from Orleans, beaver skins from Canada, and Tobacco from South America. Also, Law expanded its control of foreign trade with China and the East Indies, before it received additional rights for coins and tax collection. Tax was collected using the currency issued by his Bank Generale.

At his Zenith of hyping Mississippi’s wealth and issuing paper currency, Law controlled the modern-day equivalent of the Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, banks, and US global monopolies. These monopolies can include arms manufacturers; think about NATO’s requirement that members use 2% of GDP on largely US weapons. Others are banks, big Pharma, or fast food sellers that expand into “markets” where the US military launch forever wars. The end of the ‘Mississipi Company’ was driven by investors’ greed for potentially limitless resources they thought it controlled, as they rushed to acquire its shares, which greatly increased share prices, to a point where the bank issued loans to purchase shares. This move equated money to shares, doubled the money supply, and caused inflation. The company lost value and collapsed. The government took over essential operations, including issuing currency, as Bank Generale became the central bank. The success story of fiat currency backed by promising ‘investors’ abundant resources in faraway lands to increase share prices has caused US markets (Military Industrial Complex-MIC, Banks, Silicon Valley, and fast-food sellers’ shares) to rally after every US war. Markets remain high for about 10 years. Afterwards, the US military secures new colonies for plunder and speculation.

Friedman; Manifesto for a New American Century?

A 1998 confession of Thomas Friedman, a neoliberal US nationalist, aptly titled “A Manifesto for the Fast World” informed the world how the US would use its military to create “markets” for its monopolies and the Wall Street stating;

The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist – McDonald’s cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas, the builder of the F-15. The hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley’s technologies is called the US ‘military’.

From Friedman’s sickening link between McDonald’s Café and McDonnell Douglas’ fighter jet, one notes how neoliberals cheat that markets need no intervention, when he reveals that Washington uses the military to control markets. Also notable is Washington’s hidden, forked tongue that creates false justification for wars. Now, note that Iran, Yemen, and Syria have no McDonald’s Cafés, unlike other countries in the region, (here). Also, Iraq’s franchise was established after the Bush-led war in 2003, based on WMD lies. The Invaders did not find such weapons but could not leave. We can see where this hidden fist crusade is headed. The F-15 was likely used in the January 12 attack on Yemen, starting a war for American monopolies in Yemen, Syria, and Iran. Oil and gas reserves are also targeted for theft by US firms. Shares for US companies selling stolen resources and the MIC will rise, the US banks will process more transactions and the debt ceiling will be raised.

Where else have we seen it?

Since Friedman’s declaration, the US has been launching waves of wars at an interval of roughly 10 years. In each wave, the hidden forked tongue popularizes an invasion, the hidden fist attacks and secures new markets, and McDonald’s starts operating while oil companies arrive to loot. The US launched the war against Yugoslavia in 1999 and existing McDonald’s greatly expanded before a new one opened in 2011 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which ran until 2023. Meanwhile, US-funded NGOs have sprung up in Bosnia and Kosovo running all activities of the state; which is colonialism (here). In 2001 and 2003, The US military invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and had companies exploit resources in the former without paying taxes and royalties (here). Also, poppy fields expanded for making opioids used elsewhere, and the US’s hidden arm benefited greatly. In Iraq, the US military not only opened a McDonald’s but allowed oil companies; ExxonMobil, British BP, and Shell to loot (here). Roughly 10 years later, the US invaded Libya and Syria and also took control of their oil resources (here, here). Noteworthy, this article reveals how McDonald’s wanted to open an outlet in Libya in 2012, which suggests how the Hidden Fist that killed Gadhafi was also promoting McDonald’s.

It is roughly 10 years since US interventions in Libya and Syria, and new ‘markets’ are needed. In my article published shortly after the Israeli Massacre started against Gaza, I described how the conflict was designed to unveil a major war by Washington. All the evidence is that the US will not stop until it opens another ‘Mississippi Bubble’ for its Bankstars, Wall Street, and monopolies. No matter how much the Resistance Axis attempts to de-escalate, the die is cast, and the war seems inevitable. The target here is Iranian oil, gas, and for McDonald’s to peddle obesity and diabetes in Tehran, Sana, and Damascus. I hope am wrong.


Simon Chege Ndirituis a political observer and research analyst from Africa, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook

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