11.01.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

West’s Pseudo-Humanitarian Pressure on African Countries Is Doomed to Failure

West’s Pseudo-Humanitarian Pressure on African Countries Is Doomed to Failure

Over time, the future relationship between the Global South, including African countries, and the Western world minority represented by the respective regimes is becoming increasingly clear-cut. And it should be noted that these relations are heavily stacked against the latter. The most interesting thing is that the collective West seems incapable of understanding what repercussions their absurd actions will entail and keeps making one strategic mistake after another, thereby again stepping on the same rake due to its arrogance.

In the first days of 2024, the Swedish regime, still struggling to formally join NATO, announced plans to cut off “humanitarian aid” to Mali due to its pro-Russian stance and support for “Russian aggression” against Ukraine, as the collective Western minority puts it.

“When we cooperate with other countries, we want these countries to also cooperate with Sweden, but Mali’s military leadership turns to Russia instead and supports a full-scale war against Ukraine,” said Johan Forssell, Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade.

This move is not just yet another manifestation of the blatant impudence and arrogance of a typical Western political representative, but also narrow-mindedness, to say the least. Of course, we all know that Sweden, like other Scandinavian regimes, has consistently sought to promote both its own economic interests in Africa, often times exceeding the volume of pseudo-humanitarian aid, and in general to impose so-called Western values, including the interests of the LGBT lobby, which, among other things, is completely rejected by the vast majority of African residents. All this was done through Sweden’s own various so-called “international development foundations.”

But again, all the above elements are only a small manifestation of the extreme arrogance and extreme stupidity characteristic of the Western establishment. Africa is completely different today, even though the processes taking place, there, are beginning to gain momentum. In other words, modern Africa does not need any pseudo-humanitarian assistance from any Western regime, and especially from such an insignificant player on the world stage as Sweden. Especially when we are talking about truly sovereign and independent African states, such as Mali.

What is especially interesting is that the coordinated actions of the authorities of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, members of the Sahel Alliance (Alliance des Etats du Sahel, AES), created in September last year, have become a cause for concern among the political and media elites of the Western world minority. Thus, the French magazine Jeune Afrique, one of the main propaganda elements symbolizing Paris’s loss of influence on African countries, sadly admits that the concluded alliance between the three countries concerns not only the defense and security sector (with the support of Russia), but also the economic and diplomatic sectors. In addition, further regional integration should be taken into account, including through the creation of a possible confederation of three states. Far from the populist rhetoric in which Westerners would have so wanted to believe.

In other words, even if the supporters of the French regime, which in the recent past was one of the main elements of influence in African affairs, are forced to admit the revolutionary processes taking place in the Sahel region, and in Africa as a whole, then it would be better for the Swedes to at least keep their head in the sand. Considering that, West’s widespread disappointment is just beginning. And Africa plays far from the last role here.

Taking into account the processes that are taking place in the Sahel region, and generally at the continental level with the support of the main powers defending the multipolar world order represented by Russia and China, as well as more global processes that continue today, including the official accession of five new participants to the BRICS, whose role in the international energy market alone is already of key importance. Moreover, these processes can also spread to other strategic resources, including those that the African states of the Sahel Alliance are rich in.

After all, it is absolutely illogical that for many of the planet’s key natural resources, the commercialization centers are still located in Western space, given that the West itself has very few of these resources, most often not at all. Therefore, it is very likely that BRICS will be able to establish new rules of the game here too, and then it will be interesting to see who needs humanitarian assistance.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook”.

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