18.12.2023 Author: Henry Kamens

Are Palestinians on Verge of Deadly Public Health Crisis in Gaza?

Are Palestinians on Verge of Deadly Public Health Crisis in Gaza?

Mother Nature Spelled “American-Georgian-Ukrainian biolab products?”

Is Mother Nature providing biological weapons for use against Palestinians in Gaza? In theory, YES: however, nothing highly deadly (fatal) has evolved in recent years without some human assistance along the way.

I suspect the “weaponized strains” of cholera that they have at the Eliava Phage Institute, Tbilisi Georgia, would be almost as effective as a neutron bomb, and even when compared to other weapons, “a biological weapon can be more effective, pound for pound, than the hydrogen bomb”, and when further combined with other ESPs, especially dangerous pathogens, a hoard of diseases could be turned loose on an unsuspecting population.

And that is only one disease that has the potential to do as much, if not more, harm to the population of Gaza than the Israeli onslaught. The United Nations is worried that more people may end up dying of diseases than from bombs and missiles.

One Killer to Watch Closely

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as “Doctors without Borders,” has repeatedly warned of a potential cholera outbreak amid a lack of clean drinking water in overcrowded areas. It is worth noting that many of these Cholera strains are deeply rooted in history, and have extensive track records, especially the bacteria serotypes O1 and O139, and are characterized by a large-volume aqueous diarrhea that quickly leads to dehydration then death of the infected person.

The Middle East and the countries of the former Persian Empire know only too well its impacts. Such cities as Baghdad, when attacked by the Syrian army, experienced many deaths, not killed in battle but from the diseases that the attacking army was carrying.

The subsequent advance of said army northward brought the disease to Tbilisi (in present-day Georgia) and Astrakhan in Russia between 1822 and 1823. Fast-forward, to today, and we can see the same thing happening, but more likely by intent, than as a side effect of war.

Some of the strains that have been studied are a combination of ones that were first introduced by UN Peacekeepers with Haitian ones, and then they subsequently evolved after the uniting and mixing of these strains and were deployed in Yemen, according to some confidential sources in various biological labs that work under the guise of civilian and academic research in the country of Georgia.

There are still many questions about how Cholera appeared in Haiti, and how it was able to spread so quickly, and how did it actually begin? Naturally, this can be denied, a theory cooked up by “Mad Hatters”, and the powers that be, and vested interests, will state that any resulting infection comes from Mother Nature and only SHE is the guilty CULPRIT!

Of course, even ChatGPT knows, “that is no credible evidence or scientific basis to support the claim that Mother Nature is providing biological weapons for use against Palestinians in Gaza. Conspiracy theories involving biolabs and the intentional spread of diseases should be approached with skepticism and caution.”

Until recently, few were aware of the death toll in Yemen, (2016-2022) from such infections, and this history should be revisited in light of the crisis situation in Gaza, as the war has created both a humanitarian as well as a public health crisis.

A sudden increase in the epidemiology of various contagious diseases has already been reported in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, amid a water and sewage crisis, a cholera epidemic is feared. Arecent sub-headline reads, gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory and skin infections are rising amid Israel war, quoting UN agencies say.

For Gaza’s 2.3 million residents, finding safe drinkable water has become close to impossible, and Israel is very much aware of this ticking time bomb and could be implicated in the pending public health crisis as having intentionally pushed the population to the edge due to lack of access to clean water and other public goods.

War is a virus that catches every chance to expand!

Since mid-October, over 33,551 cases of diarrhea have been reported in the area, over half affecting children under age five, according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO). In comparison, for the 2021–2022 periods, the average number of diarrhea cases in children under five was around 2,000 a month

The situation is already as bad as it can get, one would think, but we may have not seen anything yet! As Aljazeera reported, sixty-year-old Samir Asaad, from Deir el-Balah camp, suffers from high blood pressure, which is exacerbated by drinking salty water.

“I heat up the water over a fire to drink it, so I don’t feel its saltiness,” he said.

Only if he knew that salt was not the only issue with water and poor sanitation. There is lack of solid waste management and the health crisis is exacerbated because of open defecation and when buttressed with the war, stress, nutrition and poor health, they all come together as a perfect storm. Allthis contributes to the spread of diseases including cholera induced diarrhea, and respiratory and skin infections, including scabies, just to name a few of the many evolving health issues.

It should come as no surprise to anyone, and lead us to question if the prevalence level is accidental or not, that cholera has been so widespread in the region in recent years, especially in some select countries, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, and even in a number ofAfrican countries.

Bioterrorism has the potential to result in high morbidity and mortality because aerosolized biological agents can infect or kill many people in a short period of time. What is now transpiring before our eyes could be compared to the struggle between the British and American Indians in the French-Indian War (1754-1767), the British commander ordered the distribution of blankets infected with smallpox to counter the population of Indian tribes hostile to the British, or now, hostile to the Israelis and their supporters.

Is this what the Israelis have done? Released a deliberately modified or manipulated strain of virus into the nightmare that is Gaza today? Something cooked up in the network of biolabs funded and operated by the US in places like Ukraine and Georgia?

I fear that we must conclude that it is highly likely, and would fit a pattern that has been observed over a number of years.


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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