13.12.2023 Author: Henry Kamens

Standing up for Principles OVER Palestine Will Get “U” Punished

Standing up for Principles OVER Palestine Will Get “U” Punished

The Israelis really are just not used to being called on their bullshit, and as a consequence, they have a whole bunch of bullshit! I am also convinced about the madness of Zionists and Born Again types who think the destruction of the Palestinians will bring about paradise or something.

They are two peas in a pod

As I just wrote to a former colleague about his firing for attending a pro-Palestinian rally, Is there anything that you would like to share with an international audience? He replied:

“How can a man, an Israeli PM. who claims to be one of “The Chosen” to be so hateful in his views?”

The Israeli PM is narrow-minded, as if he is living in Old Testament times. My current theory is that the Zionists and the Evangelicals are the same people, and they are both the dumbest people in this whole fucking nation, as they are being led down the proverbial road to hell.

Like my friend, I, personally, know the feeling of getting punished for taking the right side in the face of closed minds and fixed agendas.  I can share my own experiences of how the FBI does not merely “investigate” groups and individuals exercising their right to protest government policy, but actively targets and harasses them.

Its agents have infiltrated meetings, harassed individuals, and visited their friends, relatives, landlords, and employers, accusing them of supporting terrorism. You get labeled, and your reputation is tainted,

People suffered economic and moral losses as a result

“BTW, I listened to your last radio program interview; our mutual friend had shared the link.”

This person, also Jewish roots, as I have both Jewish roots, and we have both been in similar situations, and not only about Palestine.  He lost his job, naturally for other “alleged reasons” but in reality for showing up at a Support Palestine meeting that was later labeled by the Central Kentucky Jewish Community as a pro-Hamas rally.

Geoff went to a pro-Palestinian rally… the boss guy is proud of posing with his wife holding an Israeli flag. A few days ago he sent a nasty email to the head of the company with a conjured up crazy lie that Geoff left the workplace in disarray with a heavy smell of marijuana… now is ghosting him, so there’s no discussing anything. It may have been over social media posts, or Geoff’s radio show.

Geoff also too feels as I do, “I wasn’t raised in the tradition, so I’m not sure, but I thought “thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s property” was a part of it”.

But as I know Jewish law, a bit, and traditions, anything which threatens or brings shame on the Jewish people, collectively – is totally against Jewish law as it can bring about hate and destruction of the Jewish people, and the range of plights: exile, persecution and genocide.

The Zionists believe they owned the land originally, some 3,000 years ago, and the Arabs took it later, in the Middle Ages. Zionists claim the “Palestinians” are the ones who were the colonists… but Palestinians claim the opposite.


Apparently, they are claiming to be holier than open-minded Jews, who they conveniently want to label as being “anti-Semitic.” Let the Jews who survive decide for themselves what is Jewish or not. But how is an “anti-semitic” Jew going to slaughter the Jew part of himself … how do you excise the Jewishness from yourself?

As a journalist, in my writing and social responsibly, I try keeping some traditions, customs, like not eating pork, doing charity, and having a fear of God.

Apparently, the final determination is done by harder-core Jews, who label you a racist or “anti-semite” when you don’t get in step with the Zionist party line.

Perhaps that renders you non-Jewish

There is reverse speech everywhere now. But the CIA did not cook the baby. Hamas did. Maybe the CIA benefited. But this is moot unless you believe in MK Ultra, the brainwashing campaign by the CIA to turn people into zombies that do your bidding.

Roles are switched everywhere. The mainstream public is blind to everything and falls for everything unaware. They use reverse speech all the time and don’t know it. They’re getting the woes of that Isaiah verse. They believe lies as truth, and think truth is fiction.

But count me out – and the few other Jews that I know—self hating Jews, and this goes for others, unless they have some reason to doubt their Jewishness. The two Geoff’s in the earlier mentioned radio program; obviously they must too be self-hating Jews, at least according to the definition of Zionists and Born Again Types.

But what is often missed in the learned commentaries is how guilt is put on the heads of Jews collectively, and why one Jew is responsible for all others, as we are in the same boat. And that proverbial boat is talking on water fast.

This Israeli Gaza-Palestinian war is possibly needed, so the West can escape Ukraine, many of its self-inflicted political problems, and as serves as a useful distraction from more pressing social issues at home.

But more likely it is much simpler than that…

And the Zionists want Gaza for the offshore gas and a perhaps a new canal, to circumvent Suez. Why is nobody talking about that – or the more likely reasons, such as the survival of US and Israeli politicians and political parties?

As long as this war, this genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza, continues unabated, it is becoming all the more evident that the Israel has done more to damage to its own image/reputation, and the attitude towards the Jewish people in the last seven weeks, than anti-Semites did in the last seven decades.

Israel and its unwavering supporters, in tandem, have damaged Israel’s Reputation Far Worse than Its Enemies Ever Have

And for anyone to take the opposing view, means that you will not only be called an anti-Semite, as it gets better than that, according to Caitlin Johnson:  Just try to name a famous westerner that forcefully and consistently criticizes US foreign policy who never gets accused of being an anti-Semite and/or a Russian agent.

And all the hysteria over the River to the Sea song, which the ADL states, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is an antisemitic slogan and song commonly featured in anti-Israel campaigns and chanted at demonstrations.

Incidentally, it has been recently blocked from YouTube, in keeping with the overall Western agenda.

A lot is going on in the Jewish world, causing many to question the meaning of being Jewish and their connection to Israel. An online poll by a Jewish publication last April, naturally not the best sample, may be revealing.

How emotionally attached are you to Israel? Only half of respondents felt very.

But this poll was taken before October 7th—a day that, for many of us, changed everything. But now the pollsters may be surprised how the Jewish mood may be shifting, and NOT to ways that may be politically correct to all.

One question was most noteworthy for me, “Do you feel you have to hide some or all of your views about Israel and/or antisemitism from people in your life?”

I have to agree with Norman Finkelstein, another among a growing poll of outspoken “self-hating” Jews about the Israeli-Palestinian mess, and the plight of Palestinians, On Gaza: “They have the right to hate the people who destroyed their lives”


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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