11.11.2023 Author: Henry Kamens

How Special ARE American and Israeli Special Forces, or “R They” Expendable Crisis Actors?

How Special ARE American and Israeli Special Forces, or “R They” Expendable Crisis Actors?

Saving Pvts. Biden or Netanyahu—and other political damsels in distress.

Such questions are fast becoming especially relevant since the onset of America’s War on Terror. This issue now in the forefront since the revelation that a combined force of American and Israeli Special Forces entered the Gaza Strip to free hostages. According to some alternative news sources, not the MSM, they got themselves ambushed and shot up pretty bad—otherwise in layman’s terms “got-killed-and-their-noses-bloodied-pretty-bad.”

We may never know what happened, as we are not supposed to know, and “do not need to know”, as it might deflect from the not so hidden agenda. Hint: Iran.

Nevertheless, the title in the Middle East Monitor may be a bit over the top, but the point comes across loud and clear, Ex-Pentagon Adviser: US, Israel Special Forces tried to enter Gaza but were ‘shot to pieces’!

Retried US Army Col. Douglas MacGregor, who holds barred style, in which he focuses commentary on the lesser known news in conflict zones, recently described in an interview with Tucker Carlson “how an American Special Force, accompanied by an Israeli Special Force, were tragically decimated when they attempted to investigate the location of the Israeli hostages in Gaza and were ambushed.”

MacGregor claimed that American and Israeli special operations forces entered the Gaza Strip to carry out a reconnaissance and to investigate potential ways for freeing the hostages, but they were attacked and suffered severe casualties.

What did they expect?

He shared his belief that what happened was a natural progression, and he did not see it as a victory for Israel in any way. He also is concerned about the “potential risks” it presented for the Americans. That is but the tip of the iceberg of what this operation may have represented, especially regarding how it was supposed to pan out, initially reported and then the results covered up.

MacGregor also [categorically] stated that 2,000 Marines and 2,000 Special Forces soldiers were promptly deployed to the region, but he believes this quantity [and perhaps quality as well] will not have a significant effect. MacGregor further argues that the United States lacks a genuine military force

The joint operation involving the elite Delta forces did not turn out as planned. It should come as no surprise that the Biden White House soon deleted a photo op. of the commander in chief congratulating the special forces when the extent of the loses were known, and in “one hour of posting it.”

Special Forces as Crisis Actors? 

Few Americans have ever heard of crisis actors; however, you can even find postings seeking them for various reasons, allegedly training purposes, online. The UK Guardian sums it up well, in its keywords: Crisis actors, deep state, and false flag: the rise of conspiracy theory code words.

But, when needed the most, they serve a useful purpose, and many are “useful idiots” and unwitting pawns. Their use is not just something that is common to this administration, and various special operations have been more show than fact over the years, with Navy SEAL Team Operations to kill Osama bin Laden being a prime example.

Now we know that it is not true that “The American team engaged in a firefight the world’s Number One CIA trained terrorist resisted.”

This too was scripted for the PR value, showing the abilities of Navy SEALs.  These false stories couldn’t have reached the public without the help of the media and with political spin doctors managing the coverage.

These words, uttered by a senior Pentagon official, summed up the now-historic raid on May 2, 2011, during which SEAL Team Six secretly descended upon a compound in Pakistan, blew down doors and engaged enemy combatants. The goal: kill or capture terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

As with so many things dealing with America’s best special operation soldiers, especially the killing of Osama bin Laden, as reported by the NYTs, Seymour Hersch, the Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist the entire narrative of how the United States hunted down and killed bin Laden was a fabrication.

Hiding out in the open

It is not as if taking out Bin Laden was a priority, and we know this from early Intel on his actual whereabouts, even before he ended up hiding out in the open in Pakistan.

Some of these operations are on the level of Saving Private Ryan, a Hollywood Blockbuster, but we should know better. Like the staged rescue of a wounded US soldier in Iraq, Jessica Lynch—and her drastic rescue was staged for PR purposes—as Hersch would say, “a fabrication.”

Presented by BBC war correspondent John Kampfner, “War Spin” broadcasted in Britain on presented a devastating account of how US and British government and military forces set out to mislead and misinform the public during their war against Iraq—aided by hundreds of compliant “embedded” journalists.

His documentary was subtitled Saving Private Jessica: Fact or fiction? It cut to the chase and brought attention to how “the widely circulated account of the US Navy SEALs rescue of Private Jessica Lynch owed more to Hollywood myth-making than reality.”

Many things are happening, and not by happenstance

The Netanyahu government’s apparent disinterest in the hostages is an unmistakable sign of a slave society in imminent danger of collapse. I hate to make predictions; however, I think within a year Israelis will be shooting Israelis–probably a lot sooner.

One thing is certain, Hollywood will have a task ahead, spinning the failures of special operations in this war, as they are going up against a mentality hardened by genocide, raised up on ethnic cleansing, discrimination, and a resulting genocidal mentality, and who feel there is no other way out – and from both sides.

But what fails to get proper attention is that the West and its allies need terrorists, whether it be Chechens in the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia, or Hamas – either to give justification for a 64 million dollar train and equip program, for the US to get a greater toehold in the region, by creating groups such as ISIS (is banned in Russia) in Syria, the rise of Islamic State. 

For now, the attention appears focused on a wider conflict in the Middle East.

Let us not forget the Jihadist, as reported by RT, credited with being the ‘military mastermind’ of ISIS (is banned in Russia) victories dating back to 2013, Tarkhan Batirashvili. He was an ethnic Chechen from nowhere.

How did he become the scourge of the Coalition in the Middle East? Because they created Chechen border to Georgia, booted out of the Georgian army for ill-health, lacking leadership qualities and soldiering abilities to boot. How did a sickly army washout, him to do just that.

Ballad of the Green Beret

But when the story of the week wears thin, as when people start asking too many questions, the terrorist of the day ends up dead, disappeared, and then  it is time to move on to the next episode in the serial, Lying and Deceiving the World.

Or just pivot to another region of the world, and walk away from the previous mess, as in Afghanistan or Iraq, or now Ukraine, for whom unconditional support on the wane. Most people don’t realize that Special Forces are needed when the overall quality of army forces is pretty low, and they can only cream off the best to have a small force available to get the job done.

In retrospect, it is not as if Osama bin Laden did not have a good run, as poster boy terrorist for US policy and ripe material for Hollywood too. It makes you think of what happened to the SEAL Team Six which got the credit for taking him out, and if  their subsequent helicopter crash in  Afghanistan, in another special  operation, was accidental or not?

Some family members and conspiracy theorists go as far as to call it an inside job, asking too many questions, as if it is not that some special operations are doomed to fail, and for obvious reasons.  We must also keep in mind crisis actors in Syria, children, used in attempting to frame the Syrian leadership of using poison gas on its own citizens.

It is not as if he could not have been eliminated before, saving many lives, and the same might prove the case with the leadership and State sponsors of Hamas. The chickens have a tendency to come home to roost, sooner, rather than later.

It should be noted that the New Zealand SAS and British SBS, special services, had found Bin Laden in Tora Bora early in the conflict and asked for all American SF on the ground to help grab him.

But instead, the US high command sent the Afghan National Army into do the job, so that the most wanted terrorist was allowed to freely walk into Pakistan.

The motivation should be clear, as America needed a terrorist poster boy to justify the occupation of Afghanistan and spending of billions of dollars.

Could not the leadership of Hamas have been eliminated?

The corrupt leaders of powerful Western countries have a sordid track record of doing bad things for personal and financial gain

In conclusion, it makes you wonder if the best qualifications nowadays in America’s woke military is to have acting skills and be naïve enough to not realized that you are being sacrificed for some nefarious so-called “greater good”, Saving Pvts. Biden and Netanyahu—and other political damsels in distress.


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. 

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