14.07.2023 Author: Henry Kamens

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, “Servant of the People” STANDS up 4-Enemy of the People—Mikheil Saakashvili

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, “Servant of the People” STANDS up 4-Enemy of the People—Mikheil Saakashvili

Reading the latest news by UN, NED (is banned in Russia) funded Georgian media sites, and the international news, or MSM, about the current medical status of Saakashvili, not to mention his political predicament, is comparable to a Red Cross report describing the harsh and brutal conditions in Nazi Concentration Camps.

However, those in Georgia, even those in diplomatic circles, know that most of what is being reported is self-inflicted and manufactured, and therefore utterly false. The Western media write as if they are clueless of the history of Saakashvili, as if he is without sin and simply an innocent political victim.

“Will the US and Ukraine launch another Color Revolution in Georgia?”

But all this fits together well, the press coverage, especially considering the motivations, now that Ukraine has effectively tossed out the Georgian Ambassador, giving him 48 hours to depart the country to return to Georgia for consultations over the dire health of the former president.

As for the expulsion of the Georgian ambassador from Ukraine, it is a gross violation of international law norms. It is very tactless and inappropriate behavior to release the ambassador without prior warning, attempts to negotiate and going through the appropriate procedures.

Possible motivations?

This brings a new aspect to the never-ending saga of the arrest and incarceration, now a Ukrainian Citizen, convicted criminal Mikhail Saakashvili, former Georgian president, alleged democratic leader and sex offender, who was somehow transformed to a corruption fighter in Ukraine, and subsequently became a reverse refugee, and purported political prisoner,  locked up in his former homeland.

It is worth noting that Saakashvili holds Ukrainian citizenship, being stripped of his Georgian citizenship upon receiving that of another state in accordance with Georgian law, and was governor of that nation’s Odessa region in 2015-16. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has demanded that Georgia send Saakashvili to Ukraine for medical treatment.

After allegations in Georgia that he abused his power and was engaged in corruption, he escaped to Ukraine where he was welcomed with open arms until taking a bit too proactive a role, and accusing many in positions of power of corruption, which eventually lead to his citizenship being revoked by the former Ukrainian government and his deportation, or escape back to Georgia.

All that is now moot, as this is a story about how his plight is being used as part of a larger geopolitical game, and as often purported by his countrymen, Georgian that is – he is just serving his purpose again as a useful idiot.

Georgia and Russia Cooperate?

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says the former leader risks being ‘killed by Russia at the hands of Georgian authorities.’ This is so ironic, as the last thing that Georgia would want to do is reduce the “hard time” that Saakashvili would have to serve by allowing him to die in custody.

The way that EU and US ambassadors, and the media, on one hand, applaud his 50-day hunger strike as “a principled stand” but denounce its effects on his health as “the result of actions of Russian agents” is a strong example of their innate dishonesty

The history of Saakashvili is colorful and sordid, convicted in absentia in 2018 of abusing his authority. And more recently, the former president was arrested after smuggling himself back into Georgia from Ukraine in 2021, in the back of a truck, thinking his presence would help with an attempted coup, while at the same time still serving as the head of Zelensky’s so-called National Reform Council.

Doing “Hard Time” or Acting as Sperm Donor?

To make a long story short, he has been in prison ever since, and because of starving himself, is in a private clinic for medical treatment. Despite this, his energy level is still high enough to have, “or alleged to have”, fathered some children while in custody, based on stimulating conjugal visits with his latest Ukrainian wife and/or significant others.

According to a quoted statement from Saakashvili’s former defense minister, Davit Kezerashvili, during the 2008 Georgian-Russian military conflict, who is still an  active arms smuggler, “dealer” and working with Shin Bet Intelligence,  “most neutral observers recognize his imprisonment for what it is: a grotesque abuse of power, designed only to protect Russian interests in the region.”

Those closest, Georgians of all walks of life, find all of this utterly disgusting, as they know the history of the 2008 Georgian-Russian military conflict, with its loss of territories, and how Saakashvili and his corrupted minions used the intentional starting of a war, and its anticipated outcome, to cover-up for the disappearance of vast quantities of US and other foreign supplied “defensive weapons”, that were sold off to other countries with huge profits for him and his team of reformers.

It is becoming clear that as Saakashvili lost his beloved status as a young political leader with a purpose in mind in the post Shevardnadze period, that VolodymyrZelenskyy, is no servant of the people, other than in a popular UkrianianTV series, “Servant of the People,” and the dismemberment AND sell-off of Ukraine may be the deliberate outcome, and Zelenskyys’ own plight may follow that of Saakashvili, and perhaps be even worse, thinking of bygone era dictators, as with Benito Mussolini and his female partner.

His death was described the time, in 1945 “A fitting end to a wretched life,” by The New York Times, and even in more recent events, with the demise of the Romanian Strongman, NicolaeCeaușescu, and his wife, and other apparent cult like leaders whose “claim-to-fame” was more often based on personality, demagoguery and rabble-rousing.

As Karl Marx once said, “Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please” [would like it to be] …

Georgia needs Saakashvili to live, be healthy, and for a long time, as sooner or later, he will give in and start sharing compromising information of what has REALLY transpired under his regime, real history, as to the nexus to the overthrow of former president Eduard Shevardnaze, the actual circumstances of the death of former PM Zurab Zhvania, and outside involvement in the destruction of evidence and cover up of a capital crime.

What is perhaps the most concerning is Georgia’s role in arms and drug smuggling, the real motivations for the 2008 Georgian-Russian military conflict, and how the Georgian leadership and close minions, provided material support for terrorists.

And not to forget its flagship role in the production of deployment of biological weapons and poisonous gas to various parts of the world, including Syria, and used in an attempted false flag operation.

It is known among Georgian and international intelligence resources the key role that Georgia has played, and is continuing to play, in the transshipments of weapons and illicit drug trafficking, including much of what weapons are disappearing since being provided as defensive ordnance to Kyiv.

There is much support, a very large contingent of media experts, spin doctors, EU and US, who are working overtime to try to get Saakashvil out of Georgia, under any pretext. It does not, however, have to do with his current predicament, medical status or that he is a misunderstood politician who went badly.

The objective is to reduce the risk of the world learning what has really been going on in Ukraine, the Georgian-Ukrainian collaboration in operations that were concocted by the CIA, US State Department, National Endowment for Democracy (NED is banned in Russia) types who are now at their wits end as what will happen next in Ukraine and what is the contingency/exit plan.

The problem now is what to do with all the contact soldiers fighting on the side of Kyiv, especially the Georgian Foreign Legion, mostly  killers for hire, though described as “volunteers”, and where will they end up now that they are becoming fewer and fewer in number, and their purpose for existing is the first place is almost redundant.

They are also an embarrassment for US politicians and government officials, who have provided them much political and economic support. Its history has been discussed openly in the Georgian and Russian media, as US Citizen and duel-US-Georgian citizen, Jeffrey Silverman, Bureau Chief for US-based Veterans Today described:

“This is an al-Qaeda(banned in Russia)-type organization that teaches people not to fight in Ukraine, does not try to provide Ukraine with fighters to fight for democracy, but teaches people to return to Georgia to overthrow the legally elected Georgian government.”

We lost Ukraine, but we SAVED Georgia!

So, all that is coming now, a perfect storm, in Ukraine with gathering clouds in Georgia is at an inopportune time, especially now that Russia and Georgia are normalizing relations, and overall better relations for a range of stakeholders in the larger region in the wake of Turkish elections are on the mend.

As one respondent wrote, “I’m very interested in who decides this. And who can decide. I think only those who rule the world!”

The question that should be in the minds of readers and experts alike, who realize the threat that the fighting in Ukraine and potential for spillover, is providing, and how timing is everything – and don’t believe in coincidences, and why now all the concern and rigmarole over Saakashvili and “what will come next for Georgia and Ukraine?”

I think the next step is the so-called defenders of Ukraine to be able to say that “We lost Ukraine, but we saved Georgia!”; however, Georgia does not need saving by those with so much blood on their hands.

Let God Save Georgia!


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine“ New Eastern Outlook


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