19.06.2023 Author: Phil Butler

The Flawed Math of the Elites and Joe Biden – Shiny Metal Futures

The Flawed Math of the Elites and Joe Biden - Shiny Metal Futures

How straightforward is simple math? If the public relied more on adding things up, the manufactured consent perpetrated by the elites in the West would be impossible. Take the recent Russian gold movements as a perfect example.

Various propaganda channels reported last year that the European Union and G7 wanted to ban Russia’s gold shipments to curtail the Russian economy. However, the math needed to be corrected.

The real reason Western oligarchs and bankers want to limit the precious metal leaving Russia has much more significant implications. Look at the thousand gold shipments since the conflict in Ukraine turned the world order upside down. In a recent story, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a key trade hub for Russian gold, having almost 80 tons worth more than $4.3 billion. Yet, in 2021, the UAE only imported about a third as much. But back in 2021, half the world ready to shift to the gold standard again was not a big story.

Now, the BRICS and nations wanting to join the group are discussing a new currency to replace the dollar, one backed by gold. Factor this, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are keen to become BRICS members. Gulf News says this “will forever shift the balance of global power.” The speculation that a new superpower is emerging, if proven out, means that the World Bank and the IMF will face real problems soon. Desperation is the reason — for those wondering about America’s “all in” attitude about the Ukraine crisis.

America’s debt problems, the possibility of my government defaulting on social security payments to retirees, and more – the backlash toward the government by 66 million Americans will be uncontainable. And each of those retirees has family and/or friends, some taking care of their elderly with social security as a help. Talk about a civil disaster! And President Biden is spending hundreds of billions supporting America’s 51st state in Ukraine? This, after having provoked the war in the first place.

Even U.S. presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. is at the podium revealing Biden’s benefactors provoked the Ukraine conflict. Lesson for those unaware, it’s all falling apart, the lunatic hegemony that went haywire starting with Bill Clinton. As for the unhappy ending to this story of empire, this quote from Gulf News encapsulates the situation:

“The existing economic system and its components, founded 80 years ago, are no longer feasible owing to massive changes in the financial and geopolitical balance of power, the emergence of new economic powers, and the downfall of others. This truth should be properly understood if the world needs to avoid further conflicts getting in the way of an equitable global order.”

The United States of America owes an astounding $31.8 trillion to various creditors. This debt is backed by nothing. By way of perspective, in 1960, the US debt-to-GDP ratio was 52.86%. Today, the debt-to-GDP ratio is 121%. Even though the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement severely curtailed the worldwide gold standard, it was still partially in effect in the 1960s. The standard ended with President Richard Nixon after France, under President Charles de Gaulle, exchanged its reserves of dollars for gold bullion. The U.S. currency plummeted, forcing Nixon to act. Today, we find ourselves in a similar situation, only in reverse. The world is ready to deal with nations backed by something tangible.

The UAE and other nations buying gold from Russia, the second-largest producer of the shiny mineral, is not helping the Russians as much as it is making the math add up. Soon, nations need more gold or other tangible assets to back their currencies in a good place regarding trade and international standing. And this will equal more than the 43 million Americans living below the poverty level. So, for the elites and their puppet in the White House 2+2=War.


Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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