21.08.2019 Author: Seth Ferris

Epstein is Dead, But His Legacy Will Be Inflicted On Us All


The alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein has become one of the few things the currently very divided US population can broadly agree on. Epstein and his network of friends were so high profile that this alleged sex predator is highly unlikely to have committed suicide. At the very least he was assisted, while someone intentionally turned a blind eye to protect others hiding in the proverbial shadows.

Even lawmakers on both sides of Congress have agreed to the need for an investigation, if only in the hope that it will cover themselves. This would involve not only the death but the “slap on the hand” lenient deal bargain brokered more than 10 years ago in the Miami Office of the US Attorney concerning previous cases of sexual abuse. What worms may turn up with a turn of a shovel are reported by the New York Magazine:.

…for decades, important, influential, “serious” people attended Epstein’s dinner parties, rode his private jet, and furthered the fiction that he was some kind of genius hedge-fund billionaire.”

Nearly everyone I have spoken to believes this was a faked suicide, and the government is lying about it. As the low voter turnout figures at elections have long suggested, most Americans already believe that all the US government does is lie rather than serve the people. But when all the contrary organs of disinformation – Democrats, Republicans, Fox News and CNN – agree there is a conspiracy, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that there is.

Yawn yawn

The Epstein case is the latest in a long line of sex scandals involving high profile individuals. If you have never heard of Epstein, you can work this out by how this story has been handled. The usual playbook has been followed, in brazen defiance of the fact that we have seen and heard all this before, many times over.

Belgium had the Marc Dutroux scandal, in which a convicted child rapist was released to rape and murder more children. After he claimed that he was part of a child sex ring involving many powerful people, the experienced and publicly trusted judge in charge of the investigation into his case was dismissed and replaced with a novice.

The dismissed judge was later called as a witness in Dutroux’s trial, and stated under oath that the authorities were protecting witnesses and pressurising the prosecutors and the courts. At least 20 witnesses to Dutroux’s crimes have since died without apparent explanation. Strangely enough, the government’s investigation found that Dutroux had no high profile accomplices in his crimes, blaming everything on unspecified “corruption” within the police service ultimately responsible to the government.

Jimmy Savile was a popular disc jockey and TV presenter known for his charity work. Only after he died was he revealed as one of the most prolific paedophiles in history. It is obvious from what has come out since that hundreds of people knew a great deal about Savile’s crimes, and that his charity work was a scam designed to gain him access to vulnerable people he could abuse.

But at the time, few of these people (professional colleagues and family members) were listened to, and those who spoke up had their careers damaged. Nor will we ever know the details of some of Savile’s wide circle of influential friends, who are known to have ensured he paid off enough police and complainants to escape justice.

Practically every country you can think of has similar stories to tell. Well connected people get away with everything whilst alive, then those who can talk mysteriously die. The few who face charges, such as former President of the French National Assembly Andre Le Troquer in the 1959 Ballet Roses scandal, get off lightly because if they had the book thrown at them they would deflect the book to several other people they would no longer have any incentive to protect.

Epstein had to go because if he didn’t, too many other people would. He had served his purpose by providing sex slaves, as the documents released just before his death make only too clear. Like many another person who cultivates the well-connected for the wrong reasons, he found that he remains expendable at the end-of-the-day.

Questions without answers!

The question everyone is asking, including US Attorney General William Barr, is why Epstein was taken off suicide watch and left with little supervision, given the release of those thousands of pages of incriminating documents. The guards on duty, if they were even there, or sleeping, were on extreme overtime shifts.

It is too reminiscent of the kidnapping and murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro – he had the lowest security of any politician in Rome, no one would negotiate with his kidnappers (though they negotiated in every similar case) and the external agents drafted to help release him were obstructed at every turn by his “friends” in the political establishment, who seemed to be in league with the Red Brigades kidnappers.

Epstein had been found unconscious in a cell a few weeks earlier with marks on his neck, apparently from an earlier attempt to take his own life. There is a long history of such instances amongst criminals convicted by the public. Dr. Stephen Ward, the society osteopath at the centre of the UK´s Profumo Affair of the early 1960’s, killed himself by overdose after he was convicted. Fred West, a serial killer, likewise suffocated himself in his cell to avoid being convicted of crimes which had been well publicised, even though his conviction had not yet been secured.

There are so many such examples that it is almost as if we are being encouraged to think that this must be just another suicide of a lone criminal. But this is not the only explanation. Take for example the story of Frank Rudolph Olsen, an American bacteriologist, biological warfare scientist and CIA employee who worked at Camp Detrick (now Fort Detrick) in Maryland. He fell to his death from the window of a New York City hotel room.

Some — including the US government — consider his death a suicide, while others allege cold blooded murder.

All the information is out there, even about scum who were associated with Epstein. At the time of writing, attention is being focused on Ghislaine Maxwell, who might be described as Epstein’s right hand woman in the recruitment and grooming of young girls for sexual abuse. Maxwell is the daughter of the late Robert Maxwell, the notorious crooked newspaper proprietor who had links to Mossad, the CIA, Soviet and Czech intelligence and practically every other dark organisation you can think of. As one door closes, another opens, if only to ensure the other stays shut.

Brand of convenience

But anyone who alleges anything other than suicide in this case – even if they can be numbered in the tens of millions – will be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. We have heard all this before too. So much so that it doesn’t seem so terrible a charge, and we lose interest in the implications of it.

“Conspiracy theorist” used to mean either “crank” or “person with a bad agenda”. But after Epstein had been indicted, and just before his death, the FBI gave the term a new meaning – “terrorist” as being a domestic threat.

Does this matter? Read any newspaper and you will see that it does. If someone is a crank or a person with a bad agenda, they are still entitled to due process … but if they are a terrorist, (at least labelled as) anything goes.

In the name of freedom, you and anyone you are associated with can be hunted down and killed, even if Uncle Sam recruited you. Say the wrong word against the official account of Epstein and you can be eliminated on the spot. If this were not going to happen, the FBI, which has the same connections as Epstein, wouldn’t suddenly be interested in this long known phenomenon.

Anyone who questions the MSM and official account of anything is deemed a conspiracy theorist by those who write the official stories. Just like those who alleged that Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba might have been killed by rogue CIA operatives, who then discovered that President Eisenhower had ordered the killing himself. Like those who said that Herr Klaus Altmann, longtime resident of Bolivia, was Nazi butcher Klaus Barbie, then proved he was.

The time has passed when local and even national newspapers would investigate, dig up, muckrake the truth. Now it is spin, paid articles and damage control, all to protect the powers to be—and their royal friends, close associates and fuck buddies.

Dead men speak no tales

Suicides know each other. Olsen and Epstein were just not the type. Most others in the news were, but not them, and neither was Dr. David Kelly in the UK, that other strange death which results in everyone who questions the official narrative being deemed a conspiracy theorist.

Want proof? Read “Silence of the Heart” by David Frith. This is about sportspeople, and particularly cricketers, who have ended it all. Though widely separated by time and circumstance, these unfortunates seem almost a club, united by an indefinable common strain. Try and write up Epstein in the same vein and see if even you are convinced.

Just too many things don’t make sense. One of the two persons on watch over Epstein was not even a correctional officer, and went hours without being checked when protocol was to check on him at least every 30 minutes.

The higher profile the case, the more procedures are followed to ensure the defendant is alive and well and available for the justice system. Charles Manson was watched day and night. You don’t leave the Epsteins of this world unsupervised unless you don’t want to see them face justice.

Rachel Maddow raises many questions about whether the non-prosecution agreement for Jeffrey Epstein and any co-conspirators he may have had, as well as the non-disclosure agreements Epstein made his employees sign, are still valid after Epstein’s death or whether prosecutors will now have new avenues of inquiry as a result.

As Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman recently said, “These events, [death in custody] are disturbing, and we are deeply aware of the potential to present yet another hurdle to giving Epstein’s many victims their day in court.” Perhaps now many more victims will come forth, who have previously been intimidated or paid off. The 2007 Miami plea deal is now moot, and in any event, it only applied in Florida.

I suspect there will be more suicides, and not only in custody, as too many names were into the young girls. We can start with the passenger list of the Lolita Express. Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 death from a heart attack, just six days after screening a completed Eyes Wide Shut, can be compared by such a conspiracy theorist as myself to the opening of sealed court documents in the Epstein investigation.

This should keep the media busy till the next presidential election in 15 months. Besides the ones that we already know about as fellow travellers and sex offenders, I am sure many more worms will soon surface, enough to keep the tabloids and MSM totally distracted.

There are hundreds of names on Epstein’s contact “black book” list. Some of the alleged victims have claimed they were farmed out to other men. So it is little wonder that most people are risking summary murder by the US authorities by starting to believe the conspiracy theories which only a case like this could have criminalised them for believing.

Seth Ferris, investigative journalist and political scientist, expert on Middle Eastern affairs, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.