06.04.2019 Author: Phil Butler

Pay Attention World: The Dark Ages May Return Soon


“There’s gold in them thar missiles,” cried US President Donald Trump. And, no, I am not reporting on the Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel comedic film from 1934, “Them Thar Hills.” Today’s nuclear comedy will end tragically. Finally, with no other options on his desktop, Russian President Vladimir Putin makes his counterplay – Russia will enter a new arms race. The decision by Washington and Moscow to withdraw from a nuclear weapons treaty is the start of an unspeakable travesty for billions of people. Here’s why missile manufacturers should go broke.

The undeclared war on Russia the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations were too chicken to announce, it has cost humanity tens of trillions of dollars, and a hundred trillion more to come. In order to maintain a failed super-capitalism and a successful hegemony, Washington and her allies have blistered the world the last few decades inventing terror, launching wars, and pirating untold resources from countries President Donald Trump affectionately calls – “shit holes.” Now, in the infinite financial wisdom of Trump’s handlers (Israel or whoever), it’s time for a weapons buildup like the world has never seen before. The Guardian frames the recent reversal of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty:

“Unless Moscow and Washington unexpectedly rediscover the spirit of detente, the INF treaty is finished. A global monument to the triumph of diplomatic rationality over militaristic paranoia is being pulled down.”

Now for what this really means for you and me and the rest of the “normal” human beings on Earth.

For the moment, let’s forget what Ronald Reagan and the daddy George Bush did back in the 1980s. Turning to the cleptomaniac slash misogynist former President Bill Clinton, we find the altar boy of world economic war and chaos destroying Yugoslavia, launching a globalist nightmare economy, and setting the stage for Bush II to ring the world with US soldiers, missiles, and Big Brother surveillance systems. Several trillion spent on a “War on Terror” against camel jockeys in distant Afghanistan caves, and enter a real live American Uncle Tom named Barack Obama. If not for the Snowden revelations, the world would already be under the complete control of the NSA-Deep State-Drone slinging psychopaths who leverage Wall Street and Raytheon to pile up more profits. Excuse me crunching all this into a slimy ball of recent history, but we’ve gone over and over this before. Today, however, things just got even stupider. Let me return to the lucid commentary of Rafael Behr and The Guardian. The INF treaty disaster unfolding is based on nonsense, it’s planned, and the ones standing behind are spotlighted:

Trump framed the INF treaty withdrawal as a response to Russian misdemeanor, but the true relationship with Moscow is more complex. The US security establishment, while horrified at evidence (sic) of meddling in the 2016 presidential election, doesn’t see Russia as an equal.”

The US security establishment, it’s an organ of the greater beast of Armageddon. A construct, if you will, of lizard men or banksters or frozen Hitler’s brain in an Antarctic base – another inhuman catastrophe of human potential. World’s off our world could be conquered, disease eradicated, other dimensions explored, and Utopia found for what these money worshippers are doing. Just think about one possibility for $1 trillion U.S. That’s 1,000 billion dollars. 1,000 billionaires, or a billion people with a year’s or month’s salary. A trillion times 100! I cannot emphasize this sum enough.

Forget solving hunger. Forget curing cancer. Give up your ideas of a Utopian Earth. And think about Europe turned into a “kill zone” where Russia must protect herself from land-based nukes. The globalists tried to invade Russia through Ukraine again – and this is what Euromaidan was, but it did not work. The Anglo-European mob launched Arab Spring, but it stopped in Damascus because Putin called a halt. Georgia, the country, was taken over by NATO thugs, Romania armed with Aegis missile countermeasures, and Poland too – and Putin’s Russia is not supposed to respond? What kind of idiot leader do the liberal world order of lizards supposed Putin is? Meanwhile, the Amerigo-Nazi populist right proclaim Putin is hamstrung by bold US and Europe sanctions – and that he cannot defend Russia!

Do you see how dangerous the mayhem they call US detente has become? The hard-core Trump following are ready to goose-step across borders like Hitler SS zombies. The Brexit nut cases cannot let Britain have any opinion – and France is run by Rothschild’s idiot stooge Macron. Merkel is in hiding, wanting her pension in the Alps. And the Chinese are content, as always, to wait in the wings until the rest of us kills one another. Latin America awaits the coming D-Day landings in Venezuela. And I cannot write a complete sentence here because the lunacy is that fragmented. The danger for all of us, the clear warning signs I am getting, is that a dark age like that after the fall of Rome is about to be upon us. 70-something years of this world order will end in another failed attempt to secure Russia’s wealth as if nothing at all was learned from the past.

What must Vladimir Putin do, declare a national emergency and order the creation of a million nuke robots of death? Are we to assume that the most diabolical dictator Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post can create, he cannot just “order” his subjugated people to another Kursk, or Stalingrad, or to take over the Nazi’s fortress Europa AGAIN? Our lives are at stake, my friends. The future of our children and grandchildren, and we are watching a new Holocaust begin. How is this even possible? Was I alone in grade school, high school, and college? Pay attention people.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”