25.03.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Washington Swamp Things: Profiling Congressman Adam Schiff

56345324234The “swamp” in Washington President Donald Trump swore he would drain has been revealed as more of a cesspool lately. Trump has stirred up some of the most vile creatures in the “ick” that Washinton politics has become, and he’s now assailed from every side in unprecedented form. The so-called “deep state” is showing signs of unravelling, and recent disclosures put the neo-leftists on the defensive. The most recent “Obama wiretap” news also reveals Trump’s hand is firmly fixed on the toilet flushing handle. Here’s a look at how the new president may well pull the plunger soon.

The blowback from an announcement by chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Devin Nunes, that the intelligence community did in fact surveil Donald Trump’s team is predictable. Now western mainstream media and the globalists are backpaddling and covering up what is surely a scandal 1000 times bigger then Watergate. Three weeks ago I predicted that President Trump had cast an irresistible piece of bait before the New Democratic Order with his “sick Obama” Tweet. I told my colleagues Trump would get the Congress to disclose some of his corroborative evidence, and that he would then reel in the big swamp fishes like a master angler. Devin Nunes’ carefully crafted statements the other day, that “President Trump’s transition team may have had its communications picked up and distributed throughout the intelligence community”, was a bombshell the media tried to stifle almost immediately. Less than 24 hours after the revelation and the “Fake News” outlets along with Washington sellouts began running damage control. They figured turning a blind eye and using the blame game tactics would diffuse the situation. Those who are owned by the technocrats and globalist elites simply stood up their bombastic front men, curmudgeons like California Congressman Adam Schiff, or “shifty” as he is sometimes called, before a bitterly divided nation. His verbal warfare against Trump and the Russians, is the vocus of this article.

Adam Schiff came into the political limelight after his dogged prosecution of the hapless FBI agent Richard Miller, who was finally (after a hung jury, an overturned verdict and a final guilty verdict) convicted of passing secret documents to the Soviet Union. The California congressman later gained some fame for his spot on the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which he claimed was a “colossal waste of time” – naturally. Shiffis one of those people I just wonder about, a politician who champions things like reducing helicopter noise in Los Angeles. This mediocre politician is also one of the biggest defenders of the same Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) at the center of the “Trump wiretap” affair. A supporter of the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen (again naturally), he was the one who spearheaded a call to the Obama White House to “tell the American public that the government of Russia was behind the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s computers”. If you are looking for his agenda, begging everyone who will listen to provide support for his unabashed claims is all over the news today. The man just cannot shut up his evangelism of the big lie – “Russia did it”.

To further characterize Adam Schiff, his opponent in the 2012 elections, Phil Jennerjahn portrayed the congressman as irredeemably unscrupulous in his supplication to anyone or anything that will get him elected. Jennerjahn openly claimed gays, Muslims, and even Christian Armenians in his district were fooled into voting for Schiff. His exact words were that the ranking house intelligence committee congressman is “politically pliable”. It’s the root of this “pliability” that is the point of my story today. His ties to Ukraine and the anti-Russia regime there are unveiled by his association with Ukraine transplant Worldwide Aeros Ukrainian-born founder, Igor Pasternak.

The most extraordinary sets of circumstances revolve around the whole Ukraine-Crimea situation. Things like former Vice President Joe Biden’s song Hunter joining the country’s biggest natural gas producer while the war in Donbass raged hot in April of 2014 only raised some eyebrows. But somehow the media failed to really investigate – back in 2014 they virtually ignored the greater implications – and the story died. Biden’s offspring taking up the role only days after Crimea decided to rejoin Russia was a damnable offense. However sinister Biden’s complicity in the Ukraine civil war may have been, the US State Department and Senator John McCain flame fanning was worse. Anyone who knows geopolitics knows the real reason for the Euromaidan affair, and opportunists like Schiff clamored like rabid rats for a piece of that pie. McCain evangelized “lethal weapons” from his military industrial complex colleagues for Kiev. While bit players like Adam Schiff simply helped some government contracts along. This is where Igor Pasternak and his Worldwide Aeros military surveillance technologies entered the picture. With congress deadlocked on providing hardcore weapons for Kiev to kill more Donbass civilians with, Schiff helped usher in remote sensing defense tech from Pasternak’s company. Citizens had no idea on this until recently, and I only found out myself because of a “Tweet” by filmmaker Jack Posobiecshowing Schiff being invited to one of Pasternak’s shindigs, a Schiff reelection event called “Taste of Ukraine” that cost attendees upwards of $2500 bucks a shot.

On Schiff and the other neo-liberals merit investigations into their own duplicity with foreign nationals, the California congressman’s demeanor suggest he may simply be incompetent. This story from 2014 speaks volumes for Schiff’s wishy-washy mediocrity – it may even be circumstantial proof he’s an obtuse idiot. The Los Angeles Times quotes Schiff on his understanding (and general Washington surprise) at Vladimir Putin’s move into Crimea:

“I think the Russian steps came as a surprise. I think in part it comes from trying to predict a fairly unpredictable [Russian President] Vladimir Putin.”

In this moment of cluelessness, Schiff was not alone. Representative Jim Himes (D-Conn.), who was on the same intelligence committee, thought the hardest thing intelligence could glean was the “intent” of a foreign actor. I’ll address this in my summary, but when Representative Mike Pompeo (R-Kansas) and Adam Schiff returned from a supposed fact finding mission to Ukraine in 2014, it became crystal clear that the House Intelligence Committee was either full of idiots or accomplices to a coup d’état one. This Newsmax report from the time tells of Pompeo and Schiff spreading Russophobia and of fear mongering. At one point Pompeo lays down his own “domino theory” that if Putin is not stopped in the Donbass, Moldova and Belarus will fall next! It is in the hands of these Imbeciles or lunatics we have committed the fate of the world my friends. Now for my summary and assessment.

I focused this report on Congressman Adam Schiff for two basic reasons. First and foremost, he’s dangerous because of his stupidity and/or personal agenda. Millions of people’s lives are at stake at the whim of such men and women. Secondly, Schiff is a hypocrite on the level of Senator John McCain, even if he is not as shrewd or powerful. These globalists henchmen will stop at nothing to ensure we have a world in crisis. Theirs is a mission in job security my friends. There mission is to perpetuate an insecure state that will need intelligence and security committees. They are Olympic champions in the game of the “Pot Calling the Kettle Black”.

Lastly, the Euromaidan regime change had granite solid predictability about it. In fact, the whole Ukraine ascension to the EU was a predictable fiasco. These scallywags in Washington expect all of us to believe Vladimir Putin is some unpredictable loose cannon – a wild man dictator hell bent on taking over the world. The reality, at least for the sane among us, is very much different. Russia has no designs on Ukraine outside of a transit partnership for natural gas, and as a natural partner in trade and exchange. And here’s the thing, nobody in congress can prove otherwise – I defy any of them to try. More importantly, Russia has no designs on Europe at all, with the exception of tourism and trade – business is all Europe is good for where Russians are concerned – do the logic and homework, I speak no lie here. The Washington think tanks all know this, even though the people are convinced of Russian designs on more??? More what? This is the crux of my argument. What exactly has Russia to gain from seizing Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Estonia, or even Germany far to the West?

I’m going to leave the reader with this question. What is it that Vladimir Putin really wants? If I may reuse 1000 western media headlines. As for men like Adam Schiff, it’s time we questioned, “what’s in it for he and his constituents?”

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.