22.09.2016 Author: Phil Butler

On America’s Manufactured Ideals

45324234234What if I could prove to every American family their children were being brainwashed at every level of education? What if unwitting mothers and fathers worked the live-long-day to try and provide a better future for their kids, only to see them indoctrinated into an unsustainable system? The Americans I know would burn down any institution bent on such subversion. Here’s kindling for the fire that should be raging in my country.

“Manufacting Consent” by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, it was a groundbreaking work that described the five editorially distorting filters, which are applied to the reporting of news in mass communications media. The work, boiled down to its essence tells us how our media sold out, how mass media was forced to distort their reporting to favor government and corporate policies in order to stay in business. The authors venture far in revisiting with the American people how Orwellian our system has become, but Manufacturing Consent does not go far enough. Media control is a tiny fraction of an overall “consent” system built up in America, backed and fostered by Britain, and adhered to by European money interests. Media is powerful as a propaganda tool, but education bends minds. Today we need to take a razor sharp focus, in order to understand why the American system is failing. Enter the professors of chaos, academia’s sellouts.

Stephen Zunes wrote a piece the other day for the liberal magazine The Progressive entitled “Putin’s U.S. Defenders”, which pretends to teach readers all about the world’s most talked about leader. The article goes on to paint one American only as a “Putin supporter”, namely Donald Trump. Readers here would probably discount Zunes as just another American think tank hegemonic, but I assure you this perception would be wrong. Zunes is a archetype actually, an icon of a subversive education system bent on controlling ideas. The piece is typically laced with all the Vladimir Putin jargon we’ve seen, authoritarian, KGB, strongman, and etc. Zunes is a rather prolific anti-Russia author, but it’s his positions in academia and with policy NGOs that’s of interest here. A professor at San Francisco University, he’s also on the advisory council of something called the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), which is actually anything but peaceful. Using him as a sort of “poster boy” for brainwashing and regime change here, we can begin to see the breadth and depth of America’s world policy disasters. First let’s examine ICNC’s role in current upheaval.

Billed as an NGO that fosters peaceful discourse and change, ICNC has been criticized for its involvement in US-backed regime change operations. Stephen Zunes has defended the organization vehemently, and for obvious reasons. On the “left” side of things the ICNC is supported in its contention the organization is a lovely white dove of peace, simply educating young minds about non-violent change. But if there is any validity to what the “right” side of the idealistic isle says, ICNC is just another arm of US intelligence, the State Department, and the corporate elites. But like our friend, billionaire George Soros, anywhere ICNC shows up we find USAID, US intelligence agencies, and eventually a color revolution. Zunes is the scholarly defender of the faithful, but it is co-founder of ICNC Peter Ackerman and his funding that powers this coup d’état engine. Without delving into this Wall Street tycoon’s past, even the New York Times has classified him as a “trainer of dissidents”. Ackerman is said to have molded himself in the image of George Soros, in fac .Hugo Chavez supporter and award winning columnist Eva Gollinger called Ackerman’s efforts to destabilize her country; “NGO efforts to turn Venezuela students into shock troops against the government”. Ackerman and Zunes are neck deep in distributing democracy the old fashioned way, destroying governments from within, supporting and fostering upheaval by students. Now I can move on to America’s most bitter betrayal, and freedom’s worst too, the coercion of young minds.

When I was a kid movies about the Soviets or Nazis or Communist China exerting mind control were all the talk. Every Saturday a kid could go down to the cinema and get a hefty dose of “American democracy” freeing up those brainwashed commies, US detectives uncovering escaped Nazi war criminal cells deep in some Amazon rainforest. We were supposed to be terrified of the color red, and anything associated with propaganda. I guess you all know by now, we were largely hoodwinked. The Soviets were doing good to cloth and feed everybody, and China was still in the middle ages practically. We were scared for nothing, and not even our teachers knew. “Duck and cover” would protect us from an “A bomb” hit, or Superman would foil Khrushchev one. Only Khrushchev had zero designs on Omaha Nebraska. We were taught he did.

Stephen Zunes is a college professor, a member of the full-time faculty of a University that serves almost 11,000 students. It is a Jesuit Catholic school that began in 1855 as a one room schoolhouse. Zunes is the University’s resident Middle East guru, and he teaches “courses on the politics of Middle East, nonviolence, conflict resolution, U.S. foreign policy, and globalization for the Politics department, the International Studies major, and the Peace & Justice Studies minor, as well as the Middle Eastern Studies minor, for which he serves as program director”. There are currently 9 courses the fine students of this school can take under professor Zunes. POLS 355 – US Foreign Policy, which is taught every other year, provides University of San Francisco students the opportunity to grasp the crisp and accurate world view, to glean the righteous and democratic mission of America overseas, and from an expert’s point of view. Excuse my sarcasm here, but I know you’ll agree that graduates often take their professor’s view along life’s highway. Why Zunes’ star student’s might even make it to the State Department!

There’s no need for me to drive Stephen Zunes farther into the abyss here. He is but one in a system of coercion and malfeasance now orchestrated by the pursuit of wealth and control. Whether the good professor is a giddy idealist convinced of his moral superiority, or a pure grant grubbing corporate sellout matters not a wit. He’s a caricature, a pawn, a stooge in a deadly long term game of Manufactured Ideals, the extension of Noam Chomsky’s valiant effort to show the world’s greatest evil in motion. Zunes and 1000s like him churn out the biggest lie ever perpetrated, the fallacy we are free to think at all. America must break free of these professors of wrong policies, if there is ever to be world peace.

Let me hear your views on sellout professors.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.