29.07.2015 Author: Phil Butler

Obama’s America: Rumors of Busted Democracy

5ps-0098There are three kinds of people inhabiting Earth these days. There are those who strive to remain informed, there are those who for one reason or another are mis-informed or under-informed, and there are the “informers” or communicators among us. In looking at this simplified segmentation of society we can see the evanescence of once concretely held ideals. Even without a keen perception people are beginning to sense that true democracy is nothing but vapor.

What you are about to read begins as a bombastic criticism of “think tank” dinosaurs, one group of the aforementioned “informers” who choose (for whatever reason) to constrain progress in our world. Farther on you will be presented with cases that label the current state of US foreign policy as catastrophic. If you’ll forgive the scathing critique of one academic dignitary out of this writer’s utter disbelief, I’m sure the latter cases will indemnify the former.

Trouncing Archaic Ideas

An article posted on the Boston Globe entitled “Containing and engaging Russia” targets a delusional readership with a testimony right out of Alice’s Wonderland. Author and scholar John Shattuck reverts to the role of reality comedian in his “cart before the horse” assessment of Russia, and of the US role in world geo-strategy.  If the former United States Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy under President Bill Clinton were not so scary in his mental twisting of new “Cold War” synergies, I’d personally nominate him for a Comedy Central award of some kind. I use the term “scary” here without reservation because of the author’s position as rector of Central European University. You see his role in academia, the fertile spawning grounds of both despots and disciples, and the place where the roots of hatred, mistrust, and fallible international relations are planted. The reason for my ire here is, decades of killing and chaos have been brought about by such men. In the incubators of major universities great solutions for all humankind are spawned, but also the chaos of our current world is hatched, evangelized and perpetuated too.

This causes me and millions of others a systemic fear for our future, one amplified by his article with the realization that he and others like him may actually believe their own brainstorms. Speaking on the mission of NATO and eastern European “democracy”, the author of this policy nonsense assets:

“The opposing (American) narrative is that the West effectively won the Cold War. Promoting a market economy and democracy was the best way to help countries from the former Soviet sphere recover from the legacy of communism. Because Russia had been an aggressor in Eastern Europe, NATO was expanded to guarantee the security of these countries, and the EU was expanded to foster their market economies.”

You need not read Mr. Shattuck’s entire piece beyond that point, for he hums and haws for a few more paragraphs, then suggests a Washington strategy Roman Emperor Commodus would have approved of. Like me, the thought may occur to you; “What if these people actually believe what they are preaching?” That possibility is staggering in its implications. Maybe like me, you would prefer some “unseen hand scenario” for humanity, or even theories of the Illuminati ramping up for Armageddon, instead of the blind academic leading us staggering into a black abyss of endless killing, hate and war. If probability theory ever were valid, then the United States of America following such “experts” will certainly lead to nowhere. I vote for more evidence of a new world order over this newfound evidence we’re lectured, taught and led by well educated, often over fed and over compensate nincompoops. This is how empires and dynasties have been deconstructed since the dawn of time.

Mediocrity takes control, hapless leaders are assisted by horrible communicators, and so often both are moved by powerful puppeteers and their unseen machinations toward the end, the end of an era. It’s time for a wake up call, a brisk slap in the face to all who adhere to the “same old” tired strategies of containment and sanctionable punishments of nations of human beings. We need to send a message to John Shattuck, to the Bill Clintons and Barack Obamas of the world too. The message should read (or needs to be shouted).

“Russia has not advanced on anybody, anywhere, or any geo-strategic target, but instead America and the NATO alliance have for decades now made strident moves to threaten the nation of people called Russia. “

Misleading Mice and Men

“Funded by.” Who was it that said for investigations should “follow the money?” Funded by the notorious billionaire George Soros, the Central European University mentioned previously has an interesting list of faculty and noted alumni. However, Soros’ Open Society Foundations’ role in supporting academic brainwashing is by far the most important fact readers need to glean here. The man who was said to have “broken the Bank of England” spends billions backing far left NGOs around the world, this is common knowledge. The reader may also find significant for the “long view” the fact Soros-sponsored organizations have helped mobilize protests in Ferguson. These effort across the seas from Hungary, have helped build grass-roots coalitions on the ground backed by a nationwide online and social media campaigning. The big question is, to what genuine purpose? Is George Soros the stylist of revolution? Could the Obama administration be part and party to some double ended dissection of America? Sorry if that sounds conspiratorial, but the sentient mind does wonder.

Taking a look at the last six years, it’s interesting to observe the larger pattern of civil unrest in the world. Does it occur to anyone else that Arab Spring, the Euromaidan rioting, or even the gay rights onslaught across the world have a common source? These seemingly unrelated events are what have become the flavor of the month these days. Ferguson, Baltimore, Charleston, and now Chattanooga in the United States, these seem to be the fringes of an America some think may unravel altogether. In all this world chaos there seems to be a common thread for me. I believe it was the imminent Carl Jung who once said: “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” Napoleon also spoke of controlling the chaos of war, and even Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein monster was conceived out of chaos.

There’s evidence Soros has funded other organized chaotic movements, such as the Egyptian variant. Soros, who some say has a firm hand on the strings operating US President Barack Obama, has not concealed his views about a global welfare state construct. This new world order (NOW) prospect is further revealed by Obama’s actions with regard to “American influence” leveraging abroad. His appointment of Harold Koh, the dean of Yale Law School, as legal advisor to the U.S. State Department is but one key illustrative. Koh is an advocate of a concept called transnationalism, that argues in favor of “gobal governance” by a central plutocracy of “worthy” leaders. According to the theory, the world’s most challenging problems are too complex for any single country to solve on its own. Basically these people advocate a world system governed by a set of supranatural laws and institutions, rather than systems of constitutional governance. Just how such a system fosters democracy is mysterious, but it’s not the idea or reality of transnationalism that is worrisome, for in and of itself the idea is sound. It’s who’s put in charge that is scary. Worse still, this neo-liberal game is misleading to the extreme.

We’re watching men and women operate these days who presuppose and presume with an age old narcissism, just look at the arrogance of Hillary Clinton for instance. Standing back and taking a clear look at our Titans of industry and politics, we see them all exerting massive leverage on policy using funding and misdirects to transfigure society not to the people’s will, but to their own. Soros’ so-called “Open Society” is a game plane of chaotic innovation, one set in motion by Soros and the Obama administration in my view. An example can be seen in Soro’s and Obama’s take on the US Constitution. Both Soros and the American president contend the founder’s of a nation intended this unique parchment to be trashed any time its keepers saw fit. Yes, believe it or not the laws of the United States were never meant to be set in stone, morality was intended to be flushed down the commode, any time despots in disguise took control. In Obama’s 2006 book The Audacity of Hope, the current president wrote of this law of the land, “is not a static but rather a living document and must be read in the context of an ever-changing world.” So you see, this is how our world became a mess. Promises are not meant to be kept, Russia or any nation becomes the enemy as soon as Obama decides, or as soon as George Soros or our unseen hand decides. The will of the people is, insignificant.
We see this arrogance (exceptionalism) played out in the recent Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage. The court ruled 5 4 in favor, with Reagan appointee Anthony Kennedy joining Obama appointees Sonya Sotomayor and Elena Kagan voting yes alongside Clinton appointees Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer. This is a separate issue really, but relevant for our purposes if only for identifying a control mechanism. The Constitution also guarantees something called separation of powers, but two presidential nominee sets just changed all that. An entire nation just moved, all at once, as if great Atlas had shrugged.

The Exceptional Malfunctioning Politic

The BBC proclaimed in December 2014 that our Central European University was “built to defend democracy”. Also, according to John Shattuck, his school was founded to “resuscitate and revive intellectual freedom” in Eastern Europe! But any college graduate knows that professors grade based on adherence to correct answers, answers written on the chalk board during great lectures. Herein resides the crux of my own fears, that flawed ideology and Machiavellian vested interests result in tilted and controlled education. In plain language Soros is funding a school that churns out Georgian presidents, activists, and prime movers that literally surround Russia. And I might add, the same Russia the Boston Globe and other corporate media routinely vilify. Freedom then, by any definition, is as far from what the current American administration practices as heaven is from hell. When we look at the associations of such people, the “would be” leadership of or new world aristocracy, we find conflicts of interest abounding. My question is, “how did we manage to put beneficiaries of robber barons on our Foreign Relations committees, our key foundations, in charge of our institutions of higher learning and thought?”

Finally, we see in this my Soros- Shattuck-Obama example but one iota of incongruity which our foreign and domestic policies in the West misfire upon. What I mean by this is, just how dysfunctional has our ruling class become? George Soros, and Barack Obama have professed their new age allegiance to disruptive government. My question is, how in the world is America being transformed constitutionally by a man who is a self-professed pseudo-American. To quote Soros directly:

“I did not belong to any community. As a Hungarian Jew I had never quite become an American. I had left Hungary behind and my Jewishness did not express itself in a sense of tribal loyalty that would have led me to support Israel.”
Are these the bearers of the new standard for international discourse and relations? How can someone who is un-American understand or suggest laws and ideals coveted by Americans? This is idiocy, tantamount to a Nobel Peace Prize for drone killing. Will Obama win another for perpetuating war, forgetting every promise, and making a festering wound of West-East relations? And how about the unwitting purveyors of new academic realms, what new powers will these professors be possessed of in the new world order? I say to you their power already exceeds what’s tolerable, for universities across the world are brain wave chambers for a new generation of ideological zombies, the walking dead of humankind’s future. I leave you with a quotation from a relatively new book by Ben Shapiro, a UCLA student who exposed academic indoctrination of students in “Brainwashed”. In the forward publisher David Limbaugh writes:

“How can ideas flowing from traditional values receive a proper airing when the prevailing dogma emphatically rejects moral absolutes? How can students be expected to further their grasp on reality when the university atmosphere teaches that truth is a social construct determined largely by power?”

Later on in the text the author recounts something Harvard professor Orlando Patterson uttered on News Hour with Bill Lehrer in a discussion about former President Bill Clinton’s perjury. Patterson said, “I think it is important to emphasize there are no absolutes in our moral precepts.” If humanity is destined to always be a kind of collective herd, if we are to delegate leadership in thought or deed to others, then what manner of system should we have? Clearly democracy is dead as the proverbial door nail. Power, however one defines it, exerts control on us as never before. We cannot even learn with any trust in higher forms of guidance. We are cattle, herded into a chosen reality no matter what potential we may dream of ultimately. Russia, China, or any nation that dissents, they are our enemy. People like Soros, his handlers and minions both, they treat us as if they were matadors, waving the red cape to lure us toward the sword. This discourse is not new, but reminiscent of 18th century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract wherein we agree to submit to the authority of the general will of the people, and thereby are guaranteed individual rights against being enslaved or subjugated by the will of the few. In this contract it is “we” who are the authors of the law, and not college deans or professors, or rich and quite mad billionaires who are convinced they are our betters.

For those of you who are desperate to be informed, perhaps you will now try and relate to your neighbors who cannot receive such messages. And for the great communicators out there the choice is clear here. Right and wrong seem to me to be getting clearer all the time. Thanks for your attention, and may we never forget:

“The fruits belong to all and the land belongs to no one.” – JJ Rousseau

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.