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09.07.2024 Simon Chege Ndiritu

The 25th June 2024, came with the violent protests in Kenya, in which demonstrators broke into the parliament, stole the mace and set the building ablaze, as some of them were shot by the police all across the capital. The author does not praise the protests or the violence but notes the government’s recklessness in provoking public disquiet and failing to effectively police the country, while sending 400 policemen to Haiti, the day before.

02.07.2024 Simon Chege Ndiritu

Barely a week after the Kenyan president left the G7 convention in which he pontificated concerning democracy and championed for IMF and the World Bank to avail fair finances for Africans, Mr. Ruto has returned to face widespread protests against his fiscal budget marked by over taxation. As protests intensified, The IMF and World Bank trended on the Twitter X space on 21st June 2024 as Kenyans condemned the colonial institutions, but the president seems interested in continuing dealing with such bodies.