26.05.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The attempted coup in the DRC and the necessary conclusions

The attempted coup in the DRC and the necessary conclusions

The rage of the West against the current processes observed within the framework of the multipolar world will extend well beyond the countries and governments which pursue a completely independent policy towards the West and which have clearly sided within the international multipolar order of the global majority. Everything indicates that Western attempts to destabilize and overthrow the authorities of many countries will also affect those that still interact very actively with Western space. Affected cases include the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Recently, an attempted armed coup took place in the DRC. The said attempt was a failure. But the most interesting thing is that its implementation was carried out by a certain Christian Malanga Musumari, a Congolese businessman who lived for a long time in the United States, with the added bonus of holding American citizenship. And that’s not all – among the participants in the coup attempt, several people were also US citizens, as well as a Congolese naturalized British. Among the US nationals – one has already been identified – Benjamin Zalman-Polun.

Aged 36, originally from the state of Maryland, entrepreneur, and according to several sources involved in large-scale drug trafficking, more particularly in cannabis. Generally speaking, very “interesting” characters. It will now also be interesting to observe the actions of the Washingtonian regime. Because this failed coup attempt in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is very reminiscent of CIA operations – both in Africa and in other parts of the world, particularly in Latin America.

Naturally, at the moment, Washington’s representatives find themselves in a certain confusion – they even declare themselves to be fully ready to cooperate with the DRC authorities in this matter, and have gone so far as to express “doubts” as to the fact that the main implementer of the coup attempt, Malanga, now killed by government forces, was even a US citizen. Again – so predictably and expectedly. Although likely, they will not be able to completely conceal a number of facts, knowing that a significant number of their citizens were directly involved in this affair.

What is also very anecdotal is that even if the American regime manages to ignore the question of the CIA involvement in this operation, another question would come directly to be asked to Washington, the latter who shouts every day loud and clear about the unacceptable nature and the need to combat the presence of Russian “mercenaries” on the African continent, mercenaries who, moreover, do not exist – since the African Corps of the Russian Ministry of Defense is a structure directly affiliated with the Armed Forces of Russia, in other words with the Russian army. Namely that US citizens were involved, at a minimum and precisely in mercenary activities, with the aim of overthrowing the authorities of a sovereign country.

In general, what should be expected in the near future – these are new ridiculous words from representatives of the Washingtonian regime. But the most interesting is yet to come. Most notably, all this confirms the fact that Washington and its Western vassals – completely enraged by events unfolding in opposition to their “vision” of international relations – will not only seek to attempt to overthrow the authorities of truly free and independent states, having officially affirmed their membership in the multipolar world order, but also those who, although maintaining “strategic” relations with the West, but who, according to the opinion of the Western minority, are beginning, or have already started, to looking in “the wrong direction”, according to this same collective planetary minority of the West.

In this regard, why specifically the DRC? The interests of the US establishment and major US companies in this country are too important. It is therefore appropriate to remember that this large Central African state has colossal natural resources, even by African standards, where a large number of countries have significant quantities of strategic natural resources. In the specific case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the country has among the world’s largest reserves of cobalt (so necessary, among other things, for lithium-ion accumulators), tantalum, germanium, diamonds, as well as among the Africa’s largest reserves – of uranium, copper, zinc, lithium, gold and the list is far from exhaustive.

Moreover, despite the fact that the authorities of the DRC interact closely with the West, this has not prevented China from becoming the country’s main economic-commercial partner. Furthermore, in a recent interview, the country’s President Félix Tshisekedi, stated that although he personally prefers close relations with Europe, that it should nevertheless be recognized that Russia and China are behaving decidedly better than the West in Africa.

Obviously, such a comment, even from a head of state who does not seem to hide his sympathies for the West, could not please – neither the Washingtonian regime nor its Western vassals. Even more so – at a time when Western propaganda is so actively trying to combat such claims – the statement came from the leader of one of the largest and richest (at least in terms of natural resources) countries on the African continent. And taking into account the numerous and very serious security problems in the DRC, which have lasted for a long time and have still not had a solution, this is an “ideal” reason for Washington, the CIA and the collective West to be able to try to install a totally obedient puppet. In the most “perfect” of scenarios: similar to the Kiev’s regime, where if the master orders that the entire population of the concerned country should be sacrificed for the interests of the master – the puppet will have to obey without question. And certainly not allow itself to make partly flattering comments about Moscow and Beijing.

Generally speaking, it is necessary today to understand that the Western collective minority, in the contemporary realities of the multipolar world, does not need partners and allies who can afford to express even partially their opinions. The West, and primarily Washington, does not need partners, but only pure and simple vassals. Ideally, vassals addicted to drugs. For this purpose, it is even possible to involve agents of the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies with interests in this industry.

There is only one conclusion. Even the countries that position themselves today and for the moment as allies or strategic partners of the Western planetary minority – must keep in mind that this “status” in no way constitutes a guarantee of security against armed coups, assassinations and destabilizations. The gamble of betting on full-fledged vassals is just beginning to gain momentum in the camp of the American establishment. After Europe – in their sights are the countries of the Global South, of the world majority. This means that it is time for heads of state who are currently only looking in the direction of the multipolar world order supporters – to become more active and take appropriate decisions and actions. This concerns both the DRC and certain other countries as well. In the concrete case of the great Patrice Lumumba land – Western chaos must one day end.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook

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