18.03.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The planetary minority was not able to cancel the Russia’s choice

The planetary minority was not able to cancel the Russia’s choice

Presidential elections in Russia have demonstrated once again that no one is able to overturn the sovereign choice of the multi-ethnic Russian people. The attempts of a global minority to delegitimize Russia’s choice are all the more ridiculous. It did not work for the instigators, and will not work. The Russian people have once again proven their sovereignty. As for the recognition of the results – it will be represented by the majority of humanity.

The record participation rate in the 2024 Russian presidential elections – constitutes another serious lesson given by the Russian people – to the Western global minority. Namely, no one, except the citizens of the Russian Federation themselves, will be able to make a choice about the country’s future. All the more so since this was manifested not only in the massive participation of Russian citizens in voting in Russia, but also abroad – both near and far abroad.

Concerning specifically the far abroad countries, it should be underlined that in addition to the activity of Russian citizens who came to vote in many countries around the world, should also be noted the total failure of two components of the Western propaganda. First, calls from the political and media elites of the Western global minority not to participate in “illegitimate” elections have not achieved any success among Russian citizens, including those living abroad. This is evidenced by the queues in front of Russian diplomatic institutions in various parts of the world – in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin and North America.

The second element of the Western minority failure lies in the attempts to carry out “massive” provocative actions during the electoral period – both within and outside Russia’s borders. Here too – it was unsuccessful for the instigators – a failure for the Western elites, as well as for their obedient puppets. There is of course another point as well – the intensification of terrorist attacks with de facto direct involvement of the enemy NATO-West bloc. With the use of Ukrainian and Russian Nazis, the latter being at the same time traitors to their country. Although everyone will have to answer – the Ukrainian Nazis, their Russian colleagues as new vlasovtsy, as well as their masters – all will have to answer for the committed crimes. The only difference is that in the first two cases, the punitive measures will be of a more local nature, in the last case – on a global scale. In principle, today they are beginning to understand it more and more clearly.

Let us return to the elections and in particular to their coverage in the countries of the non-Western majority, particularly in Africa. If a certain number of African media structures, in one form or another oriented towards Western thought, have preferred to adopt a wait-and-see position, the majority of important and independent African media – both on a continental, regional and national scale – have been very enthusiastic about the holding of the presidential elections in the Russian Federation and their results. Moreover, there was a feeling that the outcome of the elections in Russia was important for many countries on the continent themselves. In the quality of Russia’s abilities to put the representatives of neocolonialism in their place, in the person of the same Western pseudo-elites.

Another interesting point also concerns the complete rejection by many citizens of African countries – of the Western’s establishment theses, according to which the opposition is not represented in Russia. Here again – obvious failure for the propagators of the said theses. Many friends and acquaintances here in Africa, both at the level of experts and media representatives and at the reader’s level, have clearly stated that according to their own information, there has long been a notable Russian opposition represented by the Communist Party of Russia. Which, moreover, has maintained numerous fruitful contacts on the African continent since the time of the USSR and to this day. And it was absolutely unacceptable for them to hear that pro-Western outcasts from various sides should be considered to be the opposition – without having any basis for such a position, precisely given their marginality in Russian society. But only on the basis that the Western planetary minority would like it to be so. To be honest, this is also part of Africa’s unique charm – its massive capacity to know how to analyze events on an international scale – without ambiguity and without the need for further explanation.

Last point. Without the slightest doubt, the vast majority of countries around the world will soon send their congratulations to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Several countries are already doing this. As such, it will be extremely interested in the very near future to make a calculation of countries by represented number and demographic component – having recognized the absolutely logical and obvious results of the Russian Federation citizen’s vast majority choice. Then of those – because of their arrogance and, excuse the expression, their stupidity, will not do it. This will once again put an end to the question of who constitutes the global majority and who represents a miserable minority.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal “New Eastern Outlook 

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