29.02.2024 Author: Henry Kamens

Navalny-Assange: Cui bono? Untimely and Convenient Premature “Deaths and Dying!”

Navalny-Assange: Cui bono? Untimely and Convenient Premature “Deaths and Dying!”

I find it hilarious that the same western media that ignored Gonzalo Lira’s death from torture and ill-care by the Ukrainians are now screaming foul about Alexei Navalny … and only too conveniently! Well, the western is having a field day over the so-called Russian opposition leader, and they want to present a foregone conclusion as to whom guilty, without any evidence.

The allegations and finger pointing comes at an opportune time for the collective West, avoiding any real discussion of the collapse of the Ukrainian media is now talking defense in Avdeevka, and that a massive defeat for Ukraine (and their masters in the west) across all fronts is on the horizon, NOT only of Ukrainian forces but also of US foreign policy. The matter is further complicated by the drying up of continued US-funding and shipments of hand-me-down weapons, with few exceptions,

The glaring hypocrisy of most Western nations, especially their ostentatious display of outrage following the death of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, is mind-boggling. While they remain silent on the torturous slow death of Julian Assange, an Australian citizen held in a UK prison for the “crime” of exposing US war crimes, and largely overlook the tragic death of Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine, these actors elevate themselves onto the moral high ground to denounce Russia at every opportunity, and without any foundation.

Why the Double Standards?

If killing opponents is a growing BIG business, as many claims, then, if and (most likely) when Julian Assange is extradited to the US, the US government will most likely murder him and call it “suicide,” as was the case with Jeffrey Epstein.  We know how the criminals in the US government and political parties, especially the DNC, operate.

They’ll wait until the public is distracted by something else, then they’ll kill the person that is no longer needed. And Assange knows that too, as many others do in the sphere of human rights. That is why Assange is fighting for his life to avoid extradition. 

Free Julian Assange

I need to find my Free Julian Assange t-shirt and wear it out places. Julian’s “crime” is that he published classified documents, internal messages, reports and videos from the U.S. government and U.S. military in 2010, which were provided by U.S. army whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

The documents and video showed how the US military was not only covering up cases of torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison, but that the wholesale murder of civilians was not only being covered up, but even encouraged.

A particularly harrowing video was the one which showed the gunsight view of an AH-64 Apache gunship crew joking as they murdered numerous unarmed civilians as if it was nothing more than a game.

As for Assange, it is as if he is a dead man walking. It is worth taking note of what Eduard Snowden shared on his social media page: the outrageous part of the UK’s years-long “trial” is to condemn Julian Assange to die in an American dungeon is that the victim of his “crime” (journalism)  is a state rather than person—the definition of apolitical offense, which the US-UK extradition treaty explicitly forbids.

The UK will likely hand him over to it strategic partner, and with the request not to torture or kill him, and of course, and he will pay for everything he has exposed. I am asking really myself who really gave this man all the leaked information?! For me, it has to be some within the US government, almost certainly higher ups, and he was an idiot to spread it… and now he finds that his shelf life has expired.

Now to compare, Assange was exposing war crimes by the US and its allies, whereas Navalny was caught on film asking an MI6 agent for millions to finance a revolution against Putin.

Navalny is seen telling an MI6 officer of the British Counterintelligence Service, James William Thomas Ford, that he needed between $10 and 20 million dollars per year to make stuff happen.

Apparently, Navalny was a real racist and white supremacist too. Now he is a darling of the West. So who really benefits from this, and so much so that they could have hoped for it?

As one recent post spread about the internet makes the candid point, aside from the lossof any life: One white man died in a Russian prison, whereas weeping liberals of the world [turn a blind eye] to 30,000 Palestinians killed in a televised genocide.

I think the western hypocrisy over Navalny dying in prison is a good topic for discussion, as it is about deflections and not about the possible causes of his death. Based on the rush to judgement by western leaders, which is a foregone conclusion. The West hopes that Navalny’s death will somehow lead to an uprising. If Russia cannot be defeated on the battlefield, then they will need to try to undermine it from the inside – so goes the logic.

As Caitlin Johnstone writes:

“I really could not have a lower opinion of people who would rather talk about Navalny’s persecution in a far away country that has nothing to do with them than Julian Assange being persecuted at the hands of their own government. It’s the most pathetic, bootlicking behavior imaginable.”

It does not stop there; they killed Epstein, so the knowledge in his brain couldn’t be tapped by opponents. And it seems they have been quick to pass judgment, and it was not a production act?  And did not Navalny have 5 doses of Pfizer Covid Vaxx while in prison?

There are many ways to kill our opponents –especially for the non-productive and ageing population, under the guise of “this is good for you”.  Let’s not forget the T-4 program in prewar Germany, also known as Action T4, which was a Nazi German euthanasia program that targeted individuals with physical and mental disabilities, as well as those deemed unworthy of life or procreation.

Russian authorities have accused Ukraine, following the fall of Avdiivka, of war crimes. Allegations suggest that Ukraine maintained “secret torture and burial sites in the city,” according to preliminary reports:

“We do not rule out the possibility that we will receive data on secret prisons, secret burials, and the consequences of torture, about which we have preliminary information. Therefore, this work will be launched now,” Rodion Miroshnik said.

Miroshnik, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Special Envoy, further claimed that residents of Avdiivka purportedly faced torture and death at the hands of the Ukrainian Army due to their suspected pro-Russia position.

Who else has died under convenient circumstances?

Biden is now threatening to retaliate over Navalny’s death. At the same time, the US wants to extradite Julian Assange to the US so they can kill him. However, Biden threatened ‘consequences’ over Navalny, but he has few options. It is worth noting that the sanctions already imposed on Russia over Ukraine have not deterred the Kremlin. And actually have made Russia stronger and more financially secure!

Will unconventional approaches work?

This has Biden and his team at a loss. “We’re contemplating what else could be done: We’re looking at a whole number of options,” claims Biden.  The US leadership and its allies are now faced with “the dilemma of what they could possibly do that would make any difference to the Kremlin?”

More weapons and money to Ukraine, well, that is not working as planned, especially as Ukraine is running out of men to mobilize, not to mention the morale of the army seems to be collapsing. Furthermore, it is doubtful if the US House of Representatives will even agree to that before the US government starts shutting down in a few weeks, if additional money is not passed to keep the lights on in Washington.

Thus, any additional money and weapons designated for Ukraine will be a day late and a dollar short. In addition, the Ukrainian retreat was so precipitous, that large amounts of desperately needed ammunition were left behind, along with large numbers of western supplied armored vehicles and weapons. It was hard enough for the west to supply these the first time, and now the larder is bare.

The recriminations against Russia are rather hypocritical, little doubt about that!

Of course, it is. But surprising? Not really! … of course, same fake business like with the Skripals 2018 “Novichok” and Syria “gas attacks”, we are seeing just another attempt to emotionally blackmail the US president into retaliating against Russia.

We can see the situation is akin to “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” I know that no sooner had Navalny died, then they started to blame it on Putin, and they did immediately as if they had expected, it even before it happened…. After the interview with Tucker Carlson, why should Putin want to ruin his “improved image?”

Cui bono?


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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