16.02.2024 Author: Henry Kamens

Will Tucker Carlson be killed after his recent Putin interview?

Will Tucker Carlson be killed after his recent Putin interview?

You be the judge. It is becoming clear that community standards do not apply to Facebook /Meta (is banned in Russia), MSM or whatever they call it, and many other internet sites, especially if the posts are in support of Ukraine or Poland. They are, in fact, instrumental in directing and misdirecting public discourse over Ukraine and the agenda of the [alleged] New World Order and its less than “honorable intentions”.

Myrotvorets, a site which lists those people Ukraine wants dead. It is described by Wikipedi a as a Ukrainian-Kyiv based website, but it also masquerades as an NGO, or rather as the voice of one. Its official venue is Langley, Virginia, CIA Headquarters, and Warsaw, Poland, which is rather revealing.

Myrotvorets publishes an ever-growing list of undesirable, and sometimes personal, information about people considered by the organization to be “enemies of Ukraine”, or those, as the website itself states, “whose actions have signs of crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, human security, and the international law”, which is a bit rich, when you consider who is making such statements.

According to Forbes, people on the list who have died from various causes are marked as liquidated. The site lists Carlson’s interview with Putin as another offense against Ukraine, along with a 2022 statement he made on Fox News, saying Ukraine’s army was too small to win a victory against Russia.

Will we be hearing the same about Tucker Carlson after his recent interview?”

Others claim that Tucker Carlson wasn’t added to a Ukrainian ‘hit list’ after his Vladimir Putin interview … as he has been on it since 2023 for other statements. However, fact-checkers take another view.  He is described on various pro-Ukrainian sites as a “pro-Russian propagandist,” an “accomplice of Russian war criminals and occupiers” and is responsible for an “attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

The Myrotvorets site makes a chilling first impression with its pictures of dead and decomposing Russian soldiers, The website is an arm of the Myrotvorets Center which publishes personal information with malicious intent – a practice known as doxxing – about those it deems “pro-Russian”.

The site raises (and uses) Bitcoin donations in much the same way as any criminal organization found on the black (or deep) web. However, like so many crowd-funded sites in support of the neo-Nazis in Ukraine, the CIA is more likely to be its main source of income.

Reliable sources

The Myrotvorets website claims all collected information is used exclusively for scientific research and journalistic activities, or so it says. However, even the US State Department in its human rights reports beg to differ.

But we know better. It is not difficult to know why personal information is listed – the site is basically a hit  list. There are several cases of influential persons who were killed soon after their names and addresses appeared on the Myrotvorets website. Those are precisely the cases on which the narrative about the ‘Myrotvorets hit list’ is built.

Russia Today, RT, describes Myrotvorets well as, a ‘Peacemaker’ of death: “This Ukrainian website threatens hundreds of thousands with extrajudicial killings — some are Americans”. The site has been operating with impunity for eight years.

It even listed Henry Kissinger as an enemy of Ukraine, and also journalists who are not to its liking–and the motivation is only too clear. Its work has already led to terrorist acts resulting in deaths and injuries to those listed in its database.

It is good to hear the US State Department claim that “the US was very concerned about the hacking of a database and publication of personal information about journalists in combat areas.” However, its support for the political position advocated by the website means it ultimately regards these journalists as collateral damage in a bigger game – another example of “Do as we say, but believe in what we do, despite all the evidence of our crimes”.

Potential violence, and even murder, are a persistent threat for journalists, and it is a strange that nothing is being done to bring such a site under control, especially by countries which claim to be democracies and respect the rule of law, however concepts like these are just a cover for the suppression of opposing views.

Just doing our jobs

Journalists are now being subjected to unannounced sanctions as well. You would think US government agencies would be required by law, or out of legitimate concern, to notify US citizen journalists that they have been sanctioned. But such considerations only apply to human beings, and they cannot be human if they don’t agree with the US government!

Many sites which operate under the guise of being media watchdogs, or fact-checkers, areopenly fundedby the West and attack other voices. They became especially vicious after the gangland-style assassination of Daria Dugina, daughter of founder of the Eurasianist movement and philosopher AleksandrDugin.

Joe Biden must read his ownExecutive Ordersabout the assassination, murder, or other unlawful killing of, or infliction of other bodily harm against, a United States person or a citizen or national of a United States ally or partner. He should therefore be sanctioningUkraine for its potential kill lists.

Myrotvorets is a particularly problematic and clear-cut case of an organisation which goes beyond the pale in Ukraine’s increasingly hostile media environment. So much so that it has come to the attention of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights over its digital blacklist/kill list.

Without official action, the problem is likely to persist and escalate, with an increase in both media censorship, and attacks on journalists and others who speak out. It should always be remembered that   people go to war over the murders of politicians, but never the murders of journalists.

Some want it both ways. Former president Petro Poroshenko has urged journalists not to publish “negative articles” about Ukraine whilst at the same time condemning the leak of personal data about thousands of reporters that has triggered international concerns about press freedoms in the country,according to Radio Free Europe. But the Myrotvorets site has continued to work, showing whose interests it really serves.

Why sanction all these media outlets and journalists?

The US Treasury likes to classify whatever it does not like, and hits too close to home, as pseudo-academic publications, and claim such outlets promote disinformation and propaganda by combining pro-Kremlin views of Russian academics with anti-US views of Western fringe voices and conspiracy theorists. It is allowed to simply dismiss opposing views without evidence to support its claims.

The US always responds by talking about its intentions in the region, it never even attempts to counter the evidence being presented to support these claims. Proving the claims false would benefit the US much more than just producing propaganda, but apparently the US won’t or can’t do this.

It is worth noting that the majority of people in former Soviet republics (not including the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine and the Baltic Republics) have not forgotten, the USSR having lost a staggering 27,000,000 people, over half of them Russian.

It is an open question as to how long the US government will tolerate its strategic partner in its threatening and killing of journalists, politicians and those who dare to hold opposing views and tell inconvenient truths?


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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