06.02.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

South Africa Expects Retaliation from the West for Israel, but the Country Is Ready to Withstand It

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa

South Africa is preparing for retaliatory measures from Western regimes meant to punish one of Africa’s leading powers and a BRICS member for launching an international legal prosecution against the Zionist regime. The South African leadership, however, believes in the country’s ability to resist these Western actions.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has warned supporters of the ruling ANC (African National Congress) party and the country’s citizens about a systematic campaign against South Africa after one of Africa’s main powers sued Israel to the International Court of Justice for committing genocide against the Palestinians.

The South African leader made these comments in his closing address at a ruling African National Congress event in Boksburg. He believes that there will be systematic revenge campaigns for South Africa’s actions, and they need to be prepared. “The battle against us may focus on internal politics and electoral results in order to pursue the regime change agenda.” He also stressed the need to remain completely vigilant and determined.

Cyril Ramaphosa also added that the success of the Republic’s case initiated by South Africa against the Tel Aviv regime not only revealed the atrocities committed by Israel, but also revealed the moral bankruptcy of the countries that allowed the genocide to occur in Gaza, through their actions and with their direct support. “There is no doubt that these forces will do everything possible to prevent South Africa from bringing the matter to an end,” added the South African President.

As for future prospects, there is no doubt that the regimes of the collective Western minority will try with all their might to punish the Republic of South Africa for such a bold decision and actions taken against the Zionist regime. It is a fact. Moreover, information has repeatedly appeared about the close work of Western intelligence agencies and so-called NGOs with the pro-Western country’s opposition, which is also headed by the descendants of white Western colonialists and supporters of the racist apartheid regime.

Yes, since the end of this apartheid regime, the pro-Western minority in South Africa has lost not only political power, but also the opportunity to influence the country’s international agenda. But using the democratic institutions of the post-apartheid South Africa, this pro-Western opposition has tried and is trying to prevent the authorities and the majority of citizens from making strategic moves. This applies to both the country’s active participation in BRICS and the NATO-Russia standoff within the framework of the Special Military Operation. It is no coincidence that the political leader of the pro-Western opposition in South Africa, a descendant of Western colonialists, openly and repeatedly declared his full support for the Kiev-NATO regime and was even seen in Ukraine during one of his foreign visits.

Naturally, since the end of the power of the Western minority and the establishment of sovereign African democracy in the country, that same minority, using the support of the Western masters and their methods of destabilizing independent states, has not given up on their attempts to take historical revenge. By the way, if we look at the recent publications in the South African media close to this “opposition”, we will see that the recent statements of the country’s president have greatly excited Westerners. The latter openly say that Cyril Ramaphosa, with his statements, is openly defying Washington and the collective West, and that they hope that the rule of the African National Congress in the country will come to an end.

But Westerners among South African citizens must, of course, remember that despite the overseas support and, in general, the support of the collective West, the rabble of liberals and those nostalgic for the times of racial segregation have more than enough problems. Firstly, the ANC has been and remains the country’s leading political force in terms of the support of the majority of South African citizens. And secondly, they should remember about another opposition and third political force, the Economic Freedom Fighters (abbreviated EFF), led by the former head of the ANC youth wing, Julius Malema. This force, supported by millions of South African citizens, is, among other things, even more radical towards the Western minority than the ruling party. This is expressed both on the domestic and international agenda.

So, when South African President Ramaphosa refers to the need to be vigilant and confident in their abilities, he is, in fact, absolutely right. Although it is obvious that the US and collective Western regimes, not to mention the Israeli regime, will not forgive the actions taken by this proud African country, which essentially exposed the entire miserable Western world. Many people are well aware of the meaninglessness of the so-called “international justice” de facto controlled by the Western minority, but the actions of one of the leading African forces and a BRICS member have finally brought to the surface the essence, abomination and hypocrisy of the collective Western minority.

Some Western media outlets are sad to admit that South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel (de facto against the entire West) has finally set the dividing line between “North and South.” Although in this case, the Western media are dodging us again. In fact, the line is not between North and South, but rather between supporters of a multipolar world majority on the one hand and an outright minority of those nostalgic for the unipolar era on the other hand. Between BRICS and the Global South on the one hand and the NATO-Western criminal bloc on the other hand. As for South Africa, the country will resist.


Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on African and Middle Eastern issues, exclusively for the internet journal New Eastern Outlook

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