21.01.2024 Author: Mikhail Gamandiy-Egorov

The Fall of the West

The Fall of the West - Emmanuel Todd

A number of prominent voices, now including those in the West, are beginning to openly say that not only has the time of Western minority dominance over world affairs come to an end, but that the Western system as a whole is collapsing, with all its consequences. All this confirms the thesis that the future system of international relations implies not only the final establishment of a multipolar world order, but also a post-Western international order.

Emmanuel Todd, a well-known French historian, sociologist, social anthropologist, writer and journalist, who once predicted the collapse of the USSR in 1976, said in a recent interview for Le Figaro that today we are witnessing the final fall of the West. Naturally, the French daily expressed the hope that this prediction, based on the analysis and a number of factors voiced by Todd, will not come true, but the main thing is that this message is already being heard in the West itself, including among very recognised experts such as Emmanuel Todd.

Among the reasons voiced by the French figure for such a gloomy forecast for the Western world minority are the collapse of the Kiev-NATO summer counter-offensive against the Russian army, the failure of the US and a number of other NATO regimes to provide sufficient weapons, the US industrial deficit with the disclosure of the fictitious nature of the US GDP, insufficient training of specialists in the field of engineering, and a number of other factors. And actually, Emmanuel Todd’s latest book, due out this month, is called: “The Defeat of the West” (La Défaite de l’Occident).

In general, and in this edition, the French author reminds us of a number of other important factors: that despite the collapse of the USSR, the US itself has been in crisis since the 1980s, where the disappearance of Protestantism has led America from neoliberalism to nihilism. In Britain, from financialisation to loss of a sense of humour. The nullification of religion has led the European Union to suicide, although according to Todd – Germany is due for a revival. And that in 2016-2022 – Western nihilism merged with the nihilism of modern Ukraine, born from the decay of the Soviet system. Together – NATO and Ukraine face a stabilised Russia, a great power again, now conservative, reassuring to the rest of the world – which is unwilling to follow the West in its adventure.

Emmanuel Todd pays special attention to the rest of the world, the non-Western world, whose choices predetermined the outcome of the war. In this case, the French expert, of course, means the countries of the Global South, which either openly supported Russia’s actions and with it the modern multipolar world order, or at least took a neutral position, but again with an emphasis on interaction with Russia and China, and with the processes that are taking place in the world today.

In fact, it is of course interesting to hear a reasonable view from the West then, as this very collective West – the obvious world minority of mankind – in the person of its pseudo-elites has completely lost touch with the reality of modernity, and which by refusing the inclusive world long proposed by China, the multipolar world order, has only accelerated its own decline. But perhaps it was meant to happen.

After all, the descendants of the biggest criminals in the history of mankind, slave traders, colonialists, have long been doomed to failure due to their extreme arrogance and hypocrisy, their natural mendacity, confidence in their own “exclusivity” and impunity. But the time of reckoning has indeed come. And while even some countries from the non-Western world, long considered important allies of the West, have actively taken the course of adaptation to the modern era – the Western minority continues the course of suicide. In the case of the masters of the collective West – the Anglo-Saxons – it is towards maximum escalation.

But great civilisations and the world majority do not give in, no matter how hard the Anglo-Saxons try to plunge the world into complete chaos. Continuing to achieve their goals, strengthening the multipolar world, but at the same time maintaining strategic patience, in view of their responsibility for the future fate of mankind. In any case – the time of Western dominance is finally over. The multipolar world is not a prospect, but a reality. And what is to come is not just a multipolar world order, but a post-Western world in which the minority will have to adapt to the majority, but not vice versa.

As for Emmanuel Todd’s opinion that the position of the non-Western world predetermined the fate of Russia’s confrontation with the NATO bloc, of course, and firstly, it is worth recalling that historically, Russia has never lost to the West, especially when it came to preserving the country, no matter what criminal scum ruled the West in those times. And it has always made key contributions and sacrifices for the sake of overcoming the world evil. But the fact that the countries of the Global South have contributed, some more some less, together a very serious contribution to the processes that are taking place today, accelerating the defeat of the Western insolent minority, is indeed an indisputable fact.


Mikhail GAMANDIY-EGOROV, entrepreneur, political commentator, expert on Africa and the Middle East, especially for online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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