11.01.2024 Author: Henry Kamens

Joe Biden, Scare Tactics: What Comes Next? The OPEN Question over Ukraine!

Joe Biden, Scare Tactics: The OPEN Question over Ukraine!

It is bad enough that Joe Biden is intentionally lying and trying to use scare tactics over Ukraine, and pleading that if Congress does not provide billions more in military financing that it will result in American troops having to face off with the Russians in Ukraine and Eastern Europe?

Biden recently said that if Putin defeats Ukraine, “it won’t stop there,” and Moscow would invade neighboring NATO countries which the U.S. is legally bound to defend.

“If NATO is attacked,” Biden said, “We’ll have American troops fighting Russian troops. We can’t let Putin win.”

From the Institute for the Study of War (Also known as the Nuland News Service) and others, as well referenced in this recent report, it is all about what will happen if aid will be cut for Ukraine, and how that would affect the bottom line of the war establishment and its politically and financially dependent cheer leading squad.

Cheap Rhetoric of Purported Stalemated War

Biden and the democratic team are running scared and that is why they have reverted to such lame scare tactics, especially in light of US elections in 2024 which may be a landslide victory for the republicans, much like the results of the 1984 elections that gave Ronald Reagan the Whitehouse.

Ukraine has effectively lost the war already, for all practical purposes, and most of the efforts to date, including the failed offensives, have been more a war of words than anything substantial. The staying power of the Russians and the imbalance in causalities, is the proof in the pudding, as to the outcome of the conflict to date.

John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, in a recent interview, explains how the balance of power has shifted in terms of the Russians and how the causality exchange ratio decisively favors them and will increasingly favor the Russian side more moving forward … and there is evidence that the Russians have begun to retake territory all along the front line. It is quite clear that when you listen to the reports of the Ukrainian military that many of the forces up on the front are in dire straits, and they can barely hold on, he explains.

The timing could not be worse when the Americans and the Europeans are not going to be able to give them many more weapons and one can “surmise that this situation is only going to get worse. Hence, this is not a stalemate but a situation where the Russian Juggernaut is moving forward—especially in a war `of where two armies are standing toe-to-toe and trying to bleed each other white.”

Mearsheimer begs the question as to “how many casualties are being suffered on each side, and the side that is losing more people is destined to lose the war of attrition, especially if that side is the smaller one.”

The fact is that over the course of 2023, and most certainly since the onset of the Ukrainian counteroffensive back in June of this year, the Ukrainians have been suffering many more causalities than the Russians, some estimations are by a factor of eight to one, so that the causality exchange ratio, as we like to say, greatly favors the Russians over the Ukrainians. This matters greatly because the Russians, to begin with, have a five to one advantage in manpower, so they can afford to lose more people, but it is the Ukrainians who cannot afford to lose more who are losing, in his opinion, far more than the Russians.

It is becoming clear that not only Zelenskyy is delusional in thinking that the Ukrainians can still win the war in conventional ways. The interesting question is whether the Ukrainians can prevent the Russians from conquering more territory and also keep them from continuing to inflict many more casualties on the Ukrainians, and he holds the opinion that the Ukrainians cannot and that they are doomed to lose more territory, substantially more territory.

Even worse, Mearsheimer is also certain that the casualty exchange ratio is going to continue to favor the Russians over the Ukrainians, so ultimately the Russians are going to win “some sort of victory” and we can discuss what that victory will look like!

Biden Holds the Tin Cup

Meanwhile, Biden is begging and threatening Congress to authorize an additional 68 billion USD in funding for Ukraine and ending his plea with how Russian troops will end up fighting American troops. He concluded with how it was an urgent responsibility of the US Congress to uphold the National Security needs of the United States, and quite frankly that of our partners too!

 Biden urges Congress to approve the additional funding before it takes its winter break.

This cannot wait.  Congress needs to pass supplemental funding for Ukraine before they break for the holiday recess.  It’s as simple as that.  He adds, “Frankly, I think it’s stunning that we’ve gotten to this point in the first place.  While Congress — the Republicans in Congress is — are willing to give Putin the greatest gift he could hope for and abandon our global leadership not just to Ukraine, but beyond that.

He is trying to shame the Republicans in Congress is — as if they “are willing to give Putin the greatest gift he could hope for and abandon our global leadership not just to Ukraine, but beyond that.”

Allowing Russia to win its war in Ukraine would be a self-imposed strategic defeat for the United States

Well, that statement is a bit far-fetched, and nobody has really addressed the question of what winning would actually look like, and has little to do with gaining control of territory but to achieve the mission of the Russian Special Military Operation, which need not be repeated, and to bring about stability and democracy to an intentionally unstable part of the world that was brought about as a result of US, EU and NATO wargamers.

For the West, its concept of Victory would have meant, at least according to the pundit Eliot Cohen, who tried to argue “that the shortest path to a cessation of conflict is through the collapse of the Russian military.” This also ties in with the Neo-Con dream of dismembering Russia into a number of smaller and more easily controlled “republics” that would then be asset stripped to feed the voracious appetites of western elites.

Everything for Biden and team “Is as simple as that.  It’s stunning,” taking some lines from his last speech and how “Extreme Republicans are playing chicken with our national security, holding Ukraine’s funding hostage to their extreme partisan border policies.

Realities of Conflicts

With increasing climate change and resulting military conflicts, more and more people will lose their normal environment and move towards richer countries. Here we also need to add greater opportunities for movement; this will all lead to the fact that millions of people will move quite quickly from territories where they lived in other more developed countries to, for example, Europe which is a large political union without internal borders.

Europe has accepted, and will likely continue to accept, a large number of refugees from Ukraine, especially those who don’t want to die for the West, i.e., draft dodgers, since Europe would benefit from people who are young and well-educated, and adapted to the European way of life. However, it is a completely different matter when it comes to people from Africa or the Middle East, at least for most Europeans.

But the EU as a whole can no longer accept so many refugees, and the EU can now get out of this situation by accepting Georgia and Moldova into the EU, and these new members of EU will become destinations for the new arrivals, whether their own populations like it or not.

After the military conflict, Ukraine will need to rebuild, but many skilled Ukrainians will have already resettled in Europe.  Not many of them will return back to Ukraine, and this is where new refugees will come in handy, perhaps many from Palestine will return home to their historic and cultural roots.

Indeed, the presence of migrants is now being expressed as a plot: wars are being fought, and refugees, from those wars allowed in, and simply to destroy Europe, or so goes the theory.

However, that is a topic for another article!


Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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