01.04.2023 Author: Henry Kamens

CIA, NED: Georgia and Colour Revolutions: “Oink, Oink, Squeal like a Pig!”


Spring is finally here, and it has been a very mild winter for Europe.  However, the month of March can be very unpredictable, and not only in terms of the weather.

The National Endowment for Democracy, NED, CIA, is hard at work in Moldova and Georgia, and coming soon to Turkey, if it doesn’t just let it be and let nature run its course in the wake of the earthquake and the political fallout. I still don’t understand how NATO considers it has any potency without Turkey getting on board with its aggressive behaviour.

What was that wise tale about “once upon a time how firemen put out fires and did not start them, when discussing the burning books, as in Fahrenheit 451?” The same can be said about NATO, and whether it was actually a defence organisation to begin with.

I have the impression that that is just another rumour someone started. Now there are more rumours of the same kind, that the usual suspects are funding NGOs and groups that are looking for regime change in Israel.

Has the world gone crazy, or have I just woken to realise how things are? I bought some onion sets and a big bag of fertiliser today, Russian-made; I am drawing the line and planning for the future, as it may be a hard winter. The onions have made me think of the many levels and layers of what is going on in the world – the more you peel them back, the more you find.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

The most ironic of all situations is what is happening in Georgia, with the apparent effort to change the government; this is not a homegrown manifestation but an invasive one. It is not as if it was not expected, even predicated, and there is more to come.

I suspect there is a contingency for not letting Georgia go as Ukraine did in 2014. However the effort is backfiring. Ukraine may take down NATO, the EU, Georgia and Moldova like a house of cards. The West, especially the US, has spent and continues to spend too much on Ukraine. But not out of the goodness of their collective hearts. It is no wonder that some pundits and many Americans think it is high time to walk away, even in the style of Afghanistan!

Many Americans think Georgia is where the movie “Deliverance” took place. All they know is “oink, oink, and squeal like a pig” (if you understand that movie reference). Now however it is Georgia which is seeking to be delivered from all the squealing inflicted upon it.

Tbilisi has been in the news due to a foreign agent registration law which the democratically elected parliament wanted to pass. A group of NGOs, funded by the NED and CIA, etc., would not have it.

So the Government backed down, under threat of sanctions from the EU and US, at least for now. Its members understand they are next in the crosshairs, and are expecting something like the bloodbath in Maiden, 2014.

Things are quiet now, however it is not over, as there are still plans by the US and its friends to replace the current government. I suspect that because things are going better for Russia in Ukraine they need Georgia as the backup location, and Moldova if that fails.

Scott Ritter, a former US Marine and frequent contributor to Russian information and international talk programnes, writes about the reality of the US when it comes to Georgia:

To most Americans, it is just food, wine, and some fun dancing. This is the reality of the society you Georgians are betting your future on—America doesn’t care about you. Americans don’t even really like you.

  • We barely tolerate your food and wine, and we view your culture as a mere curiosity.
  • History clearly shows that we are not going to die for you. You exist only to serve our larger geopolitical goals and objectives.
  • You are nothing more than part of the “belt of instability” being installed by the United States along Russia’s periphery.
  • Reflect on that for a moment—Georgia’s American purpose is to generate regional instability.
  • It is not going to be Americans who will pay the price, [as they already think they own Georgia and Georgians].

Finally, we have a wake-up call for Georgia and Georgians. Unfortunately many Georgians don’t want to come to the realisation that they’re inviting in and propping up a worse invader, who as Scott Ritter pointed out does not care about them as a people at all, but only how they can be used to fulfill their BIGGER objectives.

Meanwhile Back in the USA

The only problem with the plan is that many in the West, especially Americans, are not happy with higher taxes, more inflation and less money in their pockets, and can’t see why the US is involved in a proxy war with Russia using an intermediate country they could care less about, and would even have a hard time finding on a map, i.e. Ukraine.

The US prefers to export all its money to wars they have no reason being involved with in the first place, as in Syria, keeping poor people poor, and letting US citizens get poorer. That is what makes the world spin out of control; the rulers are only serving themselves, and do not care about those who they purport to help.

Seeing the situation on the ground, and knowing many of the personalities involved, I am glad that we at NEO and others in the alternative media have been warning the Georgian government what was going to happen with articles and associated interviews with Georgian media.

Particularly as it is now apparent why former President Mikheil Saakashvili came back to Georgia, risking everything, despite being a fugitive from justice thanks to a long list of financial crimes and human rights violations.

He is currently behind bars for just a few of these of these various crimes. He would doubtless be facing more charges, but has acted well and served as the useful idiot, a short fuse for a ticking time bomb.

What has happened to Saakasahvili, who terrorised the population of the US behalf for ten years, shows what the rest of the country can expect for thinking the US is a genuine friend. There is a strong attempt by the US State Department to make sure that Georgia can be turned into a potential Maidan 2014 if need be—as we can see from some of their media releases.


As the perfect storm for Foreign Influence Gathers

Trying to pass the blame to Russia is ironic, considering the cat is already out of the bag. As the US Embassy press statement reads: U.S. Embassy Statement on Parliament’s Rushed Advancement of Kremlin-Inspired Legislation on So-Called “Foreign Influence”. This is of course the same US which devoted billions of dollars to preventing Russian interference in any country, and invented such laws for this purpose, until Georgia and other countries elected leaders who actually took them at their word, and actually wanted Russian influence to be removed when the US had spent that money for show.

What is unfolding in Georgia is so scripted it is as if it came out of an NED regime change playbook, as in Kyiv 2014 and many other venues in the spider web of US operations. Many Georgians, especially the over 50s and even a few in the younger generation, are starting to think: “We will be better off with the Russians!”

Pigs are Pigs

Many real stakeholders in the West are too preoccupied with other things, including banking meltdowns and political standoffs that may implode the entire system, than to care what is happening in the latest foreign hotspot. Most Americans, the silent majority as Nixon used to describe them, think Georgia is just north of Florida, and fewer see any deliverance other than a Nick Betty inconvenient moment when it was demanded by his hosts that he squeal-like-a-pig.

To the extent Americans know anything about Georgia and Georgian culture, this “knowledge” is limited to a superficial appreciation of Georgian cuisine and dance, and the fact that Uncle Joe Stalin was from there. The majority of Americans do not even know that Georgia exists.

There was a song by the Beatles that mentioned Georgia by name – the one that was then controlled by Russia: “Back in the USSR” name-checked a few Soviet republics, including Georgia. Other than that, Georgia hasn’t been mentioned in American pop culture at all.

I am too close to much of what is going on in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East and Asia to not realise that its history, as recorded, seems to be engineered by wars, threats of wars and invasions of one empire by another, which are not undertaken to see which one is superior but whose ideology can stand the test of time.

As an insider with a US military background, I should be, by all accounts, on the side of the foreign influences who want to degrade Georgia to the level of a banana republic. But I am on Georgia’s side, because this “foreign influence” should not be of any consequence if it is benign, and it is only the West which does not want to be held accountable for its actions in Georgia. .

Here are some questions to ponder:

  • Why is the average Georgian protestor or youth against the foreign agents law anyway?
  • Why would a Georgian not want to know the origin and funding of their news sources?

Being pro-Western is cool, and the more independent young Georgians claim to be, the more they want to be what all their friends are. Some of the NGOs here, such as the Franklin Institute, have been programming them for this very purpose. I know one 15-year-old student who has been attending US and foreign civil society training as part of her high school education. She tells me how they are trying to brainwash them. The same is true with many private schools, including some of the very prestigious ones, including those with IB programmes such as the European School. Basically, if you want a better life you have to do what the US wants, even though you will never be rewarded for doing it because you only exist to serve their purposes.

The Peace Corps, no longer anything like the idealistic initiative of the Kennedy years, is in Georgia too. There is also a Fifth Column of Ukrainian Nationalists backed by members of the Georgian Legion who have been serving as mercenaries in Ukraine, who are funded by the NED, CIA, USAID and crowd funding.

Those who stand behind Saakashvili are not known for using non-violent methods. In fact they are cold blooded killers who taught him everything he knew.—and what to say.  The proverbial road to hell is paved with good intentions, which never go beyond being expressed as good intentions. In the case of Georgia, it will be stained with blood.

School for Scoundrels

Jeffrey Silverman, the Georgian Bureau Chief for Veterans Today, and contributed to the newly established, Intel Drop publication, has worked in public schools and several private universities and public colleges in the country. He describes how in his own MA diplomacy programmes in the US he was taught how to take over countries. First destroy the education, local sustainable economies and culture, rewrite history, and then go after religion and its leaders by getting them to Westernize.

Silverman has spent 20 years watching Georgian students become progressively more academically and morally degraded. “If you could see the difference between the students I had in 2000 and the new crop, each year the level is less and less, and this is not by happenstance.”

Georgia will be like Casablanca was in the famous 1941 movie, a place for shady deals, dirty business and backstabbing, where companies set up their entities as forward operating bases for US proxy conflicts. It is becoming a very wild place which will serve many purposes, where the Great Game will be reinvested.

Let us not forget 2014 and who hired Maidan snipers who were mostly from Georgia. Now it is time to watch how the West has taken the media war in Ukraine to unprecedented levels, at the expense of the truth and survival of humanity. The forewarning of what is spinning out of control can be found everywhere.

On social media platforms, even in some papers, the script remains the same: it is all about support for freedom—but whose freedom, and at whose expense? Georgia should be careful not to allow those who have been militarised, especially those Ukrainians and Georgian and other foreign volunteers who have been fighting in Ukraine, to enter or move freely in Georgia. They need to be detained, vetted and placed under close supervision – as many have been trained for a NED-CIA orchestrated change of government in Georgia.

Georgian fugitives, criminals ,the disillusioned and other thrill seekers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by participating in ongoing coup efforts—or at least they think they do! However their brighter tomorrow is the same one promised in every other invasion, the one the natives are still waiting for, and blaming the US for not delivering.

The next coup attempt is planned for the 9th of April, a National Holiday in Georgia. To all those pro EU kids and supposed adults who complained that the Georgian Police response to the recent violent protests by those opposed to the FARA law was “undemocratic,” you should take a look at what is going on now in France and what may come next in Georgia.

Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

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