10.03.2023 Author: Phil Butler

Biden’s Genius Detente Has Cost America the Old Ballgame

President Biden

President Joe Biden’s benefactors have lost the world, whether Russia wins or loses in Ukraine. This was a poignant message delivered by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson the other day. Forcing the Russians to act, and pushing them into unbreakable alliances with China, India, and Iran, Biden and Co. have almost overnight turned the United States into one great big meaningless banana republic.

I know, these are strong words, a dramatic revelation. But I and Tucker Carlson are not the only people on Earth who recognize what’s happening. The New Yorker just featured a piece entitled. “Russia and China Unveil a Pact Against America and the West.” February 7th, Moscow and Beijing declare their opposition to the further enlargement of NATO and the formation of other regional security alliances.

It’s America’s worst nightmare. Biden’s blundering, blustery policy toward Putin and Russia is a disaster for the dinosaurs clinging to their Cold War ideologies, and for the average US citizen who will end up devastated when our country has nowhere left to grow or go. Carlson quotes former President Donald Trump saying that “We will never be Russia’s close ally, but if Russia and China ally, we America will be in deep trouble.” And, so we are. The Fox commentator went on to point out that preventing such an alliance against the west, was former President Richard Nixon’s reason for going to China in 1972.

I know a little about this personally since my father was an advisor to the Nixon administration suggesting he create a closer relationship with the Chinese, rather than constantly insulting and being adversarial with them. One thing I remember was my Dad suggesting Nixon stop the longstanding tradition of calling the Chinese “Red.” He told Nixon and Kissinger this was considered an insult, and the derogatory nature of such terms creates wedges. And look at us today, with wedges pounded into virtually every country on the planet by what passes for American statesmen.

Here we are with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina suggesting killing Putin is the only road to peace in Ukraine. His sentiments, our position, and US detente in the early 21st century are not playing out well east or south of Kyiv, Ukraine. And as of this writing, hundreds of thousands are protesting to disband NATO all across Europe. Carlson, and most of the rest of the sane people in America, see it all coming apart. Still, the hubris in Washington rises to the constellations.

This leaves us with only two possible answers as to “why” our leadership has burst out with godlike omnipotence. Either they are crazy as hell, as Tucker Carlson suggested, or the plan is to destroy what is left of the American dream for a cause! But, what could that cause be? Could it have anything to do with Hunter Biden and the “Big Guy?” Do the Chinese and the Ukrainians have that much dirt on America’s 1st family? Or, is the profit for the western elites so immense if America fails, they consider destroying us a safe bet? Lunacy or Machiavellian scheming, at the end of the day we are already done.

We cannot nuke the world and win. We cannot engage in a conventional war with both China and Russia at once. And our 100 trillion dollars in debt economy cannot be pitted against Russia, the BRICS, Asia, and African business people sick unto death with our nasty omnipotence. If Biden does not back out of Ukraine now, it will be he and Justin Trudeau versus just about everybody on the planet pretty soon. Let’s face it, Biden blew up Germany’s and Europe’s last cubic foot of camaraderie when the US Navy Seals set off explosives to end German industrialization.

Yep. We lost. It’s only the 9th inning, and the game’s not technically over, but Biden and Co. have two outs, and two strikes on the batter in the bottom of the inning in what will certainly be a stunning loss. This is pitiful, but maybe my countrymen could use a big dose of reality and humility.

“For it’s 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out in the old, ball, game.”


Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

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